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  1. Raisins have no place anywhere near chocolate.
  2. Appears to translate to "The touch". Presence.
  3. I've been driving a long time, and that magic roundabout scares me btw . Welsh dragon . Catatonia at Margam Park,.that's pretty Welsh imo .
  4. Affection.
  5. Dutch girlfriend,..sounds like a euphemism for something dodgy gh Voltage .
  6. Only the song that Freebird could've been Tuesday.
  7. You'll have Sunday to nurse your wounds.
  8. Vocalist Malcolm Owen ,(See left) and guitarist Paul Fox, sadly grumpy goners. From hear, to see, and H-Eyes.
  9. Yes, unfortunately something we can both agree on :-)
  10. ..We'll get all the plaudits for our silky free flowing football..and England'll get three points .
  11. Unfortunately,I don't share LJS's enthusiasm, and from past experience, i fear yet again more "Glorious failure" for Scotland tonight. w
  12. Now thats what i call a proper guide, well done ! Concise and to the point ,this should be a sticky for all new campervan users. Seems like quite a different experience from camping altogether. Regarding the whole ticket thing, If you had a festival ticket, would it be easy enough to get a campervan field ticket ?
  13. Great job cerv, well done!