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  1. Stumbled across these while i was looking for trousers. Amazon obviously know me better than i thought.
  2. I wasn't aware that under 12's needed tickets.
  3. Catatonia. Tune.
  4. Wore these last year, and they were spot on. Goretex lined,waterproof lightweight, and comfy as hell, with no need to break them in either.
  5. Thought i had one lying about ,but turns out its a 2012, sorry. Seems Ed Sheeran played 2012..don't remember that at all
  6. This maybe ?
  7. Think we have a winner
  8. Arriving at that time,you can just enjoy walking straight in without any queue .
  9. Aah, that surely be Harry Styles then .
  10. Aerosmith ?
  11. First .
  12. Signed up,though i'd imagine people camping in the more densely populated areas would be more in demand. Where we camp in Lime Kiln, it's fairly well kept.
  13. i wasn't aware of this at all. Who would you ask for them ? Richard Hawley at the Park last year was probably the loudest kick/bass i've ever heard, to the point where it was offensive. Was fairly close at about 10 rows back, which wouldn't have helped i suppose. Park sound guy possibly over compensating for his ears being punished,and losing the low frequencies.
  14. Yes, even had to look at it a few times myself.
  15. Correct ! it was taken from behind the sign , I then just flipped the whole image :-)