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  1. Word Association Game

    Hello again chaps. Moving house etc, and just back in internet land again. Still no chance of fibre optic either  Seems ages since i last posted, probably only a few weeks though, things move quick. Not sure if the tickets will be sent to you oneeye, or my postcode as was, so i'll probably need to contact the ticket people with my new postcode. Our. And comletely random, yet essential viewing for anyone visiting these parts.  
  2. Word Association Game

    You need legs to be able to do the splits. ZZ Top next year by the looks of things     
  3. Word Association Game

    Brilliant last year at the John Peel, as part of FFS. Mother.      
  4. Word Association Game

    Great detective work on Bedlam there oxeye, cheers. . Link is Shook.  
  5. Word Association Game

    Moon .
  6. Word Association Game

    Happy New Year chaps  Did an iTunes search on my music for "harvest", and this was one of the tunes, from the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack. Anyone have any info on Bedlam ?  
  7. Word Association Game

    Replied to the wrong post for some reason ,which i just can't explain  Try another of the 7 deadly sins instead, Pride.  
  8. Word Association Game

    Into ma fourth b&c  Christmas is great ! More KD. Clean.  
  9. Word Association Game

    Stargazer, from Rainbow Rising, great stuff. And a very Merry Christmas to all fellow wag's ,hope 'y all have a blast  .  
  10. Word Association Game

    Cheers GH, Interesting looking at the Xmas No 1's over the years. Great to see Dave Edmunds in the mix there, i'd no idea he was part of the club. Seems that when the marketing men got involved, that it all started to go a bit wrong.  Nitrate.  
  11. Drivel

    Ah.. the 100% club .  i made the mistake of thinking that i was clever by getting in on a freebie on the first one, and foolishly thought that it was the first of the star wars films , though it appears not, so now i don't even know if i watched it at all. I hope it was all  just a bad nightmare.  
  12. 5/6 man tent size at what point is it taking the mickey

    Outwell are normally good tents,and i've owned a few which were all decent, but I wouldn't touch the Dusk one with a bargepole. We had two there this year, and they both leaked at the door seams, so ended up getting a refund. Guy in Lime Kiln near us, had the same tent, and didn't appear to have any issues with his, though he may have just cared a bit less 
  13. Word Association Game

    Think Dolly's version live at Twickenham could've inspired England to greater things at the world cup. Low .  
  14. Word Association Game

    Girls . You can sing along in Portuguese too   
  15. Word Association Game

    Colin Hay better known as singer/songwriter from Men at Work.