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  1. Self Confirmed 2016

    Eurovision rejected this.
  2. Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2016

    Alice Cooper tour ends in Belgium on the 23rd June. Just a hop and a skip over to the farm. Sub for Adele perhaps? Need to mop all that blood off the stage first, wouldn't want her slipping and falling on her arse.
  3. Word Association Game

    Tree. Love Geddy Lee's choice of amp
  4. Word Association Game

    Sisters . Vague recollections from this in 2010, and suffering from too much sun..nothing at all to do with the amount of b &c i'd drank Got horrible flight time this year, and don't get into Bristol till Wed 7.35pm, so looks like i'll be pitching tents in the dark at 11, if we're lucky.
  5. Word Association Game

    Arms . Featuring Wyman,Watts,Page, Rodgers,and a suspicious looking Ron Wood on sax. Doing an Otis Redding tune.
  6. Top 3 Prince Songs

    1.Peach 2.Purple Rain 3.Lets Go Crazy (some proper guitar at the end there).
  7. This time tomorrow...

    I'll be at my pc at ticket time ,if anyone needs assistance.
  8. Refresh (Showers, toilets etc)

    Clean that huge flag that you carry at the front of the pyramid stage while you're at it. Don't want it looking messy for the tv cameras.
  9. I'l be at my computer at ticket time, if anyone needs assistance, i'd be happy to help. Just pm me over your details.
  10. Word Association Game

    Was going to do another Band of Horses, oneeye ,but i've probably posted too many already, so thanks for that :-) Really looking forward to them this year. Plant.
  11. Word Association Game

  12. spot the liar at home in front of a warm fire

  13. Word Association Game

    Just what this thread needs is ....yet another Jools connection. Stealing.
  14. Quite difficult to say, and as most will tell you ,is dependant on the weather. Was in Lime Kiln ,just the other side of the fence from Wicket ground last year, and i'd say in good weather,and at a reasonable pace, that you could do it in around 15-20 mins.
  15. Word Association Game

    Wedding .