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  1. Now thats what i call a proper guide, well done ! Concise and to the point ,this should be a sticky for all new campervan users. Seems like quite a different experience from camping altogether. Regarding the whole ticket thing, If you had a festival ticket, would it be easy enough to get a campervan field ticket ?
  2. Great job cerv, well done!
  3. Do you have an idiots guide to how the campervan/caravan field thing works gh?
  4. Much prefer the older Tom Jones stuff. That version of "Kiss" that he did was godawful. Count me in for the grumps ticket campaign Town.
  5. Well done whisty ! :-) Got mine :-), and i think oneeye is sorted too ;-) I agree about the mud, maybe still too fresh in the memory for some.
  6. Good luck to all. Foot.
  7. Life On Mars? of the best songs ever written imo. ..cue confectionery links
  8. Richard Thompson love in here then Only shaky live footage, so the studio version it is. Tears.
  9. Cheers oneeye. Great story about Cognac there GH, never been there ,but sounds very much like my spiritual home Link is Eddie, though unfortunately Charles is a grumpy goner. Died just 37 in 2001 .
  10. Been a while, hope you're all well. Got super fast fibre optic broadband today, and it sure beats the super slow version that i had previously. So from see, to c ,to x or ex. First act i caught this year, and surprisingly very good too.
  11. Hi Brandycoke,

    Is there any chance you could email me your Glastonbury font please? To We're doing a Glasto version of midsummer night's dream and need to make some signs!

    Thanks in advance,


  12. Had to google a twin axle Dethleffs Camper , looks like you'll have your own venue there GH . Your powers of persuasion know no bounds. Road.
  13. Hey Josh. Good advice from YOAS there. I'd take as many as you're comfortable carrying, and ignore russycarps, because as everyone who's ever been to a festival will know, you can't take glass bottles in with you. Anyway,they stopped making babycham in 1947, and re-labelled it nitromors. Enjoy your festival.
  14. Squeeze were excellent, but i headed to Other right after ,snd still caught most of St Paul and the Broken Bones, who i thought were also excellent. So you could've probably could've done both.
  15. Sounds like all you campervan field guys had a bit of a time of it then, hopefully didn't affect your enjoyment, and was a one off. Sitting at home on Wed morning checking the forum,and oneeye posted some very muddy pictures that he'd got from a friend already on the site ,and wondered if the traffic would be cleared even by the time i got there, but luckily things did get better. Flight delayed by 40 mins, so got through the gates by around Midnight on Wed ,and got set up fairly close to JP by 01.30 am . As usual ,had good intentions of meeting up, but to quote Burns, “The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley.” What the hell was he talking about anyway?. St Paul and the Broken Bones were excellent at the Other stage.