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  1. Enjoy everyone! Wish I was going. Been to the last three 😞
  2. Edit - meant to quote @eFestivals post on 1st page My Baby are great, seen them a few times. Sonic stage in 2017 wasn’t great though, there was hardly anyone there. Weird slot for them imo. They tend to crop up a few times I think though if they are playing
  3. Yeah agree, looks real to me too and if it isn’t it could defo be a KC lineup. Its big though - do they usually announce that much at first? I can’t remember.
  4. Another one for DTRH. id be there again this year but with glasto tickets the dates don’t work well Decent line up + great festival is preferable to me over big name bands
  5. Initially looked at Manchester as I am in the North West but they only seem to fly twice a week and the days dont work that well for the festival. Might try and do it with stay in Cefalu which looks really nice. Thanks Alan too - I'll look into that.
  6. Dont suppose anyone has been to this previously? Never heard of it before and only looks like a small event but the location and The National being announced makes me quite tempted, although Palermo doesn't seem to have a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to cheap flights.
  7. They are defo headlining. The description says 25,000 glasses will be handed out. I've been the last 3 years but wont be going next year now. Bon Iver and Kraftwork just dont grab me as much as previous years and if I wanted to see Kraftwork it would probably make more sense to go Bluedot (which is only an hour or so away). Its a lovely festival but think this year could be time for something new - maybe Lowlands?
  8. That Gorillaz gig was 15,000 or so and they curated the whole day. Obscure choice of venue but it wasn't a little event. Cant see Blur doing anything again (unless money calls in years to come). Seems like TGTBTQ will be active into next summer anyway.
  9. Bit of a weird announcement? All decent enough though. So no other headliners and accommodations on sale today and tickets, including day tickets on sale tmw.
  10. They’ve got gigs on 17th and 19th.
  11. You might want to read the other thread?
  12. I went this year for the first time (and have been BKS the last 3 years). Its really good. The festival site is on a par, if not better, than BKS with the lake next to it which loads of people chilled in during the day. The weather was incredibly hot this year though. I'd probably say it was marginally more expensive than BKS as they use tokens. Similar kind of food to BKS and some of the stalls were the same. The main stage was open air (for the first time I think) and all the other stages are tents. Much more quirky little things going on compared to BKS which really is just about the music (and food to a certain extent). Its bigger than BKS by about 10,000 people I think and there is scope for that to increase in my opinion. Anything particularly you want to know? I'd love to go back but having got Glasto tickets the dates arent ideal so considering Lowlands (which i think is organised by the same people as DTRH.
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if the headliners are known by the end of the week as all day tickets go on sale at the weekend. I've been the last 3 years now but think we are going to skip this year having got Glasto tickets and perhaps do another festival later in the summer. That said I still really like this festival so will be keeping an eye on the news. I like Bon Iver but doesn't quite grab me like the last couple of years.
  14. It’s for two tickets, inc Thursday and car park. The lot cost us around £330 - can make us an offer if you like. PM if so. I’m gonna put them on Twickets too. Edit - also have 1 posh toilet ticket
  15. I got 2 adult tickets to sell too if anyone is interested. I’ve got an exam on the Tuesday after and having just done Bestival I don’t think I can spare the time now
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