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Guest RobjWard

Another person needing people to go with!

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Easy guys,

my names Rob and I'm from Leicester.

I like a lot of other people have been let down at the last minute by the bro's I was meant to be going Global 2014 with!

Looking to make a group of people to meet up and party with?!

make some new friends and have an awesome weekend!

add me on Facebook if anyone else is in need of people to go with!

( it's not letting me post my Facebook link, so just reply and we can try and sort something!)

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So I have been living in Stratford for about 3 months now and done nothing fun since I got here and then I hear about this epic festival that sounds right up my street,

I am looking for anyone else who might be heading on their own or a group who wants a new member for their group.

I can drink a substantial amount of alcohol as I'm Scottish with the experience of the Irish.

I have no shame in talking to big groups of people.

I can do a front flip as a party trick.

and I have the Irish accent so everything I say sounds quite funny :)

I'm not a dickhead and will bring my own tent and not destroy other peoples.

Just looking to enjoy my weekend and make some new friends.


Send me a message there or reply to this post if you are interested.

Cheers guys.

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