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  1. Sziget 2015

    It's all good I'm at work for the night so it's keeping my mind engaged Never done Beni and usually just do Glastonbury and in many ways Sziget is just as special, you'll love it. I think the food is cheap enough from what I remember. maybe not as monumentally cheap as the drink? I do remember the meals we had in Budapest being cheap though. And slizes of pizza onsite definitely are haha. Some of the searches going onto the island were quite vigorous so we didn't chance any alcohol to be honest.
  2. Sziget 2015

    1) Beer is dirt cheap, like 2 Euro or something. Spirits and the like are more but still less expensive than UK Fesivals I'm sure. 2) Haven't been VIP 3) Dead easy, just top it up ASAP and realistically so you don't have to keep queuing to top it up. As long as you look after it it's so simple 4) Don't believe I was ever ID'd. I was 27 but I look young enough. 5) Definitely worth it. 20 quid for the whole trip to get around town, to and from the airport, into a spa for free, I think the Citypass is fantastic, even if you're not really going to explore Budapest that much you'd surely pay that at each end of the trip to get about anyway?
  3. Sziget 2015

    This is very good sign! it's hard to tell what's going on on the site but it certainly matches the shape of the island!
  4. Sziget 2015

    Not a massive announcement but a couple of big names, one I don't think has been touted Asaf Avidan C2C ARTY The Script Major Lazer
  5. Sziget 2015

    Sziget Official facebook posted twenty minutes ago 'We are coming up with some news tomorrow! ‪#‎sziget2015‬' Hope it's something of note!!
  6. Sziget 2015

    I'm not as clued up as you guys but on every page they make a point of keeping Robbie, Florence, Avicii and Garrix seperate from the others - does this not suggest they are the headliners and others are not? Therefore should we not still expect three?
  7. Worst Headliner You've Seen?

    Gorillaz by some distance for me, of nine I've seen. Surprised to see people saying Arctics, thought they were superb in 13.
  8. % of headliners seen?

    2010 - 3/3 (Gorillaz, Muse, Stevie Wonder) 2011 - 2/3 (Coldplay, Beyonce) 2013 - 3/3 (Arctic Monkeys, Rolling Stones, Mumford & Sons) 2014 - 1/3 (Arcade Fire) 75%
  9. Sziget 2015

    Thanks for the reply... that would be amazing if trains do run all night during the fest... can anyone else confirm/comment?
  10. Sziget 2015

    I have a question for anyone who has gone but stayed offsite in hostels/apartments.. last year I was just in a tent onsite so have no personal experience. We were looking at getting a place within walking distance of the island so we could just stroll back afterwards but aren't having much luck... ... those who have stayed offsite, have you stayed far from the island? in the centre of town? How did you get back - buses/taxis? (the station closes at like 11.30 right? Or is it open later for Sziget?) How long did these take, where they expensive? Basically any info you can give me about staying off site and the pros and cons would be helpful Cheers!
  11. Sziget 2015

    We've had barely any mainstage artists right? I'm not blown away but I'm not panicking..
  12. Taylor Swift

    I haven't followed the thread in a while so I don't know if it's known or there's any other reason she's unlikely to, but bad news... from Ed Sheeran.
  13. Taylor Swift

    Arcade Fire for me were absolutely the highlight of the festival last year and a brilliant headline booking... ... and not weeks later I was offered a free ticket to their not sold out BST show. It doesn't mean a great deal.
  14. Taylor Swift

    Also, someone said they couldn't believe TS's music could move anyone. I'm not claiming all her music does but I certainly find this song not only exceptional but moving..
  15. Taylor Swift

    The attitude 'some music is good music, some music is bad, I have decided which, I cannot respect anyone who disagrees and I am not willing to change' is just completely horrifying. Also the 'she has the same fans as Jessie J' who wouldn't be at Glastonbury argument baffles me, didn't people say they could hardly move when Jessie played the other field?