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  1. Oh you're right, I forgot that one, I live in hope!
  2. Mental, she's captivating as hell!
  3. That is an absolute belter. Sadly, and don't quote me on this, but I have a feeling she hates it. I don't think we will get anything from the olden days bar See You Again, and then everything else will Bangerz onwards, this was the name I was shocked to see. Much like Katy last year, so I feel she may be in the same slot. I'm way more excited for this one though. I thought this might be a hated on booking, great to see such positivity!
  4. Absolutely Chvrches, I thought it wasn't a given so gutted to read they are ruled out. Robyn, even though I know she was an exclusive elsewhere. I think if she was announced it would be in this set, Kacey Musgraves too. Lily and Marina I feel still could be added.
  5. king_oxymoron

    Sober times

    It's good to read so many positive reports of sober Glastonbury. ive not had a drink since October and though I do plan to drink at the G (I'm a 'holiday drinker') now, I know I can't go anywhere near as hard. Stupid as it sounds, it has been worrying me whether it's not going to be as good as a result. It's good to read it won't. i have been planning to take the non alcohol Rekorderlig cans to drink for the most part, so I feel like I still have a can in hand and for the most part won't notice the difference besides not being found in a gutter somewhere!
  6. I wish I hadn't seen that, as I almost certainly prefer that to the reality. Would be an incredible weekend for me if that's anywhere close. So good!
  7. Lizzo news is great news, I'm delighted with that
  8. Wasn't watching Rag N Bone Man but trying to walk around even the back of the field was near impossible
  9. Echoing the sadness if that Robyn exclusive turns out to be solid
  10. Ooh due to them being elsewhere on the Saturday I hadn't got my hopes up with Two Door, delighted if they'll be there! Any idea on day, beyond 'not Saturday'? Exciting.
  11. I've done four, one on the island camping for nine days, three Airbnb in the city. Swings and roundabouts, really. Camping year I definitely got the most out of the festival experience, it was messy and so much fun. the Airbnb years did make more sense the older I got as way more comfortable. Stay the right side of the river (near Batthyany or Margit stations and the journey is not too bad, just sweaty!
  12. I thought I was going crazy when nothing was said on Monday, I heard both Greg and Adele say it would be then..
  13. king_oxymoron

    Emily interview

    Darn, thanks though!
  14. king_oxymoron

    Emily interview

    Very happy with Janelle! Not had a chance to listen back, can someone please help with the Twin Atlantic chat? Someone said they'd been announced, them someone said they didn't hear it... any clarity, please? Would be a nice daytime watch for me.
  15. We did it on day one last year, it wasn't mind blowing, but perhaps the later days were more populated. It was, however, relaxing and chilled to drive up and down in the sun having a few bevs. Food wasn't amazing if I recall. Whole thing felt a bit sparse. I wasn't wowed but also I wasn't upset I did it.
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