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  1. brandycoke

    Lost in vagueness..on TV tonight

    Mmmm, sorry to hear that , poor form.
  2. brandycoke

    Lost in vagueness..on TV tonight

    So you backed it and haven't actually seen it yet ?
  3. brandycoke

    Lost in vagueness..on TV tonight

    Sky Arts 10pm. I haven't seen it yet ,so looking forward to this.
  4. brandycoke

    Word Association Game

    Mercy .
  5. brandycoke

    don't mess with the badgers

    Now i'm here , just like to say that badgers are the love of my life,. Eavis may be feeling under pressure, but the show must go on and we should all play the game and have one vision .
  6. brandycoke

    Word Association Game

  7. Hi Yog, yes think you're right about the Buckfast thing there , the idea is that we have less alcoholics here, when infact they'll just find another source.(probably Buckfast) Formerly cheap vodka like Glens is now the same price as Smirnoff , so bit of a no brainer if you drink vodka. I see a business opportunity for us here, you be the brains ,and i'll do the rest,...or the other way around ,whatever. 😉
  8. You'd be genuinely lucky to get a half bottle at that price here in Scotland. They're looking after our health..bless em.
  9. brandycoke

    Glastonbury evolves

  10. brandycoke

    Word Association Game

  11. Some celebs been complain of having to walk the 100yds to their helicopter ,or even the gruelling coach ride from Pilton, so i have a solution. Ok, it's not perfect, and there are some obvious flaws (no visible landing lights) , so i've included a row of colourful tents at the start of the runway to help guide in the jumbo jets during the night. i can't see how they could possibly turn down the planning on this. Are there any obvious concerns that i may have overlooked ? This picture has nothing at all to do with the fact that i'm flu-bound, and don't know what to do with myself.
  12. brandycoke

    Acts you don't "get"

  13. brandycoke

    Word Association Game

    You shoot , you make a hole. Speaking of holes , and since we all have one in the calendar for next year round about June , what 'y all doing instead of Glastonbury ?
  14. brandycoke

    Word Association Game

    Been a while Girl.
  15. brandycoke

    Bagpipes and opening gates

    Bagpipes in a nutshell explained by Danny bhoy at 1.15