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    One of my claims to fame is that Elizabeth Taylor made me a cup of tea, I was working as a journalist covering South Wales for national newspapers when Richard Burton died. By this time he had divorced Elizabeth Taylor and had married Suzy Hunt and was living in Switzerland, where he was buried. However a memorial service was held near his home town of Port Talbot and Elizabeth Taylor, who was still a close part of the extended Burton (Jenkins) family, came over. Along with all the journos I went to the memorial service. Afterwards all the women went back to the family house to prepare the ham sandwiches. The men (and the journos) opted to go to the pub. In the pub Richard's brother Graham got absolutely legless. So when it came to getting him home another reporter and I pretty well carried him, with his arms draped over our shoulders, the mile back to the house. We knocked on the door, it was opened and we carried him in and plonked him on a sofa. Liz Taylor was standing there with rubber gloves on doing the washing up. She turned to me and smiled and said: "Seeing as you've kindly carried him home, the least I can do is make you a cup of tea." So I sat down next to Graham while Liz Taylor made and brought me a cup of tea.
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    thanks boss for giving me the opportunity, it's been an absolute pleasure. The very best of luck with all things eFestivals (and eGigs) in the future.
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    As winter takes its miserable grey hold on the country, let's try and spread some musical colour. Post a song that you have a particular love for that is not commonly known in the greater world. Would love folk to unearth some gems that I have not heard before.. My choice is a song I first heard back in 1992, I think. There have been at least 3 versions of it! It's one of those songs that comes on in the car or when I'm walking the dogs that I'm always glad to hear. Very simple, yet utterly effective in reminding us of the genius of art and artists and the joy they bring to our lives. This is the original version (although not the original video, much prefer this fan version). Think I heard on Mark Goodier's Evening Session and was taken in straight away. I was shamefully completely oblivious to the fact that there no women mentioned! Thankfully this was rectified And then an acoustic updated version from 2006 Goes without saying another version could be recorded featuring the great losses of 2016.
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    Put it this way, he is now fully aware of the horrors of having a very saggy ballsack at a hot festival.
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    If the JP tent was in Manchester they would be. Anywhere else they'll be fine. (Puts tin hat on)
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    Heres a video of Cliff Richard making gravy on TV this morning You're welcome.
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    Exactly the same time period and reasons as me. Good to know i'm not the only one who thought that. They just seemed to start going for more lowest common denominator acts which I hope they realise they will need to change in order to attract a decent crowd back again. I've always maintained RDB is the face of the operation but behind it, it feels like a massive corporation. What they say and what they do tend to be 2 completely different things. They need to innovate with the times and bring together a truly quality drink selection for example.
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    I dunno. I'm not sure Charlie and the lads telling us that the only way to improve our lives is to travel the best part of 1000 years into the future and to have sex with someone's 'great, great, great granddaughter' who would almost certainly be dead - is any less bleak.
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    Wtf is a '9 Bear friend' anyway?
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    Taking over from discussion in the old T forums. New event replacing TITP reported to be taking place 7th-9th July at Glasgow Green. Not much by way of confirmed info but it seems like something's happening. Newspaper rumours strongly suggesting Radiohead. Also that Coldplay have been approached. The Cure are a rumour from somewhere else. So yeah, discuss here. Festival will probably take on a different name when announced so if this thread could be renamed when that's confirmed, cheers.
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    I think you might be surprised, remember walking back to the Pyramid field in 2014 after getting some food, and Ed had the all field right to the back bouncing around. Not my cup of tea at all but was surprised how much he got the crowd going.
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    Threads? Where we're going we don't need threads?
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    Can't wait for the Ed Thread with all the best album lists & dream setlists.
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    Sun said Ed ages ago, it'll be that, while confirming him as a 'global superstar'. Fucking rag.
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    Can't believe I wasted my 900th post on Liam fray of the courteeners
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    Those figures will look even worse when the sugar tax comes in. We should actually be doing doing the opposite and subsidizing beer, fags and mars bars. Getting people to drop dead before pension age would help the deficit much more than increasing taxes
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    Left handers/right handers.
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    How do we think this is going to play out? Isle of Wight would have been smart to copy what Bestival are doing and downsize along with slashing the ticket price, the atmosphere of the event is a strong asset and seems to be what's drawing the regulars (what's left of them) back Instead the festival is probably going to go down in a ball of flames. I can't see it being handled well either; with Solo lacking the assets of other major promoters I'm fully expecting it to be artists/vendors not being paid, difficulty getting refunds, John Giddings grasping a crate of Starsailor CDs missing the last helicopter out of Saigon level
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    Got this one from John Grant's Spotify Christmas playlist:
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    http://nosalive.com/ the font size says they are to me.
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    99% heading to Pukkelpop
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    I think so, they're meant to be playing Coachella so I think we'll have at least a single around then. I remember reading someone on (I think) the R&L forum saying that they had a new song out in January and I've read elsewhere that there's meant to be an album out in June but no idea if either of those are true.
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    More obscure footage than track but I love this video of Neil Young busking outside Glasgow railway station in 1976. Perfect snapshot of daily life from that time.
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    Surely only to be used for emergency tent repairs and securing beer to trolley? Here is an alternative for the hipsters
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    if the killers are doing bbk live, they surely are a possibility for the last 2 headliners spots, right?
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    You probably missed them announcing third headliner The Weeknd during the weekend?
