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  1. Mine was just a flat out no and returned deposit, I'm even more of a failure ha.
  2. Okay that didn't take long. Rejected my other application is still open though for the twinned event, have you guys cancelled your application for the sister event? It would have been a real stretch for me to do in terms of time off etc, but was something I was willing to do to get to Glasto. Now I don't want to annoy my boss by needing that time off if I don't need to, but on the flip side will this look badly on me for any future Festaff applications?
  3. king_oxymoron


    Wait so Charli and Dua headlining stages at the same time? that said, seen both before and it's def Robyn that was my WOW moment on the poster and I would be doing everything to get to see if I'm on the farm. .
  4. Oh god, I haven't had a rejection yet but I reeeeeaaaallly don't want to get my hopes up that that means good news. I could just be far down the list of rejectees they've not told yet! Brutal waiting game.
  5. I don't have a ticket as yet, but I'm still going to be gutted if I'm not there. I concur with those who thought it might be bigger and wilder, for me it's just solid, but it's only the first drop. ive been wanting Kacey and Robyn for years though, so I need to get there!!
  6. Silver lining? Friday night in town, being dragged to the island for one act can be a ballache! I'm wondering if she's opening the stage on Monday or perhaps more likely an A38 act
  7. Interesting to keep an eye on movements - Mabel for example seems to have moved from the Friday to the Monday according to website,
  8. I agree with what people are saying about it being easier because of the later start etc. But it's still wild and exhausting if you do all seven days camping lol also agreed if the likes of Biffy, TDCC, Sam and for me some people like Robyn, Tove Lo or Billie were added to the last few days, I'd be a happy guy. any suggestion when we might expect to know more?
  9. ^ I got mine about 1pm, I thought 'wow that was a quick decision' lol! Mind you, end of March isn't too long!
  10. Thank goodness for kind sharing folk!
  11. Well yesterday was anxiety inducing! I've just moved into a new flat with terrible internet connectivity, so at first I wasn't sure if it was my connection or the website, but with the phone also giving me problems I guessed it wasn't just me. Was like ticket day all over again! i had to drive somewhere at 10.45 so I had given up, thank GOD for the tills at ASDA not opening until 11am and my nosiness meaning I refreshed the Twitter feed to see what people weee saying and seeing they had reopened that very minute. i got lucky. Glastonbury and Neigbourhood Weekender. So now we wait!
  12. TDCC are a weird one, they haven't been a huge single or album seller since.. their debut right? Ten years ago. Yet we still see them at the top or towards the top of festival bills. I just don't think they'd have been downgraded since last time... here in the U.K. I think I'm right in saying this last album cycle was the first time they've upgraded to arena performances, certainly I think they didn't do the o2 on the previous tours but did this time. Theyve always been a touring act and done quite well on festival bills, maybe I'm wrong but I think they've at least sustained the
  13. I think they are a subheadliner or nothing tbh. And I can't see a gap for them, every day seems to have a sub, unless Mark Ronson is in the A38, or Foster the People? i can only go for certain Sunday to Tuesday, but I'd really love to try and be there for Stormzy and Calvin, is there any harm buying a five day ticket if you can't make it to the first one? It's no more expensive than messing around with day tickets,
  14. Typically my tastes are more female leaning, if that helps explain. but I would still think if they announced a big female artist I didn't like, that they'd done a good thing. I'm sorry if you don't agree with that. Great bands or artists are important to me. Diversity is important to me. It's not one or the other. It's both 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. Jamie, I think that's an excellent post, and I don't disagree, I think the two festivals are worlds apart and I'm sorry if it read like I was saying Sziget was doing the bare minimum, I don't think that. i guess I just meant that looking at the line up currently from Calvin down as far as Twigs, she's only one of two female names (I think) at the very top of the bill. Really all I meant is that it would be really great to see a couple more in this weeks announcement, that's all. You are quite right there are lots of talented females in the undercard and I'm definitely guilty of igno
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