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  1. DVB jnr was 4 + years so older than mini-Blutarsky when we took him in 2019, but some might still be relevant. Trolley. We had various cushions and blankets in the trolley which could be arranged in whatever combination of layers was needed at the time. The most important bit was the base cushions. These came with the trolley and are covered in a wipe down, non porous material. They are the same shape as the base of the trolley and cover it completely forming a kind of 2 part mattress. When the inevitable happen and liquid was spilt in the trolley, everything was chucked out as quickly as possible, the base cushions and trolley could quickly wiped clean and it all went back together again and the trolley was dry and usable. If the base cushions had been porous then you have to try and dry them which is a PITA or you have an unhappy child sitting on a hard base without cushions. Had a small bag that could be hung off either end of the trolley which the essentials such as water bottle, snacks, suncream, whatever could be kept in for easy access without having to remove a racksack all the time, or leave it in the trolley to get tipped over. I posted this bit in the trolley thread but anyway. The trolley canopy could be slid up to expose the sides, folded back at the ends to provide a good view for DVB jnr to watch from, or closed up to shut out the world in sleep mode. It wasn't complicated, just a length of nylon material I bought off eBay, sewn back on itself to make two channels for the hoops to go through, and elastic 'string' sewn in at the ends which allowed it to be pulled tight and nearly closed up (still want to be able to see in to check without having to open it up). It all worked pretty well and once tired DVB jnr would just get in, put on his ear defenders and go to sleep wherever we happened to be. At Glastonbury, the biggest issue was trying to pull it up the hill of death without him sliding to one end and waking up. We got to see various late bands/headliners with him asleep in the trolley, which was a real bonus as we weren't sure we would be able to. As mentioned by someone else - fairy lights. I got a couple of sets from Poundland and strung them up around the perimeter of the wagon. Useful at night when you are trying to navigate down the railway line or busy bits as it helps people see the outline and can avoid bumping into it. Everyone was extremely polite and made lots of space for the trolley, though if it was really busy I just pulled in or looked for another route. Not because I was worried but it just because it seems the wrong thing to drag a trolley through and expect people to make room. Picture shows the bag at the end, half closed up canopy at one end and you can just see the canopy end open and folded back at the other end. DVB jnr loves the camper van so the biggest issue was calming him down enough to let sleep take its course. We had a tablet with lots of his favourite bedtime stories etc on it which helped get him to sleep. By the last couple of days of the festival he was asleep in the trolley way before we got back to the van so it wasn't an issue. Lockups. Can't remember if Beautiful days have them, but its much smaller so nipping back to the van is less of an issue. At Glastonbury we extensively used the lockups. Left a medium size rucksack in one with complete changes of clothes, calpol, extra layers for the evening we didn't want to drag around all day and anything else child related that seemed like a good idea at the time. Not seen the forecast, but if its going to be hot this might help? We had a spray bottle that produced water mist which jnr could squirt himself to keep cool with, which was reasonably effective. Mini-Blutarsky will be to young to do that herself, but maybe thats something you for her if she likes it? The biggest concern I had Glastonbury 2019 was making sure jnr stayed cool. Glastonbury specific thing : the Kidz field. I love Glastonbury, but I found the kidz field to be something else. There is nothing wrong with it, but personally after some time in there I find it builds to mega sensory overload and its such a relief to get out and back to 'normal' Glastonbury. Needless to say DVB jnr loves it and obviously next time we get to go to Glastonbury we will undoubtedly be in the kidz field everyday. Its his festival now as much as mine. When he gets excited playing in the garden he runs about and randomly yells "Glastonbury" and throws handfuls of grass at me. Its obviously left a good impression.
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