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  1. Happy Adele headliner memories
  2. Katy looking pretty good rocking the blonde
  3. Only 4
  4. Love this thread , last years campaign to get little mix to play came from this
  5. if the rumors of Ed playing V festival are true, would V not want tickets on sale before Glastonbury announce him?
  6. I'm going to try and see if the post office have my letter tomorrow, really want to know if it's one of these
  7. Is it not similar to the postcards Radiohead sent out last year?
  8. Just came home and have a card saying I have a recorded delivery but missed it
  9. Little disappointed by the support but then I'm seeing Radiohead so don't mind
  10. Looks fine to me
  11. Saturday night headliner would be fun
  12. The song linked is also "I'll be there"
  13. I quite liked the rumors of Will Smith
  14. Blur , U2 , Dolly Parton
  15. Brian Wilson doing pet sounds , so want this to be true