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  1. Fun reading the forum on the run up to this. Personally think it's a great lineup! Anyone know how much the tickets are?
  2. I'm hoping to go to Nos (I know how unlikely it is). But regardless it's nice to see announcements and something to get a bit excited about!
  3. Any ideas on the final headliners? I saw Billie was heavily rumoured then said something about cancelling the tour. Tempted to go see MCR in Prague but don't want to double book them.
  4. Hello people! Seriously considering this just wondering if anyone has previously been and done the camping? Currently weighing up between camping and Air BnB.
  5. Got the series X booted up and installed a few games. Quick resume is a game changer! (Sorry for the pun). Being able to switch in and out so quick is super impressive.
  6. I read the Cyberpunk issues are on the current gen it should be running fine on next gen and decent PCs. Ive got my pre order in so I hope I dont see too many bugs. I dont want to hate on the PS5 but massive! I do question if it will fit in people's entertainment units...
  7. Curious to see if anyone missed out on a next gen consoles here? The few people who I know that tried to get a ps5/XBSX managed no issue. I signed up to the All Access for XBSX within 10 minutes of pre orders. Just wondered if it affected the UK or if supply is more of a US issue.
  8. Yep just going through the tweets in reply to it. They said lineup is coming ASAP
  9. Well if stuff is getting announced for Spain again should we expect the lineup soon?
  10. Would certainly feel different! Wouldn't it be much more difficult to book bands if there isn't a confirmed date until January?
  11. Totally appreciate if they delay the announcement due to the Covid situation in Spain. It's just the lack of communication that is bugging me!
  12. I'm hoping for Biffy to make an appearance. I think all the October dates are getting postponed anyway. Saw that Ken out in another topic they won't play Wretcher because they are asking too much. Reckon Mad Cool would be more willing to splash out
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