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  1. Tried messaging you GH, but say's that you "Cannot receive messages". Don't know if your inbox is full, or some other issue.
  2. Royal . Getting a bit nearer t-day GH, I'd be happy to help if you need any further assistance .
  3. Not sure, though he still does Fanny on the odd occasion.
  4. Tbf, the weather didn't help either, pretty much pissed it down during his set, and the "Mr Blue Sky" moment was never going to happen.
  5. Lady.
  6. No probs LJS ,consider it done, do the "Once in a generation" one too, that'll have them rolling in the aisles.
  7. Just watching the Scottish news, and there was an interview with the landlady of a "Yes" bar in Glasgow. Quite sad that these places even exist, though i'd imagine the atmosphere inside would be quite something . "Yes" bar for Glastonbury anyone ? Got me thinking..couple of guys on here would be ideal to headline the Friday evening comedy slot .
  8. Who did i insult? Sometimes we need to take a really hard look at ourselves, and then try and see how others see us. It's really hard to take someone seriously when they keep posting stupid pics that they've nicked off the internet. Passive agressive, i see what you did there. Least you won't need another "Yes" sticker for your car, as i'm fairly sure you and yer mate still have the originals.
  9. Glad you enjoyed the debate mate, i enjoyed it too, such a shame that we were lied to about the "Once in a generation" thing though, and have to go through another farcical shitstorm. Why were you fighting btw?
  10. Even you'd have to admit that you're scraping the barrel with The Sunday Post .
  11. I was referring to the referendum, something that actually happened. Nicola Sturgeon is in grave danger of making Scotland look like the spoilt child that always gets its way.
  12. I didn't campaign, but just living in Scotland during the referendum wasn't a very pleasant experience , and certainly not one that i'd care to go through again so soon. Even yes voters that i've spoken to, are admitting that Sturgeon is going too far with this one. Waltz straight into the EU after independence .
  13. Hopefully, 20 years later ,Ed Sheeran's brother and friends decide to start chasing him again ,..and with the same outcome.
  14. .
  15. I guess it would be nice.