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  1. Another festival , July 2nd main square in Arras , France
  2. I just can't imagine the King's if leon been at the top of the list to book at the moment . More a desperation booking
  3. I don't get thefe posts saying Emily will need a female headliner. It didn't bother her in 2015 when she booked Jay z the foo fighters and the who . She will book the best 3 acts that are available regardless of gender. The pot for female headliners is very small so it won't always be possible.
  4. Got a good feeling but no solid evidence to back it up
  5. Had mine in since May as out system allows us to book 13 months in advance. Never want to take the chance
  6. Tour news this week? Or will ŵe be forced to wait?
  7. We could drive round with a bus that says why have take that headline when the stone roses can play. I've heard people listen to anything written on the side of a bus
  8. Take that (runs for cover)
  9. Moaned about them not playing Newcastle for years , 100% will do it when I'm at Glastonbury
  10. I do think the killers get a hard time here , I was at the Wembley show and quite enjoyed it
  11. It needs strings, it's the main problem but that's been discussed here a lot.
  12. Killers Kasabian Kings of Leon I don't mind the killers actually
  13. It did become less for some festival sets with sometimes only the first 2 or 3 been AMSP songs
  14. I would rather have take that ,Madonna, Taylor Swift etc then KOL Last time I saw them it was like there are having a secret joke where all music is shit yet people are buying it
  15. Little digging and found the original post from @eFestivals about take that