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  1. This look should help you find the right woman .
  2. That's a bit harsh, he's not that small.
  3. Ian Hunter with a Glastonbury shaped hole in his schedule.
  4. Adele will be performing tracks from her new album "31".
  5. Done !
  6. Just got redirected to "Upgrade your flash player" from viewing this topic . Using a Mac btw.
  7. A Bowie top 12 without Aladdin Sane
  8. I was under the impression from some comments i read on here, that Rod Stewart was the utter worst headliner ever. I wasn't there ,but even thought gives me the shivers.
  9. He was at Richard Hawley's set at the Park last year.
  10. Id' give your right nut too .
  11. Loving your work Gnomicide..needs a bit of perspective though.
  12. Got a couple the exact same as the ones pictured above,that are now surplus to requirements, if anyone's interested. They were used just once,and are now just taking up space.
  13. The more i think about it,the more i think the title got lost in translation somewhere, and that it should have been "Bizarre".