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  1. If a band has there own shows promotors will like a delay to sell these before announcing festival dates
  2. Rumors that the Stone Roses are playing Hamden and Wembley in June
  3. let's not depress me on this thread please
  4. I've been trying to persuade the head booker at the stadium of light that he needs to book them
  5. I can't see them playing stadiums like Man City or Sunderland , just doesn't seem to fit with Radiohead. I would like a north east date as in 20 years Radiohead have played the region twice
  6. I had a dream where radiohead posted a segment of the daydreamer video and when Thom walks out a door he ends at the pyramid stage as the announcement
  7. one is spectre isn't it?
  8. I'm very happy in the knowledge we will get to triple figures
  9. Neil had a tip but that's about the whole evidence for a 28 page thread
  10. Oasis in 2004 is only one I can think off
  11. it's about getting the balance right with new and old. Radiohead have released 3 albums since the last headline slot and a lot of fans hold these albums especially in rainbows with high regards. I can't see anyone wanting a repeat set from 20 years ago. Looking at the set lists at the moment and I think Radiohead have worked out a very balanced festival set. Only thing that could change is maybe there will decide an orchestra may work for a big event like Glastonbury
  12. wish there would go for separator
  13. present tense video
  14. never said it would be a good thing
  15. played other as sub last year , album is out now which wasn't during Glastonbury and have sold out 2 dates are the o2