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  1. There’ll be tickets for sale on the twickets site and the beautiful days chat Facebook page
  2. Just ordered our barrel of beer £100 for 72 pints, if you have a local brewery you can get a deal like this and they'll generally sell it to you "bright" so no sediment. If you can drive on site or take a wheelie bin or similar I'd recommend it. See my avatar, that's 2017
  3. yes he is a bit of a knob isn't he. topic closed, move along please nothing to see here
  4. the beadle

    Stage locations

    Why? You're going to need a bar after the Chemicals
  5. Pour it straight into the longdrop, cut out the middle man. 😀
  6. the beadle

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Not expensive, but certainly very pretty, I’m a green man myself
  7. the beadle

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    It was the areas south of the waist that I was referring to. Wet flannel wash face and move downwards, never ever upwards
  8. the beadle

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Yes it’s big enough for beer and a seat and small enough to carry without getting tired
  9. the beadle

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Tried it, didn’t work sadly.
  10. the beadle

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    I take those packs of 10 tissues, make sure they’re Kleenex or similar though, the others are too small
  11. the beadle

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Take an anglers seat, it’s a stool with a built in backpack, or a backpack with a stool built in, either way you can carry about eight cans of beer and when you’re knackered you can sit down and have one. Works for me every time. Available on amazon here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shakespeare-Folding-Stool-Back-Pack/dp/B004AHLS2I/ref=cts_sp_2_vtp
  12. the beadle

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Bring a flannel a day, otherwise it can get a bit whiffy, or is that just me.?
  13. Hoping that Neil Young turns up to play with Lucas Nelson and POTR
  14. Cans of g&t, cans of ale, hopefully a gallon of my mates home made cider, oh and a 72 pint barrel of beer, just in case. See my photo that was 2017.
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