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  1. Anyone know how much Jamie t tickets are for Newcastle
  2. As much as I hate cancel culture and the daily Mail, I was unaware of this and do feel pretty uncomfortable with the stage name staying the same .
  3. I will be amazed if this Ozzy tour ever happens
  4. I would be gutted to hear nothing from folklore
  5. With the first date just over a month away on the 9th august we must be expecting a single soon
  6. Wouldn’t shock me for her to do no body no crime with Haim if she played the farm
  7. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky, I check most days
  8. Reputation is probably my least favourite album, do think she will honour her BST and Glastonbury dates next year but unsure if that’s more in just hope on a slight moan her site never seems to have XL T-SHIRTS in stock, it’s very irritating , love some of the fearless T-shirts but always just in small
  9. It’s so quiet in the Taylor camp, no massive rumours but her last tour feels so long ago now . 2018 ended and now 3 albums down the line
  10. Headlined other in 2029, has they status got any bigger since that To me foals are bigger and still only other headliners
  11. brettredmayne

    Sam Fender

    Never will go and see him again , too many football fans treating it like a football match. musically I don’t mind him but the atmosphere next to me was close to an oasis gig, obviously doesn’t help I’m a Sunderland fan but he really embraces the football thing and that leads to a certain type of crowd . wll my mates were Newcastle fans too all wearing the shirts so I just snuck off half way through
  12. Edit just seen some sets are now in uhd n iplayer
  13. I really want to see what the UHD quality is like
  14. brettredmayne

    cash or card

    Shocked that brothers was cash only
  15. It sounds coy to me , like if she knew Taylor was touring she wouldn’t be able to outright say it
  16. Yea but the festival can’t say if she is touring , it means very little really as we all know she will honour her booking
  17. I’m not a rap fan and very unlikely to go and watch a rap headliner , do I think rap deserves its place in a contemporary arts and music festival , most definitely yes I would love to see Taylor though and think she is probably the biggest female star on the planet
  18. I have emailed them about the UHD videos as we were told these would be online too
  19. That would be the legend slot to end all legend slots
  20. Stick my neck out to say Eminem will never headline Glastonbury, something about the booking that doesn’t feel like either want to do it . He will very much not want to do a festival friendly set as he concentrates on his new material no matter what and does melody’s of his older material . Glastonbury may also not want him due to his lyrics on certain issues
  21. First day back at work , holidays in for the 21st June to the 27th 🙂
  22. Just a thought about scheduling as this is brought up a bit . I could be totally wrong but 3 stages are booked by Glastonbury itself and then I thought the other stages have own bookers . What influence do Glastonbury have on just say the west holts bookers when TLC are on the lineup . Do Glastonbury have any way of changing the times or just saying this is going to get crowded we can’t have them booked
  23. I was excited to see the uhd stuff on iplayer , Shame it isn’t on yet
  24. Blur got me excited by updating the Facebook page the other day hoping it was something happening
  25. Loads of times during McCartney I had zero idea of anything as it blocked the screens, I’m fine with them but maybe none in the front section of pyramid
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