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  1. Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    Yeah I'd think so, either way if the main stage goes DMA's, Editors, Blossoms then Noel I'll be taking a deck chair
  2. Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    Hoping the colours represent the stages, I assumed Editors would get put on the same time as Blossoms or Noel!
  3. Electric Picnic 2018

    I'm the same, I'm guessing there's a couple more to come? 2015/16 had 5-6 names at the top, and 2017 had 10 in their own font/logo before the rest of the list, so either way there should be more? But yeah I was hoping one would be in this announcement too, under the headliners its quite a good line up for me but I'm already seeing Massive Attack and can't say I'm overly bothered by Kendrick.
  4. Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    Yeah and some bands on here aren't on the one with Magic Gang, I seriously doubt anyone made a fake line up poster, in fact I think that one got posted on page 1 of this topic. My guess is there was this poster originally but they opted for the other one at the last minute, so the bands on this that aren't on the 'magic gang version' you can virtually guarantee are being announced. Shouldn't change the amount of acts 'to come' though, and it does seem like a bit of a stretch with just 3 stages I guess we'll find out soon
  5. Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    In fairness I wouldn't mind that, depending if there's any recognisable acts on it. Hopefully it'll be next week, I'm already happy with what I've paid for but when things are left to announce I can't help but get excited!
  6. Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    I saw this version of the poster, saying 50 more acts? I don't know how they'll manage that, if it's 3 stages I'd have thought 50 would be the total, about 8 a stage per day... so not sure how that's going to work. Really not sure who to expect, wouldn't surprise me to see the likes of Milburn added, or maybe Peace. Pretty happy with it so far anyway, £50 for Noel, Blossoms, Editors, DMA's, Coral and Tom Grennan is great value for money:
  7. Electric Picnic 2018

    Thanks for letting me know, might keep an eye out tomorrow then and make a decision quickly!
  8. Electric Picnic 2018

    How quickly do tickets normally sell out for this? Had my eye on it for a couple of years considering finally doing it but would like to wait for the line up. The National would seem likely given they're in Europe the week after, would the two dates at Donnybrook in June play a factor in how likely they are though?
  9. Rock Werchter 2018

    Shame, was hoping to see this again
  10. Rock Werchter 2018

    It was really difficult getting a space turning up later on Wednesday last year, so I couldn't say for Thursday, you might find a space once there's not 100's of others racing round looking as well though... I'd definitely recommend The Hive, I thought the facilities were great and the standard does sound quite basic in comparison. Depending how much you're wanting to spend you could try Hive My Space? Basically it's a section at the front of The Hive where you get a camping spot reserved.
  11. Rock Werchter 2018

    Yeah that's right, teams from the same group go into different halves of the 'tree' so can't meet again until the final. I suspect we might not have to worry about that though
  12. Rock Werchter 2018

    @Jimmerz95 you'll like this
  13. Rock Werchter 2018

    England and Belgium are in the same group! So we are already playing each other, just not during RW I'd guess both will go through, so winner of that match will most likely decide who'd play 19:00-21:00 Friday and who would be Saturday 15:00-17:00, I'm hoping for the latter! Not sure I'd make the trip back to Hive if it were that late on Friday.
  14. Rock Werchter 2018

    It would be the Quarter finals that would be on during the festival wouldnt it ? 'If' either got through the 2nd round these would be the potential fixtures... winner group G - Friday 6th July 19:00 runner up group G - Saturday 7th 15:00 Runner up plays Saturday 15:00, so I'm now a temporary Belgium fan when we play each other!

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