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  1. The natural progression for Saturday, should the rumours prove be true , should be McCartney Aerosmith Crowded House Noel
  2. Ok @MEGABOWL ,my Band of Horses. PTSD. Left ELO early to catch Band of Horses, and in my haste i slipped in the mud , went flying head first ,and ended up doing a sort of rugby tackle style fall into a seated girl, the look of sheer disgust on her face was only matched by mine during Band of Horses. I was so looking forward to it, but I just got the impression that they really didn't want to be there, and just one tune from the brilliant 'Infinite Arms' is just not on.
  3. Radio 2 was on at work this morning, and Mel B was a guest, the first thing she mentioned when asked about future Spice Girls gigs was Glastonbury. Zoe Ball commented that it would be the busiest ever. Sounded to me like it was already a done deal.
  4. Ffs , I think heatstroke could be the problem ..record temperatures !!
  5. Met Office no longer have rain Mon or Tues.?
  6. brandycoke


    I'd definitely recommend it, i had a North face lightweight compact for around 10 years that had been waterproofed so many times that it just stopped working ,this is a great replacement. Had a look at these yesterday though didn't buy them, (although i may yet), but i like the zips on them, making them easy to get off with wellies or boots. https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15901555/oex-arimo-waterproof-overtrousers-unisex-15901555
  7. brandycoke


    Good deal on this Berghaus at the mo. https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/175220/berghaus-men-s-stormcloud-waterproof-jacket-175220
  8. brandycoke


    Is it just me, or has the webcam gone down ?
  9. That's an older version , i've updated it since then.
  10. Yeah, i'm one of those people.
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