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  1. DarrenVonBoathook

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    17 years ago, took Ms DVB on our first holiday together to Bowness and stayed in a converted boathouse. Had Windermere lapping underneath the bedroom, was a lovely place. Unfortunately when we tried to go back it had been sold and was no longer a holiday let, so we had to look elsewhere for our Lakes fix. We normally go at least twice a year. For a few years it was Langdales, then Keswick and then Ambleside as being veggie Zeffs and Fellinis is a bonus plus you have some great walking around the horseshoe area without needing to get in a car first.
  2. DarrenVonBoathook

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Not a regular poster but regular forum reader, and the discussions here help keep me sane, especially as the days get shorter and winter sets in - I am not at my best when we have short days. So a retrospective 'what we did last weekend', which was a quick trip to the Lakes. We normally go for a week in December to Ambleside but for various reasons this year we can't, so a weekend it was. The weather on Saturday was amazing for November, I can't remember the last time I had such good views - it was almost cloudless for a while. Didn't quite have time to do the Fairfield horseshoe, but had a relaxed bimble up Scandale and to Little Hart Crag instead. Kit shopping, followed by dinner at Zeffs and breakfast at Chesters Sunday morning rounded off a great break and (temporarily) banished the winter blues. If we can fit it in, might try the weekend break again but take the camper van next time. Has anyone stayed at Skelwith Fold Site and can say how long it takes to walk into Ambleside?
  3. DarrenVonBoathook

    2019 dates announced

    Sure I know, I was just (over) excited to see something actually referring to it on the Glastonbury site. This
  4. DarrenVonBoathook

    2019 dates announced

    As I couldn't find it in any other threads. (Maybe its been posted and I missed it?) "Glastonbury 2019 will take place at Worthy Farm from 26-30th June, 2019 (with the main stages open 28th-30th June)." http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/tickets/ Even though its a way off, very excited
  5. DarrenVonBoathook

    Campervan ticket wanted

    Woohoo. Looks like we have got one, so fingers crossed first Beautiful Days here we come.
  6. DarrenVonBoathook

    Campervan ticket wanted

    A bit late in the day, but looking for a campervan ticket. Cheers
  7. DarrenVonBoathook

    One month on...

    I'm glad it's not just me. I finally removed my festival band yesterday and then found myself spending several hours watching many of the Glastonbury 2017 vlogs on youtube which bought it all back, especially when showing a set I went to see. It was Glasto number 6 and after 2016 which I found difficult and wondered if the magic was fading, 2017 was as brilliant as it had ever been, which makes it harder to get over. Spent this evening looking at this years remaining festivals, tickets and dates to see if we can get to one. It won't be Glastonbury but I need some kind of festival 'lift'. Definitely got post Glastonbury blues all over again, and as has been pointed out, feels worse because there isn't one next year. No ticket day in a couple of months time to get anxious about.
  8. DarrenVonBoathook

    Distance walked

    By comparison a rather lightweight 69 miles Wednesday am to Sunday pm. I put it down to actually being able to sit down this year.
  9. DarrenVonBoathook

    F*cked people 2017

    A chap outside JP after Future Islands. Massive grin on his face and laughing/talking to himself with his trousers round his ankles and kept putting his hands down his pants and having a rummage. The Stewards handled it well I thought, one spoke to him and the others backed off. The Steward persuaded the chap to sit down and then as he still insisted on rummaging and periodically trying to pull pants down, got him to turn over and lie face down which seem to calm it all down. Not sure how it turned out as friends caught up and we left at that point.
  10. DarrenVonBoathook

    Best cover version of the weekend

    This and their version of Three Little Birds. In fact a good chunk of their set was made up of great cover versions. The Bootleg Beatles.
  11. DarrenVonBoathook

    New security measures in place

    Checks on daily walk in from CV West was random in intensity: Wednesday morning was fairly thorough, including examine my phone and going through everything in my wallet. After that it varied between a cursory bag check or nothing at all. However, on each occasion going through the gate I did see others being given more thorough searches including two lads with their entire bag contents spread over the search table and this was early Sunday evening, so they hadn't stopped looking just because the festival was near its end. A strange incident on Tuesday though. After setting up the camper we walked to the top of CV West W61 to chill and look out over the festival ground. A (lightly pimped?) black Bentley pulling a tatty caravan pulled into the field. It must have passed through the security gate to get that far but it stopped and was descended on by a number of stewards. The 3 occupants got out and then stood around whilst security spent about 20 mins going through the car and caravan. After that, they unhitched the caravan, turned it round by hand, the occupants got back in the Bentley, hitched up the caravan and drove back out the field. No idea what that was about...
  12. DarrenVonBoathook

    Top 5 Acts

    In no order- Justice Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs Gentleman's Dub Club Future Islands Radiohead (basically for Creep) Honourable mentions to Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra (16th or so time of seeing so I'm biased) and not an act, but the two guys selling cigar box guitars and stompboxes who were endlessly playing growling blues duets every time I went past which I just had to stop and listen to.
  13. DarrenVonBoathook

    new here? introduce yourself

    Afternoon, another long time lurker, de-lurking. Read the Efest Glasto forum alot, especially around Tday so thought is was about time I joined up. This year will be my 6th Glastonbury (first 2005) and though I'm trying not to get carried away, excitement is creeping in especially as I've just had the tickets despatched email. Back to the weather forecast, state of the ground and piles topics in anticipation...

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