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Well i had a rubish time and it wasn't the orginisers fault, or the heavy handed G4 staff at the gate. It wasn't down to being overcharged for beer tokens or food. infact it wasn't down to any of the other reasons people have been saying on here.

No i had a crap time as the people i went with turned out to be compleate t*ats!!

Friday night in the indie disco my besft mate wandered off with his boyfriend leaving me with the other guy in our party. he was absolutly wasted and attacked me for chatting to a couple of random lads behind.

after being thrown to to floor, dragged about, chased through the arena and screamed out for an hour finally stewards came to my rescue. after a very traumatic night i went and got myself a tent and moved camps but it ment i spent the whole festival pretty much alone.

Even though i tried to enjoy it it put a downer on everything for me.

I want to say a big thank you to jamie and claire for looking out for me saturday,

Reame and friends for the random chats at GLC on sunday.

Callum from mancheter at Killers and Pete doc

the guy in the fatman suit for making me laugh at wombat

and any other random people who took time out to chat to the sad looking woman on her own.

But i will not let this put me off and i WILL be there next year with friends i can trust having a good time.

as a result of this years festival i have an opening arisen for a new best friend... lol

feel free to apply!

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That sounds a bit mad!! hope your okay.

I think the Festival/Big gig is all about the company you keep at it. Last year I went with some pals who were asleep for 11.30 through the whole weekend. This year I went with a pal and the e-fest rabble, not usually my thing i have to admit but it was a good laugh and would reccomend it to anyone wanting to meet new people.

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Jesus you sound like you had a right 'mare, wish I'd been paying attention and not jumping about in the indie disco now as sounds like you needed help!

Could you not camp with the efest people in orange?

In fairness it sounds like you'll have a great time at V next year, just been seriously unlucky this year! Also you're not alone as our group took a couple of girls under our wing in blue as one of them's boyfriend had a row and stormed off leaving them on their own with nowt but a tent and sleeping bags - I've never seen anyone so grateful for bacon butties and tinnies from strangers - before anyone gets the wrong idea they were teenagers so not for that reason! There were also quite a lot of upset people who's mates had stormed off and left them for other bands - but none had been attacked by their 'mates'!

If next year you've got no one your welcome in our mental campsite or I'm sure the efests will have you... sounds like you need a proper group of festival goers.

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i had a walk round orange on the friday night/early hours sat morning to try and find you guy's but it was really late and i gave up.

I won't let it put me off at all cuz the year before was amazing and i was with a big bunch of close friends and seasoned festival goers. i will be returning with them next year, even if its not to v.

i'm looking forward to 2010 already so i can make up for it... and no i won't ever speak to any of them again!

i may do next year alone and come join the efesters :-)


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You poor thing, what an idiot of a guy. Good on you tho for going on your own in the end. I went with a mate, who although didn't do anything like that to me, seriously done my head in all weekend. we hardly spoke from Saturday morning onwards. Even our neighbours told him to get a grip. I ended up watching alot of bands with them and he was just there in the back ground, then on the Sunday he followed me around like a lost puppy but I just spoke to loads of random people and had a blast. Know it sounds mean of me, but honestly I couldn't tolerate him for one second more. Go on your own next year and camp with this lot and you'll have a ball :-)

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