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  1. Amen! I used to hide away while watching it at work, now on a Saturday morning I'll openly watch it on a break. I've given up caring if people know I like it. Not to shit on this thread at all but if it brings you pleasure, don't feel guilty about it! It is nice to see people admit to having love for some less 'cool' things though
  2. Saw Will Young, Lily Allen and one of the Four Poofs and Piano in the NYC Downlow. They were a big deal at the time... promise.
  3. She was awesome in the John Peel tent also. Happy with this, bizarre she's got pretty much the same slot though.
  4. This is a great announcement for me, though am assuming many clashes with the four ladies I most want to see.. I'm another who thought Sophie E-B was really great on Acoustic recently, but I missed out on the disco hits at the end due to clashes, keen to see her again along with Birdy (big booking for Avalon, no?), Lissie and Lucy Rose. Also obviously down for Busted if it was a clash-free situation. I can't see me missing many of the main acts to watch them, though.
  5. Reporting is so shite these days, have seen so many places saying they've set up a petition themselves and make them sound desperate as f**k... when it reality it was just a passing comment. Of course they'd love to do it, who wouldn't.
  6. The fact they've got Biffy as a sub is good.. when I saw Biffy and Macklemore, I assumed our final two headliners. Fact is, they could have said Biffy was a headliner if they really weren't trying. So in a sense, while the headliners do look weak, it's not an awful announcement. Would be happy to see Bakermat and Birdy too.
  7. I would be over the moon, but, I don't see it happening
  8. By far my least anticipated day... I only really care for Alt-J... each to their own I guess!
  9. It could pretty much have been lifted from the first record.. in that sense it's a decent tune, but disappointing in terms of any expected growth..
  10. Even just looking at Day -1 I hope it's wrong, so far going to the island that day to see ALMA and Pink... no clash please! It does look bare, but we are still waiting on a decent number of acts including two headliners. It'll still be an amazing week, I'm sure
  11. Ah fair dos, I shan't hold my breath then!
  12. Is there any chance for The Weeknd? I would take him and one of Mumford & Biffy, personally.
  13. Mine would probably be Gorillaz or Jack White. I've been lucky enough to enjoy most of the Glastonbury sets I've seen, though. Lana Del Rey was down there but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I could have sat on the ground.. it was so.. slow? Seen Kate Nash 2010 bandied about a bit.. not necessarily defending the performance but I think she was in a bit of a period of change and thought she had to be a bit batshit to go along with the new material. I think she was probably well high too. But her 2013 return in a tent (Leftfield?) was RAMMO, couldn't even see in, and she seemed to have calmed a lot, I'd welcome a return for her
  14. Surely they're going to be doing Animal Style too? I could see them leaving off Flammable and MAYBE Howl, but Wolves, Animal Style and Re-arrange have got to be a given?
  15. Would def be up for a bit of that!