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Can you camp in hospitality with a crew band?


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47 minutes ago, Oscr said:

Unable to get a concrete answer on this, I've got friends with hospitality camping and I'm wondering if I can camp there with a crew wristband? Or in regular fields only?


Any help appreciated!


Officially, with a crew band you should only be camping in the assigned crew field.


Practically, there's not much to stop you camping in the General Public fields, as the Festival can't realistically enforce that and once gates are open make only a token effort (if you pitch up in a public field on the Tuesday, they likely will remove the tent).


But the H fields do have people checking bands on the way in and should challenge someone without the correct accreditation - which in this case would probably mean a Hospitality festival (primary) wristband, a Hospitality paper wristband in conjunction with any other festival wristband, or an AAA/BAA laminate.

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On 4/30/2024 at 5:39 AM, Joy91 said:


With a crew wristband, you're meant to camp in the crew field, but you might get away with camping in the public area.

But why would you, it’s a lot less safe for your stuff.

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