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  1. Love that song , very under rated
  2. Just saying there don't have plans next year isn't really saying much. Neil thinks there have agreed to play glastonbury so maybe there were still working out what the band were doing in 2017.
  3. Radiohead keep plans very close to there chest. It's pretty much expected that the band will do more dates but it will be about as secretive as the current tour. Wouldn't be shocked to see them at cochella next year.
  4. Awaits the efest Taylor Swift merchandise from last year
  5. Could be dates for next summer
  6. post on reddit mentioning more dates to be announced soon
  7. In rainbows was 1 in Manchester LCCC and 2 in Victoria park King of limbs was 3 nights at the o2 and 1 in Manchester arena so far moon shaped pool is 3 nights at the roundhouse
  8. New album went to number 1 and if there did announce a large uk tour I'm fairly certain it would sell out quickly. A moon shaped pool has done quite well commercially , be interesting to see if there do try and do a larger tour next year.
  9. I love nude live, just seeing the effort that goes into the vocals is pretty special. Was a highlight of the roundhouse gig
  10. Lucky Americans
  11. I need to see this band again , thread is making me jealous
  12. Let down played again then karma , reckoner and creep all in a row to end
  13. Swedish house mafia look to be returning. Could see them doing the other stage
  14. Going to Newcastle gig
  15. Released a video so guess it's the first single