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  1. Arrgh just seen this . Inexplicably that's really pissed me off more than it should. For many reasons (mainly festival vibe, but also gate queues, traffic queues in and out, etc etc) I much prefer being in CV West and was going to try for there again on Thursday. Went with young child last year so choose CV East Quiet for quick access to kidz field, but it did nothing to change my mind which was my favourite CV area. Bugger.
  2. And too late if you wanted to take a campervan, looks like all CV tickets have gone.
  3. Hmmm does it now? That could change everything...
  4. Reasonable spec reusable poncho at Lidl ATM https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/p/outdoor-gear/crivit-adults-waterproof-poncho/p26594
  5. Good spot, thanks. The Book people are also selling it through Amazon market place at £15.79 including p&p (approx the same as £12.99 + P&P from the Book peoples own site) Here
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