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    Music, gig's, friends, party nights out, party nights in, camping in places you really shouldn't be, midnights sessions on the swings in the park, Splashing in huge puddles barefoot in the middle of a summer downpour! Sunday lunch with a pint, Smoking, BBq's, Dancing, jumping around & generally making an ass of myself..... .Yeah that about sums me up! x
  1. Now that is british comedy at it's best! All hail The Cat, Rimmer. Kryten and Lister! Long overdue in my book.... Smeeeeg Heeead!
  2. I'm with you on the Lost thing. After the first season i totally lost interest and just got confused! now that was a shame as it had the potential to be a fantastic show. is it actually still running and are people still watching it? Back to the point... Scrapheap Challange. when is it back on????
  3. Really!?!? I LOVED the first season but have to disagree, the writers have gone to great lengths to delve into the characters lives and personalities. The only story line I was disappointed with was the whole Mohinder turning into Jeff Goldblum from the fly. Far fetched even for Heroes standards!
  4. I want to know what happened to Scrap Heap challange?!?!?! Awsome show. Probably been mentioned a million times but totally addicted to heroes and Shameless. Heroes is just going from strength to strength IMO and i'm loving the whole Nathan and Peter showdown. Frank is a legend, but think this series has got a little far fetched. Still being a rebel without a cause and staying up late to watch it though
  5. 2009... you joining us?

  6. Whoos yop whoop It's your birthday. I think you should party like it's your it's your birthday. 29 days to go dude!!! R u Excited??

  7. tell

    Party People!!

    NIghts out, Drunken antics... Living the dream baby!
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