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  1. Will be down to the promoters making sure the big dates sell well
  2. We probably will get another couple of shows the week before wembley
  3. Ignore me , my mate was looking at Wembley prices
  4. 71.50 standing
  5. Was that me confusing you ,sorry
  6. I remember this ending up meaning nothing
  7. Reading and Leeds wouldn't need to announce another headliner yet , think it's not true
  8. He give that introduction for an award Eavis was getting so I would imagine it's genuine. He stayed for the whole of the festival and seemed to be a bit taken aback by the scale.
  9. Wasn't just Sunderland, she struggled with all venues This is Wembley And compare it to the Sunderland concert in 2013
  10. Which females could headline Glastonbury and who is currently touring? Taylor Swift and Madonna are currently not in a touring cycle so would not be available to the festival. Lady gaga has went downhill in the last few years and the festival rightly so would not want to take a risk on her headlining but also knowing she would be a very strong sub. Rihanna is probably not the type of act Glastonbury would look to book If you look and up and coming female acts the likes of Cvurches are probably the closest in popularity but I think the festival would have lots of confused ticket holders if chvurches were booked to headline.
  11. What can the festival do if there is no woman at headline level to book
  12. The cure thing came from me , was posted on a radiohead forum on Thursday night I think
  13. Greenday playing Dublin in June now on the 29th
  14. Would be shocked if radiohead didn't play London. If that's the 3 UK dates plus Glastonbury it's pretty poor for a band of this size
  15. Poor IOW