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So I’m in the process of starting up an events organising and promotional company. I have my first couple events lines up for this year and I’m already planning ahead for the next couple years and have a couple questions.

Assuming I can turn an profit this year and next year I then want to move international and start hosting events abroad. My first series of events will take place in Ibiza.

My basic plan is over a two month period host 8 day and night pool parties with a major DJ at each event.

My idea is to parter up with the owner of a large villa (20+ guests) and use their pool and garden space as the location. I aim to have 100-200 guests at each event, depending on the space. 

I want to know what legal issues I will come across in doing so. I plan to sell alcohol on the premise, assuming there will be regulations with this. And I’m guessing there will be some regulations to do with the pool, and the number of guests, and potentially the noise, depending on the location of the villa.

if anyone could shed some light on any of this it would help out a lot, or if anyone can see any problems I would encounter.

Each event would be heavily staffed with security, bar staff, a lifeguard and engineers for the sound and lighting.

Appreciate any comments on this.


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Are you aware of all the open air venue/party shutdowns in the last few years?

Also I read in an interview the other day with Carl Cox stating the Island isn't issuing any new club licences at the moment. As he wants to start up his own version of Space.

I don't know the specifics or if these points will apply to you as you only want to run a villa rather than a 'club'. But I'd definitely look into these. Google should be a good starting point.

Good luck 

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