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  1. Predictions for 2018

    titus andronicus is an outstanding booking. Been meaning to see them since the monitor came out in 2010. Otherwise quite a low key announcement, although to be expected considering the quality previously announced
  2. Predictions for 2018

    Can't see it being db but would absolutely love titus andronicus. I went to see nils frahm and it was one of the best gigs i've ever been be very pleased if he got announced
  3. Predictions for 2018

    EOTR is definitely the better line up However it's worth pointing out that EOTR has a lot of bands that played green man last year
  4. Green Man Festival 2018

    obviously it's personal taste, but John Grant, Tamikrest, Bo ningen, Kelly Lee Owens and RCBF give me a lot to look forward to. I think it;s a more diverse and interesting lineup last year. I'm working the fest and EOTR so am in quite a nice position.
  5. Green Man Festival 2018

    yep i'd agree with that. However the lineup as a whole has more than enough to keep me entertained. I only saw Pj last year out of the headliners so they're not that important to me
  6. Green Man Festival 2018

    Good announcement. RCBF, kelly lee owens and tamikrest have all been on my list to see this year Bit disappointing that the headliners are all male tho.
  7. Green Man Festival 2018

    yeah i was quite surprised how it didn't get that muddy last year despite the fair amount of rain we got
  8. Predictions for 2018

    hopefully the acid throwers will stay away
  9. Predictions for 2018

    seeing them in salford in march can't wait. Absolutely love static resistance and negative space, very excited about the album.
  10. Predictions for 2018

    i rolled my eyes when i saw vampire weekend but it just got better and better as i went down the list
  11. Predictions for 2018

    I just can't see it being mbv unfortunately I have a feeling mogwai might play and bonnie prince billy would be really good
  12. Green Man Festival 2018

    That's a really good point actually. I must say I saw them in Croatia back in 2014 and was mildly disappointed, found them a little bit flat. Would def give them another chance though
  13. Green Man Festival 2018

    yeah i think caribou is a decent shout, although can't think why they wouldn't be announced now
  14. Green Man Festival 2018

    But yeah overall I think it's a decent lineup. Fleet foxes and war on drugs is a bit safe and unimaginative imo but john grant, mount kimbie, john talabot and bo ningen will all be excellent
  15. Green Man Festival 2018

    i thought public service broadcasting would make more sense for thusday? But what do I know.

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