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  1. Spotted in New York
  2. Loads of them all over now , ok computer dates please
  3. This is why I love Glastonbury so much, even on a smaller stage we have so many diverse acts
  4. busted and kiefer sutherland, how random
  5. Anyone worked the ticket link out for tomorrow yet , trying for a friend
  6. Night 2
  7. Since brexit I have joined the lib Dems, sadly i live in a pro brexit labour seat and can't see that changing
  8. I agree , i thought it was good but obviously not the high mark. Nude is such an incredible song
  9. this song is a must to be played on the pyramid stage , never get tired of it. It's beautiful and heart breaking and needs to be in the set
  10. Creep
  11. Would still change DID for the second song
  12. Colin's mix sounds a lot louder then the main vocals
  13. 'we guarantee no autotune will be used during the show. all our mistakes are our own work'