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  1. GBP has recovered against HUF so the drink price increase won't be too much for those coming from the UK. In 2019 it was £1 to 350 HUF so the 750 HUF beer was approx £2.14. If it's 1200 HUF for a beer then compared to today's exchange rate it'll be £2.59. So whilst Sziget will have increased the price of beer by 60%, compared to the GBP prices it'll only be approx 20% increase.
  2. Just my 2 cents regarding the city pass. It's no longer worth buying in my opinion. It was €50 for 13 days in 2019 and now it's €69 for only 9 days. You can buy a weekly metro ticket for €13 and the baths are approx €18-€20. Granted it's easier to just have a wristband but you'll be paying double the price for it. The city pass does offer you discounts on museums and other tourist attractions but once Sziget starts you'll find yourself barely leaving the island as there's so much to see and do!
  3. 3 day tickets are always for 3 consecutive days. From what I can remember for 2020 prices.. 3 day tickets were €199 and 1 day tickets were €79.
  4. Cheers for that, sounds easy enough. There's a few times when I'm gonna have to run between the two stages so 5 mins is perfect 👍
  5. Anyone who's been before, how long is the walk between the main stage and the second stage?
  6. Yeah I'd definitely get them to have another look. All of mine say €50 - (20/06/2021). Like you said it should be per ticket not per booking otherwise that would be really unfair.
  7. Where does it say the additional €50 is per account and not per ticket? I've got 3 tickets on my sziget account and I've got €150 (three lots of €50 from rolling the tickets over). Hoping I get another €150 added and not just €50...
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