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    I'm more of a Best playing for Cork Celtic kinda guy. Yes sorry, exactly what I meant, hence pointing out their ages.
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    Italian track. The writer just decided to make up words to sound as if they are English, to prove Italians would buy anything if they believed it to be in English. Became a Northern soul hit. 5/6 years ago IT was on TV and my mum jumped up "I have that on Vinyl"... she found it and I now have it. Love this (great video somewhere too)
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    i was on the old board! it was pretty decent : ) as others have said it was just the nose dive of line up quality and a shift (consequently) in who they were trying to attract and who they actually did attract that put me off going. Think i went every year from 2008-2012 and then gave it up. To be fair since that time bestival has faced a HUGE amount of pressures that they didnt face before, mainly in competition from other festivals. You have the boom in Croatian festivals around the same time (talking Outlook and Dimensions) as well as a clogging up of the "boutique" festival market with the likes of Latitude, Green Man, End of the Road and Festival No 6. Then to add on top of that you have the fact the ticket and travel to bestival costs almost as much as european festivals if you can get a cheap flight. So they had a lot of competition from the myriad of other festivals all over europe. They were king of the roost back in the glory days of 2008-2011 but now have so much more competition that simply wasn't there back then. People have gone elsewhere basically when the lineups became bland. Having said all that, I would, with the right lineup, consider a return now its at Lulworth.
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    the location of Bestival was always a big factor in whether i could or couldn't be arsed going, and tbh after last time it was the final straw in me deciding not to return unless they booked some ridiculously good lineup, so this pleases me. not to say i'm gonna head back straight away - it'll be 2018 at the earliest - but at least the option is back. i hope they manage to secure a good lineup this year so it all wasn't in vain obviously gonna be a fair few people from the island pissed off, but i'd say this is definitely the right move to attempt to save the festival
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    Just thinking how excited I am for next year's list. The National, The XX, Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone Age all to kick off with.
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    I actually saw Butch Walker open for Ryan Adams about 2 years ago. I pretty much have to get my fix of Luke Doucet and the lovely Melissa Mcclelland live at least once a year.
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    Album of the year, has to be, without hesitation .... Solange ............
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    The 1975's fans are likely still on the ironically dressing like peado from the 80s thing, whilst the LDR fans are on the cultrural-appropriation/basic chic, Bon Iver fans' authentic tears run down their authentic beards into their authentic craft ale ("artisan" is increasingly cropping up as another buzzword for the authentic crowd).
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    Other stage opener? Much better than Richard Aschcroft telling the crowd how shit their lives are for 45 minutes.
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    If ZDLR has a full solo album produced by El-P then stuff Rage - that's the dream.
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    Fucking hell did you actually just reply with "PSB" to someone asking what PSB stood for? I'm actually lost for words at this one.
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    He has eyebrows. They are the best eyebrows. Nobody else even has eyebrows. That's a fact folks.
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    Aye. Was gutted to miss them last time but Massive Attack was the right decision for me.
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    I am going to see them at Wembley mate. It is idiots like me, you and others on here who will graft like fuck, do untold hours of overtime to pay for such trips, while they are lording it up at thire farm houses in France. It just sickens me to hear they won't play the festival because it does not pay enough. That kind of attitude goes against everything they represented. Just look at their lemon logo, it is the symbol that represents them. Yet they pinched it from all the students who were rioting in France during the civil unrest of 68 (they sucked on Lemons to nullify the effects of tear gas). The students were protesting against capitapism and consumerism. Yet here are the Roses using that same symbol for their own benefit. Here they are using that anti capitalist logo in an effort to get £80 a pop out of us to hear them sing the same songs. It is just totally disgusting imo. After all the bollocks they have talked over the years it is a real kick in the bollocks. To put it into context. Here are these 4 turning their noses up at 400 grand. Even after paying the tax man and expenses, if they still pocketed 40 grand each for 90 minutes work, it is not bad going. 40 grand is a life changing amount for most of us. Then you have someone like Tony Wilson who achieved far more than the Stone Roses. The poor bastard died of cancer at an early age. He could not afford to pay for drugs which could have extended his life. He created history not money. The Roses have the chance to create history on top of all the money they have earnt. Yet the greedy bastards still want more. At least the Pistols admitted what they were doing. The Roses are just full of shit. Its not the beach under their paving stones, it is all the cash they are hoarding and that goes against every principal that little lemon symbol is meant to represent.
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    The Long and Winding Road - Cheryl Porter. I am not alone here am I?
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    Nice idea. And to try and stop it being moved I'll prefix mine with.... This is someone I'd love to see at Glastonbury but I don't think I've ever seen anyone else on hear mention him. The song is Closest Thing To You I'm Gonna Find by Butch Walker. It's a stripped back version with just him on a gorgeous Telecaster. Butch is better known as a producer having worked on albums by Taylor Swift, Pink & Frank Turner amongst many. My favourite album of his is The Spade which he recorded with The Black Widows. Terrific party album with lots of upbeat songs but in amongst all that, there's this beautiful gem...
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    BREAKING NEWS: Radiohead can do no wrong, Foo Fighters still deny aids. Wish we could go back to the days of the purple one rumours, daft punk, and outrageous trolling.
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    So as it happens a yeti has decided to make an honest woman of me afterall. So looks like we're getting hitched. :)