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  1. Rate The Performances You Saw Out of 10

    Thursday Andrew Maxwell Morris 6 New York Brass Band 8 Friday Pretenders 8 A great start, Chrissie Hynde was superb, right on it I thought Rews 6 Black Honey 7 Dua Lipa 4 (Left halfway) First Aid Kit 7 Glass Animals 5 Angel Olsen 8 Elbow 9 Iconic Glastonbury, I was desperate to see One Day Like This as the sun went down. Radiohead 9 Idiots in crowd talking throughout it prevented the 10. Saturday Bootleg Beatles 6 Joseph 5 Jools Holland 6 Stone Foundation (Half Set) 4 The Big Moon 9 I loved this gig, hope they make it big. They seems so pleased to be there. When they asked us to quieten down so they could hear Craig David from Pyramid!?! K T Tunstell 8 (Was in emotional bits during Other Side of the World) Katy Perry 6 (Sound issues where I was) The National 6 Was so looking forward to them, but I felt they failed to spark Alison Moyet 6 She came on stage very late due to technical issues - this really grates me when you're on a schedule in those crowds! The Jacksons 8 for the moves 2 for the sound Really, really dreadful sound - such a shame, West Holts had all the signs of an epic night, but it was ruined by sound issues Sunday Avalonain Choir 5 Not my thing, but a nice cameo from Michael She Drew the Gun 8 Dropkick Murphys 9 Laura Marling (2nd half) 8 Really what I needed by this time, nice, peaceful, bit of food, sitting in the sun. Frank Carter 10 Was only there for The Killers and he blew me - and my expectations - away Killers 9 Goldfrapp 5 Was so looking forward to this pre-festival, but the 27 minutes late start flattened my mood after what had gone before in John Peel Emeli Sande 4 Absolutely no crowd to speak of, no atmosphere, poor sound.. I thought Read All About It as the sun went down would be a moment, but it wasn't really Ed Sheeran 6 Did what I expected. Crowds were insane, I went to Pyramid from Other via Theatre & Circus and Kidney Mead in the end.
  2. Post your favourite picture from this year

    Was fortunate enough to be above Park when they all arrived for an official photo shoot early Sunday. They even wanted a few punters in the shot, so I might be in the one one the website!
  3. Top 5 Acts

    1. Another "Frank Carter but was only there for the Killers" vote 2. The Killers 3. Elbow 4. Dropkick Murphy's 5. The Big Moon Frank Carter was awesome. I was dreading it, so just goes to show you should never prejudge. The female crowd surfing piece, and the comments after the big moshpit were just spot on. I know what will happen now though, I'll buy his album and think why the hell did I buy this?!? Great atmosphere he generated though, and it can't have been easy, there must have been a shedload of Killers fans in there.
  4. NFR NFC 2017 - The friendly thread for lovely people

    Stick in @Curlygirl you'll be here soon! See you at efests meet!
  5. NFR NFC 2017 - The friendly thread for lovely people

    I'm in too! Needless to say I have a small flag. I'll leave it to @mr gumby to comment! In Darble scorching here too! In at 8am exactly. Easiest ever.
  6. Gate A Status thread 2017

    I wasn't searched at all. Just walked past. Pretty random and nothing that looked too intrusive. In fact this is the quickest I've ever got in. A lot of fuss over nothing is my impression but understand others may not be as fortunate so hang in there and it's sunny!!!
  7. Gate A Status thread 2017

    Fear not. Took me exactly 60 mins from gate opening at 7 to wristband on. Tent now pitched and first beer open. Sun is shining. Can't express this contentment... and it will be yours soon. All worthwhile.
  8. The Official " im off " thread

    Just past Birmingham now on the Nat Express coach from Edinburgh. Think I got my first whiff of the long drops but may be the onboard loo and some wishful thinking....
  9. So...did anywhere confirm showing the Lions game?

  10. New security measures in place

    I've purchased some high strength tensile steel tent pegs due to the state of the ground. 12 of them. They're way more lethal than a swiss army knife, and easier to use in an offensive manner I suspect. Hope they don't confiscate them, or I'll be holding my tent down with cans of cider.
  11. The British and Irish Lions

    Theatre Field
  12. NFR NFC 2017 - The friendly thread for lovely people

    @Curlygirl Assume you mean 3pm Thursday?
  13. Display your excitement in GIF form 2017

  14. NFR NFC 2017 - The friendly thread for lovely people

    Hi All Leaving tonight, hope to arrive early tomorrow, see you all on the farm! Got a bit emotional typing that. Could be a cry fest this year.
  15. The 'Journey to Glastonbury 2017' thread.

    Bus was so slow last year, I was able to get off it, have a sit in McDonalds, then two pints of cider in a pub, and then get back on it 200 yards further up the road.