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  1. A buddy has got 6 tickets when it says there is a strict limit of 4 per person. Reckon it will be enforced?
  2. Personally I think for their target audience R&L have knocked it of the park!
  3. Festival news happening this morning on radio 6
  4. On their facebook they said it was a 16 year old's school project.
  5. Great announcement love Weezer! Seems odd to have Two Door clash with Mumford and Florence on the main stage.
  6. Obviously not happen but I think Queen would have gone down a storm as a booking for next year. I reckon Transmit would have sold a lot better if it was next year after the film got people talking about them again.
  7. Foals played both last time they headlined Reading and I think Kings of Leon did some time ago
  8. Fleetwood Mac just announced for Pink Pop. Doesn't that put them in the running?
  9. Havent done all the maths but must be a fairly large number. 1975?
  10. But it's Friday, think you might have been confused about the time he posted it haha
  11. Well done! Poster looks great, can't see The Smashing Pumpkins that far down. I would be all over that lineup!!
  12. They are top of the bill at every festival they are hitting next year. Probably because they rarely tour so could flog some day tickets
  13. Im going with Foos. Seem to be about and Werchter doesnt mind a repeat booking
  14. Saw on the Glasto chat that Frank Turner is teasing a big festival announcement next week. NME Headliner? Has a massive history with the festival and has missed a few years now.
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