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  1. Glastonbury is safe , new festival won't be till the next fallow year
  2. Emily has said it isn't Big discussion on it on the thread below
  3. I can still see funeral on Spotify
  4. I asked Paul Smith from Maximo park but doesn't sound like their are playing but sounds like he wants too
  5. Do you think Emily will be willing to give her yearly efestivals interview soon. Just to clear these things up
  6. So the new festival in 2018
  7. Could be fun
  8. New date in Amsterdam but not on sale for another week and sales go on sale first to u2 members.
  9. You can fully blame me for this
  10. Pendulum just posted a trailer for the summer come back , looks to be a big London date
  11. When I saw foo fighters at Sunderland Kaiser chiefs supported
  12. I found it quite dull, whow ever edited it needs to find a new job. Would be up for will Smith though
  13. Killers would headline still , last tour there played wembley
  14. Trying to work out if it's just as cheap to fly to Dublin or Amsterdam Think I will just see what I end up with
  15. Think it's just Neil playing it fairly safe. He said he thinks he is playing