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  1. Rather limp compared to the above but anyway...
  2. It does feel like its going to be a long haul. Partially because it was unexpected, partially because of all the uncertainty that's going on at the moment.
  3. Good call, you have reminded me. 2000ish I built a MAME machine and cocktail cabinet (very similar to this one) around an old pentium. It was approx 90% finished, as in it plays games, has sound, buttons, joystick etc but I never got round to finishing off the cosmetic side such as a bezel to hide the monitor edges and some artwork for the front. It's currently buried under piles of magazines, and generally gets used as shelf when I can't think of any where else to put stuff. So large a tidy and magazine recycle, and a RPi 4 conversion for the MAME cabinet sounds like a good isolation project. Should be more powerful and much less power hungry that its current incarnation, *and* it gives me a reason to order another Pi.
  4. Yes well, last years supplies at any rate. Went into the campervan and found 2 small half used anti-bac bottles and 4.5 toilet rolls.
  5. It looks likely Bearded Theory is going to move to September, so assuming that things are better by then, it might be worth a look. Many on here (including myself) rate it as a good little festival.
  6. crap crap crap crap crap Up to a few days ago I was hopeful, but if I'm honest in the last couple of days been expecting it, but it still feel sick at the news. Bollox.
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