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Guest Alchemy Festival

Headmix Collective @ Alchemy 2014! :)

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Headmix Collective

Head Mix Collective were originally formed by ex-members of Tofu Love Frogs, Doo The Moog and The Cheap Suit Oroonies. All these bands were synonymous with festivals and having a good time. This makes HMC possibly the world's first festi-diddldum supergroup. And with this recent history in mind, when they formed they had a lot to live up to and, boy, do they do that!

Head Mix Collective really are a band and one to see live. Seen live, they really are awesome: perfect for the green fields of Alchemy.

They are festi-skank complete with melodica, tin-whistle, didge and accordion. Their music will have you dancing to deep dub style bass and melodica lines one minute, then jigging up and down to penny whistles and Irish fiddle the next; but always with that groove-conscious rhythm-driven thing backing it up.

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