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  1. We really take stalking to a new level on efestivals
  2. I'm at the gym , less of this making me think of nice food
  3. Didn't someone on this forum get told a few days before last year, my apologies that I can't remember his name
  4. I'm sure it will be street spirit
  5. well done seetickets
  6. I've seen that joke poster about 10 times now, people will believe anything
  7. Think it's a sure thing the last song of the encore will be street spirit , just based on all the Glastonbury performances.
  8. Just stealing things from efestivals as normal
  9. Monday to the Wednesday after the festival, means I get a few days before the festival . On the Monday we have a hotel near by so it means the drivers can have a good Sunday night without worrying about a 350 mile drive home
  10. I loved reading the comments, some amazing stories about how that song means so much to them
  11. Was a bit surprised today when i out Glastonbury videos in most viewed order on YouTube. Some interesting choices in the top 10, just watched R.E.M again which is truly amazing.
  12. Makes me think of this
  13. That's a lie, the people that listen to radiox wanted to hear that
  14. I would be amazed if it isn't, it just seems a perfect fit for the festival to book him for the Sunday
  15. Arcade fire were fantastic