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  1. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    United are under no pressure to sell though, madness they're offloading Sanchez and Lukaku without preparing replacements. Who have they got left up-front? Rashford, Martial, and James? Plenty of talent but no experience or consistence.
  2. Bloody love that game, resisted buying it on switch so far because I'm already short on money/time for the new games on there, but I'm sure I'll play through again as soon as it's on sale. And although I love my Switch, the joy-con has started to drift and its making some games unplayable. They repair it for free in North America but £35 charge in the UK, so feeling pretty pissed off I might need to buy a replacement controller.
  3. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Earlier in the summer there were quotes for around £100m for Koulibaly being linked with the prem, which actually doesn't seem excessive compared to Maguire now. Militão especially looks like a bargain.
  4. Really enjoyed this years festival, though had to leave early so missed most of the Sunday. I was initially sceptical about the whole contactless but other than my first time using it when the top-up hadn't gone through yet, I didn't experience any issues. I liked that the site went all the way around the telescope (unlike the last time I went in 2017), made the site feel more spacious even if the crowd numbers have increased. Bands and entertainment wise I missed quite a lot due to working on one of the science stalls, but there seemed to be some great content, really gutted I didn't get to see Helen Sharman. Music-wise I was blown away by Hot Chip, Henge, and Sons of Kemet. Kraftwerk were disappointing from what I saw, I knew what to expect from their shows but we were quite far back and just didn't really feel any atmosphere. It feels like it's a festival with great potential for late-night entertainment with some of the light installations, music, and stages for small acts, but it did feel quite disparate in the night time. The weather wasn't much of an issue other than the slippery walk to the staff campsite and our stand being quiet during the downpours. Would love to be able to go back next year, dreaming that they could get the Cure to headline (never gonna happen though).
  5. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Chelsea are always changing managers, so the job itself would surely become available soon. So unless Lampard was doing shit then he'd surely get the opportunity further down the line? Don't Loftus-Cheek and Hudson-Odoi both have relatively long-term injuries? The other young players will have to make a major step-up, and I've never known anyone at Chelsea to have any patience for players who aren't consistently at the top-level.
  6. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Surely you'd want him to have the best chance possible? Any manager would struggle with an ageing squad, a transfer ban, and their best player having just left.
  7. It wasn't in my top three but not seen anyone mention the Vampire Weekend park set. I'm not particularly a fan but laying on the grass with some ice cold drinks and listening to their set was the most relaxing gig I think I've ever experienced (and was perfect for a sore head)
  8. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    I'm completely talking out of my arse but I'm just surprised. Maybe Mike Ashley has just broken him a bit.
  9. If there was less than 140,000 tents (which I'd say is likely considering campervans, WV, people sharing tents etc.) and what EE says is accurate, that's less than 1000 tents left behind. Utterly remarkable and wonderful news for the festival. It also makes me feel positive that messages about the environment are having a real impact on a wide scale.
  10. Dan R

    Emotional moments

    Final moments of the festival got me. This was my sixth Glastonbury, and every year I make an effort to watch the sun rise at least once, but weather/tendency of falling asleep after a few drinks, meant I've never actually seen it. Sunday Night was this years attempt and the clouds were making it look like another failed attempt. It had been a great year, just me and my girlfriend for the festival for the first time, pretty much everything had been wonderful, I'd just seen the Cure play an incredible Pyramid headline set, and it felt a shame it was going to end without the sunrise, especially as I won't be able to attend next year. Then the cloud cleared and we finally saw the sun rise over the festival, curled up in front of the Glastonbury sign, and it was just one of those perfect moments.
  11. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Shows how little I know! Genuinely surprised by that though, I'm guessing it must be an interesting project for him to go over there rather than just lots of money (though I wouldn't begrudge him it), I know absolutely nothing about the club though. Good luck to him!
  12. The Cure Comet Is Coming vs Steam Down (The Wormhole collaboration sessions were incredible) Lizzo
  13. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Yeah I can't see that happening. I was told he stayed living in the Wirral while Newcastle manager, which suggests he's probably pretty settled. Probably just wait a while for the right offer to come in, his stock definitely hasn't dropped over his Newcastle tenure so I can't imagine it being too long.
  14. I went through the same kind of process last year, slowly built-up my distance and cardio and kept that kind of pace. Worked for the most part but unless you've got to time to do loads of long runs it's not that efficient. This year I've joined a group doing shorter and more intense anaerobic stuff like gig pusher mentioned (intervals, hills, sprints, faster tempo runs), and difference it made to my distance running is massive. It's worth trying to fit in at least one run like that a week, it's hard work but at least it can be done quickly
  15. Much better from Nintendo, was a really solid presentation but announcing a sequel to breath of the wild took it to another level.
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