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  1. Hope for all Kendrick fans that he'll be at RW 2021, but don't think it's a done deal. They've spent part of the budget on other artists, has to fit his schedule and the RW schedule. He's not just there waiting for RW to pick him off the shelf and dust him off.
  2. Was referring to his website that has a RW date on 3 July. But as Visdave was stating probably old Band In Town's feed... or maybe not seeing Degu's remark. Just have to wait and see.
  3. check his website. Not sure if that's still 2020 info though
  4. @Ken19 can you shine a light on this article: https://newsmonkey.be/tickets-rock-werchter-graspop-2020-geldig-in-2021-2022/?utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=socialmedia&utm_medium=social&utm_content=PostContent It states that if you don't want to go to RW 2021 or 2022 you can ask for a refund, but you'll probably have to wait until after 2022 to be refunded. Is this a general refund option, without the conditions stated like getting married? Or is this the option mentioned in the mail?
  5. Somewhere in the back of my mind I think I remember a discussion on twitter in march about refunds where living outside of Belgium might have been stated as a valid reason for not being able to attend next year. But a. I'm not a 100% sure b. can't find it. Might be worth doing a little research though. Jus't don't get your hopes up....this old brain is pretty messy and it might have been another festival or just for non Europeans.
  6. If you don't like the 2021 line up you can ask for credit and go to the 2022 festival. A festival is always risky, since you don't buy tickets for specific artists, but for the festival. There is a disclaimer indicating he line up can change, not just for this year, but every year. Planes can be delayed, artist could have visa problems, break a leg or worse and you might end up with 2xRoyal Blood. The voucher rule in Belgium is not just for RW, but other events too. They are following national government policy and as shitty as that may be don't know if you want to tie the knot just to a
  7. Usually there is a low ticket warning too I think. Will there be one too for 2021 @Ken19? Might go quick to when they announce popular acts, so make sure to keep an eye out.
  8. Depends if it's day tickets or weekend tickets. I believe 2018 weekend sold out 1 day before the start of the festival and 2019 weekend did not sell out.In 2017 combitickets sold out in March.
  9. Rock Werchter 2020 sales weren't that great pre covid. Lowlands which is at the same weekend as Pukkelpop and has 'smaller' headliners did sell out in a few hours and Primavera 2021 didn't exactly do bad either. To me RW is more of a headliner than 'experience' festival, but I feel there is a risk involved with a small set of headliner worthy acts that there'll be too much recycling. Neutral festival goers go 'PJ again?' while die hard fans prefer to see them at a venue. And the 'non standard' names are often moved to the 1 day events like TW Classic. Might need more TOP acts and a 'younger/ne
  10. Not hard to guess which demographic spends the most on beer and food at festivals🤔
  11. And you have to decide in September wether to keep your 2021 ticket or exchange it for a 2022 one. So it would be nice to know a bit more of the line up before making that choice.
  12. Ken (I think?) said earlier they wouldn't Werchter because they would play another festival. Let's hope covid is mixing things up and they can play both.
  13. I believe this discussion is by now off off off topic and starting to reach muddy levels. There are dozens of places where this discussion would be on topic. Why not continue your discussion there or on a private chat, so we can read about Primavera here?
  14. Was that the backstage restricted area sign thing?
  15. Me too, but since they were supposed to play Lowlands 2020 I'm not getting my hopes up... Pukkelpop probably has a better chance. Although with times like these who knows...
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