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  1. Primavera 2018

    He really, really is. Ten years since his last tour means a generation of gig goers has not had the opportunity to see him. He's top of the bill of any festival in Europe, not comparable with a Michael Gira solo show, Kamasi Washington or any other Auditori show. Things in there are niche within an already niche setting, not one of the most influential artists of all time.
  2. Primavera 2018

    Sadly next to zero chance of Tom Waits. He Is very particular about sound and room acoustics and tends to play the same venues like grand rex in Paris, Edinburgh playhouse and Hammersmith on different tours. I can't see him playing an open air show and way too popular for the auditorium. He did Phoenix park in Dublin but was a tent not open air. And i think was purpose built. I agree with him too, would definitely lose the magic in the wind. A indoor pre festival show in Spain would be perfect

    Sadly @LOCHLAND5 yes I'm out. My wife can't make it now sadly. Gutted like. As an update I'm still waiting on the mate I offered them to but had a few DMs so it'll be one of those once I know for sure. I'll reply to everyone later too so they know where they stand.

    Quite probable I'll have 2x adult tickets, Thursday entry for sale if anyone is interested? Face value, final release. Will know for sure tomorrow but giving efesters time to express interest a day before they go on twickets. Pretty gutted but want them to go to a good home.
  5. Day Splits

    Maybe they know the Sunday is shite and don't want the grief
  6. Day Splits

    Didn't 2manydjs and Frank Turner clash in 2014? Only year I've been so not lots of experience. Does anyone have the last lanyard still?
  7. Day Splits

    Calling out Friday is defo Loyle Carner he's at Womad sat and in france sun
  8. Day Splits

    Kendal FB claimed lethal bizzle was in the glow but now list him as main stage. Dunno which day other than defo not sat as he's at y not. Can't get over how shite they are with information. Seems entirely at odds with their general positive ethos doesn't it? Also Stillia self confirmed for Sunday. Not a clue who they are mind.
  9. Day Splits

    He's headlining 2nd stage at Y Not, only Kendal see his stock so high. Must be a mates/fan thing. Switching him and The Coral would have made more sense surely? Would defo pass the 'name a song by...' test.
  10. Day Splits

    Ok so I reckon this is pretty much right give or take the odd one and a best stab at running order Main stage Thursday Franz Ferdinand Frightened rabbit British sea power Man and echo Shimmer band Friday Stereophonics Jake Bugg Kate Nash Circa waves Post war glamour girls* Bossy love Saturday Manics Brian Wilson Editors Feeder Nothing but thieves Reverend and the makers Colonel mustard Sunday Tinie Frank Turner Seasick Steve Slaves Dmas Hotpots Redfaces* Edit * assumptions
  11. Day Splits

    That blurb is from the last time he played which was the Saturday. The website management is so amateur. British sea power weren't listed last time I looked and bios for coral and FT are years out of date. In other news Kate Nash is Friday and Editors Saturday.
  12. Day Splits

    Yeah surely tribute bands are an ideal mid afternoon drink singalong. As Ram said, can't appeal to many over current bands. My fingers again burnt by Kendals refusal to be clear about who is on when. Potential of Manics Coral Mexrissey clash is half the people I wanted to see on original poster!
  13. Day Splits

    Good work. Do we know for sure those 3 are headliners? Shame if so seem ideal mid afternoon stuff to me.
  14. Day Splits

    That is my worry too! Cheers Though I appreciate it
  15. Day Splits

    Amazing work! Hats off. Dont suppose you know what day The Coral are do you? That's the last thing I'm bothered about now. Ta.