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  1. I have no problem with city winning today, happy for them to play more games, but having VAR only in some FA cup games is absolutely terrible. Should be in all games or none.
  2. I hope that doesn't happen, mainly for the circus that would go around it. Everyone would talk about it as the final decider of who's greatest. The actual game would be a belter though.
  3. Bit underwhelming for me but mainly because I already knew about the cure and idles. I also suppose it's unfair to expect a massive surprise each year and it always to be someone to my taste. Bring on June!
  4. He did alright at Nantes, they scored more, conceded less and got more points then the season before he arrived. And he steadied Fulham a bit but they were such a shambles that they mustve had no hope. He's a solid manager is isn't likely to revolutionise a team but people seem to want miracles from him.
  5. Insane defensive solidity under pressure has been the defining feature of Atletico under Simione, didn't see any of that last night. I thought the 'clear and obvious error' thing seems to have been ignored and ref's are just using it whenever they're not 100%, and contact always looks worse in slow-motion.
  6. Dan R

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I had to cancel my Glastonbury ticket that year (the only one I've missed since I started going in 2011), and that really was a bad day wherever. Watching footage from Glastonbury definitely lifted my spirits but would've done anything to be part of that big hopeful mud-fest.
  7. Ronaldo was phenomenal last night and Juve massively deserved the scoreline, Atletico were awful. That definitely shouldn't have been a penalty though, especially considering VAR would've shown he tripped on his own leg.
  8. 5 is the limit so fourth gets shafted, will make thing very interesting if it's all still tight come May.
  9. Darren Moore sacked from west brom with them 4th in the championship, comfortably in the play-offs. Not watched many west Brom games but what I've seen has been entertaining. Genuinely baffled unless theres something going on behind the scenes or they've got a really top replacement. Anyone know a bit more?
  10. Reckon they'll sell hazard or lose him for free when he can actually be replaced?
  11. Could be Spurs...they're the best of the teams already through imo.
  12. Barcelona really don't look anywhere near where they were. Messi is a man possessed this season and could drag them through to win it. Juve were my early favourites but scoring two with conceding against Aletico is no mean feat. Looks really open this year.
  13. I'm surprised there isn't some whole day access tickets of some kind, there's about 7 or 8 band's I'd really like to see but looks like it would cost almost £200 and several clash anyway. Might go to the Saturday Olympia as I live nearby but otherwise just gonna check out the fringe festival.
  14. Hadn't heard about this, can't wait to play Resident Evil 4 again! I used to love 0 and 1 but not sure I can go back to the old fixed camera controls.
  15. Apparently as part of the Coutinho deal, Barca agreed to an additional €100m fee if they want to sign any more Liverpool players the near future so don't think that's on the cards. Not sure when it expires though.
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