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Right,2 weeks ago the Glade page came on Facebook alerting us all about their tickets going on sale and that the website would be up, "At the end of next week". I.e, now. It isn't. All the "official site", http://www.gladefestival.com is showing as i'msure you'llprobably know is the slogan akin to the one you see in many pubs about free beer only they have, "New Website next week". Might as well say "See you next Tuesday".

I'm not one too get paranoid (much) but does this not look shoddy as f**k? And even if it is legit, surely this is a great idea for any undesirables to invent either an old or new festival and get it out there to people on facebook then link it to a link on an even more official looking site than the glade one?

I know the tickets were bought ultimately from Seetickets but how hard would it be to mock up a See payment website???

Just a thought...

by the way, anyone want to come this new festival its on in mid June, here's the link. http://www.bunterfestwantsyercash.co.uk

See ya'll there i'm sure...

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wouldn't fret too much, they've always started their websites slowly like that. it's only february! they seem to try somethig new each year, & see tickets have sold tickets for glasto & others, so again, don't fret (you could always google the page source or sumink?).

reckon it's been an uphill struggle for 'em, so massive respect for fighting on, especially with this govt, this climate & these politics. i really hope they manage it this year without too many headaches!

it's sad that they have to downsize probably due to the extortion racket the OB were trying to pull last year, probably their 'excuse' being crowd size (?). it begs the question why have an approved security / security fence / reduced sound levels / music for an older more 'sensible' crowd / other sacrifices to please people who simply don't approve of this sort of thing, when the OB are gonna turn up like a mafia gang demanding extortionate amounts for 'their own' brand of 'protection' (which mostly involves gently strolling about in yellow jackets, occasionally calling in a meat wagon when someones been too blatant?

sorry for the rant. my hopes are with the glade peeps

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