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  1. Lineup 2014

    That mainstage is all over the place. There's no flow. Nick Cave, Chic, Smashing Pumpkins, Snoop and the Pixies won't play Reading anymore imo.
  2. Lineup 2014

    Beforre he had a change in style he irritated me. The pastel blue jackets and white loafers have the potential to piss any one off.
  3. Lineup 2014

    Definitely don't want it to happen, just a suggestion. Just seems to make sense.
  4. Lineup 2014

    What about Elbow? By the sounds of what Eavis has said they won't be playing Glasto and it's well documented that Festival Republic really rate them.
  5. Lineup 2014

    I would argue that Metallica are very different to Green Day. Green Day of late is pop music masquerading as a rock band. The festival is heading more towards dance/shit pop music. Are Mumford and Sons really indie? Mumford and sons are the biggest british band around at the moment. Prodigy are the biggest dance act around. Paramore is weak, but the festival is has done controversial bookings in the past. Thinking about it they're unlikely. Not sure who else though. Don't say Arctic Monkeys....
  6. Lineup 2014

    Paramore have released another album. If a band wants to remain relevant and keep festival promoters interested in them they can't completely saturate the fest market. If they played every single major festival in europe, there are going to be far fewer who would want them again next album tour.
  7. Lineup 2014

    That is a fair point. I just don't think it is going to happen and will not be persuaded otherwise
  8. Lineup 2014

    Paramore is a decent shout actually Andre. QOTSA: I doubt they will headline. They subbed download. What's happened since then to warrant the step up? Arctics: Don't think so. Personally think they will tour America heavily next summer. They did their european summer festival tour this year. And it's well documented that they don't seem too keen on the fest after 2009, so would be very odd to do a one off performance. Arcade Fire. 4 years is not a large enough gap. Reading does not repeat headliners, they like to keep the line up fresh. This is not V festival. Will play Glastonbury and TITP Metallica: New album out, but would seem odd to go in completely the opposite direction they did for this year's headliners. Put PJ in that category too. I'm going for: Paramore Prodigy Mumford and Sons I know it's appalling.
  9. Lineup 2014

    With the people that go to Reading and Leeds they are. How many people do you know that admit to liking skrillex. For me it's a 0.
  10. Lineup 2014

    I think Rudimental will easily be that size, and would get a huge crowd. They're bigger than Skrillex. Kind of plucked the two others out of thin air. Maybe: Palcebo BBC (if they have a new album out) Rudimental
  11. Lineup 2014

    Well it's not going to happen so your face is safe.
  12. Lineup 2014

    I know. It's totally shit. But so was this years. I think it's going to become a theme. Was just putting who I think is going to play
  13. Lineup 2014

    nah but seriously: Florence and the Machine The Prodigy Blur Deftones The Cribs Rudimental
  14. Lineup 2014

    Main: Rage Against the Machine Metallica Blur NME: MBV Soundgarden 2manydjs