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  1. Stick in @Curlygirl you'll be here soon! See you at efests meet!
  2. I'm in too! Needless to say I have a small flag. I'll leave it to @mr gumby to comment! In Darble scorching here too! In at 8am exactly. Easiest ever.
  3. I wasn't searched at all. Just walked past. Pretty random and nothing that looked too intrusive. In fact this is the quickest I've ever got in. A lot of fuss over nothing is my impression but understand others may not be as fortunate so hang in there and it's sunny!!!
  4. Fear not. Took me exactly 60 mins from gate opening at 7 to wristband on. Tent now pitched and first beer open. Sun is shining. Can't express this contentment... and it will be yours soon. All worthwhile.
  5. Just past Birmingham now on the Nat Express coach from Edinburgh. Think I got my first whiff of the long drops but may be the onboard loo and some wishful thinking....
  6. I've purchased some high strength tensile steel tent pegs due to the state of the ground. 12 of them. They're way more lethal than a swiss army knife, and easier to use in an offensive manner I suspect. Hope they don't confiscate them, or I'll be holding my tent down with cans of cider.
  7. Theatre Field
  8. @Curlygirl Assume you mean 3pm Thursday?
  9. Hi All Leaving tonight, hope to arrive early tomorrow, see you all on the farm! Got a bit emotional typing that. Could be a cry fest this year.
  10. Bus was so slow last year, I was able to get off it, have a sit in McDonalds, then two pints of cider in a pub, and then get back on it 200 yards further up the road.
  11. Went to the bank and asked them for English notes. Have to say well over 75% of the traders/bars at Glastonbury have no issues with Scottish banknotes, but it's one less niggle. Must confess I normally get a right strop on when Scottish notes are questioned in England, but stressing the small stuff doesn't fit with my vibe at the farm.
  12. Leaving from Dunfermline tomorrow... hopefully not as long to get there as last year - a marathon 26 hours.
  13. You must remember @FloorFiller tried to find it on Google last year? Oh how we laughed.