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  1. Probably have Boutique in the weekend after Classic and then RW from 29 onwards. Unless there is a big headliner that needs them to move dates.
  2. Just a few more hours at work and then onto the b&b. No Dutch angry farmer encounters I hope. Need to be in time for Midnight Oil in Brussels tonight. And tomorrow finally RW.
  3. It’s not allowed to bring sharp objects and weapons. so might be confiscated.
  4. Really wouldn’t know. Played AB in 2020 which fits 2000 people. Barn fits 20.000. And Lewis Capaldi on main at the same time who played bigger venues in Belgium. Might be packed, might be like Wolf Alice at the Slope in 2018 which was ok crowded but not packed.
  5. Believe the 100% VIP is just for the day festivals and Rock Werchter is first come first served. Except for the Metallica snake pit
  6. Just a reminder that Sunday is the final day you can buy food/drink vouchers for EUR 3,25. Vouchers at the festival site are EUR 3,50. Small beer 1 voucher and fries + mayonaise probably 2.
  7. What advice do you have for first timers? My tips and tricks: - You can bring food to the festival site. Beats the 9 euro crappy bratwurst. And....Vodka watermelon anyone? - They close the tents when full, so if you really want to see a show be there in time - If you are tired or hungover there is seating at the Barn - The Speciale Bieren Bar is great. Previous years they had excellent beers, like Leffe, Karmeliet and Kwak. Much better than the watery festival beer. Wine and cocktails too, but haven't tried them. - There often are long lines to get your food/drink vouchers early Thursday, so if you see a short line get in - Watch out for the oak trees and the Oak processionary
  8. Check out the Speciale Bieren Bar as well next to the Barn and near the NW walls.
  9. There is a faq on reduced mobility on the website. I have mobility issues and they have asked me to bring a medical certificate from my doctor and show it at the VIP entrance on the first day of the festival. You will then receive a wristband allowing you to use their facilities like a separate entrance and reduced mobility toilets.
  10. I live less than 30 minutes from Rotterdam, so it's an easy one for us.
  11. And they used to have a shuttle from Brussels. Not sure about this year though...https://www.brusselstimes.com/49118/rock-werchter-bus-will-transport-festival-goers-to-brussels-daily
  12. https://www.maximaltrips.com/busreis/rock-werchter for Thursday morning
  13. So frustrating when you hear the first chords and you are still outside waiting to get your bags checked.
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