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  1. I thought it was a brutal but great boss. So many attack patterns to learn and wipes out so much health, but was very satisfying to beat. A proper test of the skills through the used in the game without gimmicks.
  2. Just finished Metroid Dread, what a game! The controls and movement are so good I just want to jump in to another playthrough instantly. Don't think it surpasses Hollow Knight as my favourite Metroidvania but it's my GOTY so far.
  3. First two attempts to play, I absolutely hated it. Seemed pointlessly confusing and the controls were horrible and clunky. Third time I found out the I was supposed to go and from then on it became one of my all time favourite games. It's far from a perfect game but it is one of the most rewarding, once you get to grips with how to play it. Also I'd recommend looking online to find out how some of the mechanics work.
  4. Im not a fan of roguelikes but the narrative in hades keeps things engaging much longer than I expected.
  5. I'm doing London in October and had to make two playlists, a high tempo and energy playlist for the shorter tougher sessions and some more mellow ones for the long runs. For the high tempo it's a mixture of punk and dance, favourites on the recent runs have been Reservoir by Pup and Papaoutai by Stromae.
  6. Last year on his contract and didn't want to renew. Makes sense they want some money for him when they've actually got some decent replacements already.
  7. It's got potential but feels like there's a lot of areas it could have problems. Plus it's pretty pricey for purely handheld system.
  8. Dan R

    2021 New Music

    Not heard of them before but that was a great listen!
  9. Surprised at the lack of praise for Mount, this tournament I've finally been convinced by him. Always looks really composed on the ball, really intelligent and hard working off the ball, and contributes all over the pitch. Think he was exactly what we missed in 2018.
  10. Watched a reasonable bit of the Bundesliga and unfortunately think he's really, really good. Should fit with United's counterattacking style really well but might take a while to adjust to the low blocks of the Prem.
  11. Metroid Dread was the big hitter for me but I don't think Metroid games have sold too well in the past.
  12. FSG might have backed down to fan protests before but I don't see how they recover their reputation from this so don't think they'd see the point in backing down. Not sure if they're one of the main driving forces but it's definitely something that they want.
  13. I can't help but wonder what the atmosphere inside anfield or the yellow wall tomorrow would be like with the crowd. Football this season just feels hollow.
  14. He's absolutely fantastic. I don't mind him as a sub though, he's such a live wire that he's an absolute nightmare for already tired defenders.
  15. Everyone I know was gutted on an emotional level but knew he was far past him prime. I'd still absolutely love to see Ageuro at LFC, it would never happen but he definitely still has something to offer at the top level.
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