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  1. I bought the fitter happier one and the tour dates one
  2. Gate D stewards are telling people to come back later as at present you will have to remain main queue
  3. You have to go through 3 zig zag pens , 3 stewards walk ahead of you and stop you every minute or so. I'm at the end of last
  4. Seen a lot of police
  5. Could i walk in with nothing, go straight back out and go to re entry which would probably be more quiet till a few hours later. Sure re entry is always a different queue
  6. You need skyq, can record 4 at once
  7. I still think Glastonbury will end with street spirit
  8. Sky planner
  9. Will take this please
  10. Finally got my link from eventim
  11. Still nothing front eventim and heard they is a front section which will probably have gone by now. Tried to ring them and tweet them, they asked me to Dm details at 4pm but then never got back but seems its not just me who has this issue
  12. Not in that either, will just ring them tomorrow
  13. Anyone heard from eventim yet as i still have not had an email
  14. Lucky i was going the 4th
  15. Got my texts, thank you very much for a brilliant thing you do