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  1. Things that annoy you ?

    He was complaining about Saracen's 'foreign mercenarys' which I showed to be complete bull shit.
  2. Things that annoy you ?

    Saracens scored 32 points. 27 were scored by players qualified for England. Leicester scored 27 points. 17 points were scored by a single english player, your 2 tries came from foreigners.
  3. Things that annoy you ?

    It's far too cold. And I'm on night shifts this week. 4 12hr shifts in a row, really fucks my body up.
  4. Got any gigs coming up?

    My Bloody Valentine
  5. Things that annoy you ?

    Found out today from a family friend that my Grandpa committed suicide. I never met him and I had been told that he died from a heart attack. I'm just a bit taken aback. It's a massive part of our family history and I'm actually quite angry that my parents haven't told me. I'm 18 so they can't really claim they are trying to protect me. What pisses me off most is that the friend isn't that close to our family, kind of seems that they have told a lot of people other than me and my sister which is ridiculous.
  6. Things that annoy you ?

    Being stuck on the train home from Leeds and really needing a shit but the toilets are all out of order.
  7. Things that ur happy about

    Had a bit of a health scare but went to the doctors today and i'm fine which I am delighted about.
  8. Rolling Stones...

    They better not be. I don't get paid until the 2nd of November.
  9. Things that ur happy about

    Been out of work for 3 months now since I left school. Finally got a job offer today at the local hospital, starting next week. First full time job i've ever had so I'm quite excited.
  10. Things that annoy you ?

    Read it all mate. Was a very sobering read and puts my problems in perspective. Agree with the above posts about you being one of the best people on here. I honestly hope things only get better for you.
  11. Your favourite Glasto images

    looking at these makes me really wish i was going this year