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  1. Going to Newcastle gig
  2. Released a video so guess it's the first single
  3. So guessing reading and Leeds
  4. New single , album , and tour announced. Could he headline other stage or maybe 3rd top pyramid?
  5. Saw them at Wembley and have improved live. Will probably end up.playing v for a change
  6. Wonder if we will have any tour plans for next year released soon. I would think UK dates would be outdoor , maybe LCCC again.
  7. As much as I love thwith deposit scheme I think it does encourage peogle to try even if there don't really care about going . If you are onlyou losing £15 then it's a no risk and you may as well try. I would increase the amount you lose to put these people off but can't see it happening.
  8. I do think a few people will have been put off by the mud but nothing to the point where October 2nd will be any easier. Dreading it as ever particularly with the radiohead rumors in full swing already.
  9. Calvin Harris or is he more main stage now
  10. That's a tiny crowd, guessing ticket sales were really poor. It's a shame the move has hurt the festival so badly.
  11. Should we all be scared that Glastonbury would book GEM (spice girls without 2 of them)
  12. Not good reading
  13. Very interesting , can I panic about tickets now
  14. I hope it's true mainly as when William Hill were allowing betting on Glastonbury i got him at 6/1
  15. It was in the free press on Wednesday, guess it's been extended whilst they try and work out what to do in that year.