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  1. Alternatives to trolleys

    Bought the the festival trolley from the e-fest shop and had no problems getting it on the bus. The wheels detatch from the main frame quite easily , so they can be put inside your rucksack or holdall, and the frame itself folds completely flat, so can be fixed/taped to the rucksack to look like part of it. Works great too ,even in mud .
  2. Gate B madness last year

    They're back again this year, so i'm avoiding gate B altogether.
  3. Band of Horses

    No, don't take it as a given ,it's only pure guess work from my fuddled brain, so most definitely not a given. Should it prove to be correct, then i'd like to offer my assistance to you, and to help carry your drink etc, and generally ease your burden along the through path .
  4. Band of Horses

    New stuff sounds great, really looking forward to the new album. Could be off the mark here, but for some reason i have it in my head that they'll be doing the same slot as Future Islands did at the Other stage last year. Which would mean a mad sprint from ELO ,so i hope i'm wrong.
  5. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2016?

    A Thatchers Gold delivery lorry? ..thats one heck of an addition oneeye
  6. Word Association Game

    i'll be at the acoustic on occasion too, but on the B&C,.. and though i won't have one, i may need a sit on your chair at some point GH. Many.
  7. coach seat on Mon 8:30am to Bristol

    Have a taxi booked for 8am Mon morn, going direct to the Airport, as we have a 12.00 flight. Normally 6 of us ,but only 4 this year ,so If we get the same people carrier as the last two years ,we should have a couple of spaces available.
  8. Word Association Game

    Heart .
  9. Self Confirmed 2016

    Eurovision rejected this.
  10. Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2016

    Alice Cooper tour ends in Belgium on the 23rd June. Just a hop and a skip over to the farm. Sub for Adele perhaps? Need to mop all that blood off the stage first, wouldn't want her slipping and falling on her arse.
  11. Word Association Game

    Tree. Love Geddy Lee's choice of amp
  12. Word Association Game

    Sisters . Vague recollections from this in 2010, and suffering from too much sun..nothing at all to do with the amount of b &c i'd drank Got horrible flight time this year, and don't get into Bristol till Wed 7.35pm, so looks like i'll be pitching tents in the dark at 11, if we're lucky.
  13. Word Association Game

    Arms . Featuring Wyman,Watts,Page, Rodgers,and a suspicious looking Ron Wood on sax. Doing an Otis Redding tune.
  14. Top 3 Prince Songs

    1.Peach 2.Purple Rain 3.Lets Go Crazy (some proper guitar at the end there).