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  1. I think Rodgers could do a great job there and definitely has the ego to think he can be the man to save the club, definitely a step up from Ole. I also don't know if his ties to Liverpool would be an issue for him. Personally though I think Rodgers has a very mixed record on recruitment, Leicester seem to have a great model but United's is obviously a shambles. Plus I see Leicester being closer to a title than United.
  2. I don't mind it but the size and the fact it only comes in white means it's gonna stand out like hell. Zero option for subtlety.
  3. Only paying £4m this year. It definitely shows how limited upfront cash is right now for all teams imo.
  4. Thiago to Liverpool is actually happening then! Been telling myself all summer it's unlikely but now I'm like a kid at Christmas, feel like he's one of the few players who could take this Liverpool team to an even higher level.
  5. Liverpool looked really sloppy but that's to be expected with such a short pre-season. Definitely need to sharpen up fast though. Leeds look a real good team, think they'll be great fun to watch this season.
  6. I think I need that 3D collection. Sunshine was an absolute favourite of mine as kid but never got round to playing Galaxy. Bit weird how it's only going to be on sale until March though.
  7. Its not as bad as the Wii U but it does have the same kinda vibe. They've got enough titles to tempt current xbox fans but I really struggle why any neutral would prefer it the the PS5 at launch.
  8. Gonna be an interesting match. Real have been pretty average but their post lockdown matches have all been important and they seem to be masters of just getting the job done. City look the superior team but not really played many properly competitive matches other than the loss in the FA Cup.
  9. I dont feel sorry for Bale, still not forgiven him for his goals in Kiev, but I dont think he's been unreasonable with his behaviour. Real Madrid are brutal to players, and its sort of just accepted. Zidane has never had any interest in playing him, and Real wouldnt let him go to China. If the club has no interest in looking after his interests then it only makes sense that he'll just do what's best for him.
  10. Curious how Ake will do. He's obviously got quality and think he'll actually suit City better than Bournemouth, but every time I've watched him play against Liverpool he just doesn't seem to have progressed and always seems a bit lightweight.
  11. I think for a period between November and February Henderson was absolutely incredible, after actually being pretty poor for the first few months. He pressed relentlessly and set the tempo high up the pitch and was a big reason Liverpool won so many games late on. When Fabinho was injured and he was moved back to the 6, he stepped up even more and was everything you could ask for from a DM. All the great stuff off the pitch talk actually covers up how good he was on the pitch imo. The long break seems to have made people forget those performances. Still reckon de Bruyne should and wi
  12. Liverpool spent £40,000 on the trophy show, in part to make it more worthwhile for fans to watch it on TV. Plus football has started again so they're getting income again.
  13. Only listened to about half of them at this point but the only albums I've come back to multiple times have been Kiwanuka and Dark Matter. I really enjoyed Seeking Thrills but haven't been back to it for a while, might have to give it another go. Heavy Is The Head was pretty enjoyable but just didn't feel the urge to listen to it again. I feel like I should like them but I found Sports Team pretty forgettable. If I was in the mood for that style of music I'd put on plenty of other albums first. Charlie XCX and Anna Meredith just not my cup of tea.
  14. I'm much the same, only played the Thousand Year Door but got the new one for a reduced price so thought I'm giving it a go. Where did you find the Bioshock Collection for around that price? Never played them and would love to pick them up but £40 is just a little steep atm for me.
  15. Completely agree with that. The story is very definitely optional and not particularly inspiring, but I loved trying to find the locations for the memories. Was a really cool way of making the story more engaging and fitting in with the freedom the game gives you. RDR2 story and writing is far superior but the open world feels more scripted as a consequence.
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