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  1. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Swings and roundabouts I guess. I find Liverpool much more unpredictable than City and I find it more entertaining. They're ahead in the league because they've been incredible at controlling matches, pretty sure that Palace didn't get into Liverpool's box once tonight.
  2. First time I played the Witcher 3 I found it awkward and clunky and gave up after about 5 hours. Gave it another go recently though and loved it. If you're on Xbox and not sure then it's on the game pass so you can give it a go.
  3. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Theres no chance most clubs could survive without a year and a half of income.
  4. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    FT seems to full of people more excited about transfers than the actual football. So many seem to have forgotten we bought a new forward in January already. Personally it's always gutting when a quality player goes to a rival over Liverpool, but cash is going to be tight. And it would be more ridiculous to try and use the furlough scheme before splashing £50m on a squad player.
  5. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Bit gutted but the noise coming out of Liverpool for a while has been that it was unlikely. I guess the lack of matchday income and reduced tv money over the next year or so could be a big issue but it seemed like a great deal. I also wonder what this means for Tammy Abraham, guess he'll be reduced to backup.
  6. Gonna wait for the announcement but I just cant muster any enthusiasm for the next console generation yet. Not sure what nee they're bringing to gaming.
  7. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Aside from more familiarity with the pitch size and facilities, theres a lot of advantages to being able to control the environment more. I know at Anfield the is conditioned for fast passing play to suit the teams style.
  8. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Cant see past the first few paragraphs but it suggest lots of teams want the season abandoned, there definitely wouldn't be the same money for safety as the mens.
  9. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Why does everyone think fans would gather outside Anfield? Theres bugger all there aside from the stadium and the pubs and it's a bit of a bugger to get to. Not sure why people would go there to celebrate.
  10. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    There's inevitably going to be a lot of hurt to a lot of clubs but I'd suspect that for most clubs guaranteeing the leagues are played will be a bigger/more secure revenue stream than a cup run. Having said that I know sod all about club finances outside the top flight so could be way off the mark.
  11. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    So basically you dont like them. Not sure that's grounds for a lawsuit.
  12. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    I get the feeling smaller teams will lose their positions of strength, so the likes Aston Villa wont be able to hold out for £50m+ for Jack Grealish, and might have to sell for £20-£30. Doesn't rule out the mega deals but means there's better value elsewhere.
  13. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Euro places decided on league standing though. Guessing no champions is fair when the top 2 team have equal points. Bundesliga looks set to start up again though, still could go either way for the PL.
  14. I miss the variety of the dungeons. The divine beasts looked great roaming around from the outside but the same structure, style and bosses made them quite forgettable. I expect/hope for some news on the sequel whenever Nintendo next do a big announcement.
  15. Now that could be really special! Hope they take their time and do it properly.
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