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  1. the beadle


  2. the beadle

    beautiful days newbie

    and I'll be the old bloke THIS side of the bar looking like he's having fun!
  3. the beadle

    Sunny Weather this year

    God, in his infinite wisdom has decided not to have any rain at BD this year, only because lots of nice young people voted against the Tories this year. Let that be a lesson to you, especially you, Sixtus Rees Mogg. Now, on with the motley.
  4. the beadle

    Corbyn appearing on Pyramid!

    Socialism is the old/new heroic.
  5. the beadle

    Drinks at which bars

    Best way, get the work done and the rest of the day's yours. I'm the same at the Glade.
  6. the beadle

    Drinks at which bars

    Up behind the Tower there's a little bar, maybe a bus, that sells the best Bloody Marys and a lot cheaper than Beat Hotel but don't go there, we drank it dry last year, we don't need your help thanks.
  7. the beadle

    Things to do in Taunton !

    4 hours? Not enough time to do anything except a couple of pints and maybe a crafty something or other in the park
  8. the beadle

    Who is everyone definitely not seeing

    Everybody on Pyramid except Kristofferson, everybody on Other except for British Sea Power, everybody on, hang on, why am I going to Glastonbury at all this year? Oh yeah for the craic, no but seriously if I miss Liam and the Oasis re-union, I'll be happy.
  9. 3 hours today, three more on Thursday, then on Friday I have to organise a lunch of soup, salmon and strawberrys with lashings of Montagny Premier Cru, about 5 hours all told, oh what a life!
  10. the beadle


    don't know what's happened there should be a photo but it ain't working.
  11. the beadle


    I'm pretty sure the trees on the right are were the Glade stage is, tipi village just above, I presume the red topped tent is Leftfield but may well be wrong
  12. the beadle

    New security measures in place

    and I quote: 6) Don’t bring anything in a glass bottle (even perfume). It will be confiscated if found.
  13. the beadle

    Whats your piles looking like ?

    So it is, I should know cos my birthday's the 18th, but then again I'm getting on a bit
  14. the beadle

    This time in one week I'll be...

    Monday, I'll be down the allotment early morning then off to the pub about midday, home by 5, something to eat, back down the pub, back home at midnight, bed by 1. Tuesday up at 6 ish, get my stuff together, leaving about midday, be there by 2 (we're staff), camped up by 3, beered up by 4 and off we go again. If the weather's good, we're spending Wednesday up on the hill above Park watching everyone arrive after having a nice bit of cake, if it's wet we'll be in a bar. See you at the Cider Bus midnight Wednesday. First person who says to me "You're that beadle bloke" gets a free pint. Rather looking forward to it, cheerie bye and stay safe.
  15. the beadle


    I've been looking and I haven't seen the food stall yet? Is it there this year?