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  1. I'll second all those choices (except Disgaea which I've never heard of) I'd also suggest Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze with that first list, a Wii U port so should be cheaper or on sale. For some top quality indie games I'd recommend Hollow Knight, Celeste, Dead Cells, Into The Breach, Baba Is You, Golf Story, and Untitled Goose Game.
  2. They all have pros and cons but my preference is the switch, got an Xbox One though haven't played it in ages Switch Pros: Great selection of first party games, brilliant selection of indie games, the portable aspect makes it so much easier play. Cons: Limited selection of cross platform games like the ones you mentioned, graphics aren't as good as the others (though still pretty great on most games), and the online support isnt great. Also the games dont seem to drop in price much when sold 2and hand. Xbox One Pros: Great graphical performance, the game pass give a massive selection of games at a really reasonable price. Cons: Less top quality first party games, next generation out relatively soon, and the whole system is pretty clunky imo. Not got a PS4 but I reckon it's a better choice than the Xbox One. Better selection of games and the system is all round better with decent indie games. Both have new generations out soon so probably will drop.in price soon and wont get many new games.
  3. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Yeah looks a very good player and very composed for his age, but not sure why he'd be pushed into the England side before he's ready.
  4. Dan R


    Both films felt like proper cinematic experiences, the kind that makes me love going to the cinema. Parasite is an absolute masterpiece. I wish I could go into it again not knowing anything, but at the same time I can't wait to watch it again to pick up on all the hidden details.
  5. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Fair enough you're against FFP, I know there's a lot of people who are. I'm guessing that means you won't hold it against them if it is found that they broke those rules. I wouldn't be opposed to some kind of salary cap but it would be immensely complicated to implement across multiple countries and leagues when you have to consider different currencies and tax rates. Not sure I agree with the fact that it was negative for City two years ago, I remember a lot of talk about them being the greatest ever premier league side, and this year theres an awful lot about how rigged/weak/tainted the league in Liverpool's favour. No one's come close to saying Liverpool's owners are perfect and moral, not sure where you've got that impression (I've glossed over a lot of the last 15 pages so I may have missed some stuff)
  6. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    It definitely wasnt passed by, came in for massive scrutiny from fans along with several other mistakes they've made. Generally the criticism has led to improvements, though they still have plenty of issues. Hence why I'm curious if there is much criticism within the City fanbase towards the owners, most city fans seem to back completely.
  7. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    I think FSG have done a great job as owners of liverpool (great on the pitch, new main stand, new training facilities), but theres been plenty of reasons to be critical of them and it's fair to criticise them for that. They ticket price walk out was the main thing that's comes to mind. For the sake of argument, say City are found to have mishandled finances and get a ban from Europe, surely that's worthy, thats surely worthy of scrutiny from fans? Or does all the success give them a pass?
  8. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    It used to be suspended while the appeal was ongoing (with transfer bans), but that's changed now as far as I'm aware. I reckon they wont be in next year, but will be back by the following year.
  9. This is why I find the Switch useful, way easier to find a bit of time when you can go from docked to portable so easily. Barely ever play other consoles now.
  10. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    He's fourth in their all time scorers list, will almost definitely make third (and potentially 2nd depending on his recovery). Doing that in five and a half season's is phenomenal. Plus those years of peak MSN really was something special to watch, probably the best front three I've seen in my lifetime imo.
  11. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Liverpool look to be signing Minamino from Salzburg, an absolute steal for £7.25m. I know Haaland was getting all the numbers for his ridiculous goal numbers, but everyone I know who watched the Salzburg-Liverpool games was left more impressed by Minamino in the games. Looks to be a great player and he'll surely be expecting to only be a squad player for now.
  12. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Another Merseyside derby in the FA cup. I seriously can't be bothered with that fixture in the January slog, especially if we have the two legged League Cup semi. Zero shock at Man City getting Port Vale at home. I completely don't buy into the rigged draws but they really have had some easy draws, it's no surprise that their treble hasn't been celebrated as much as it maybe should. Arsenal vs Leeds should be a cracker though!
  13. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Hear someone suggesting Arsenal trying to pry Rodgers from Leicester. Obviously not gonna happen but got me thinking would Arsenal be a step up from teams like Leicester and Wolves right now?
  14. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    True, but it's only two games and you get a shiny gold badge on the kit.
  15. Dan R

    Football 19/20

    Id definitely prioritise CWC over the League Cup. Two games vs 4 more games for a trophy, it's a trophy we've never won and get very few chances, bigger prize money, and for most around the world more prestige (though that's arguable). Also the two legged semi in January is just a pain in the arse.
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