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  1. Going to do something similar myself! Yeah there is a barrier about a third in at Leeds. It still wasnt hard to just walk straight in on the Foos day last year
  2. Seem to remember Bruce Springsteen is meant to be touring this summer. That would certainly turn things around!
  3. Perhaps that's why it's so large. The longer to speculate the larger the thread
  4. I dont think Royal Blood are headliners in Europe. However would love to see them on the lineup!
  5. Plans to make a cruise ship festival for slam...
  6. I get you are irritated but no point in pointing the finger. Loads of info came out since Matt dropped the MCR info. Things happen and unfortunately are subject to change. I think the forum is a much better place when people pass on what they hear in the first place even if it turns out false.
  7. I get people are annoyed at the headliners (me too I decided against MCR at Milton Keynes for it) but nothing was announced from the festival. If they were announced and then cancelled that would be a totally different matter. Now I just hope whoever they come up with is the same quality of acts and not some late replacement.
  8. I think people are just focused on the lineup announcement. I reckon it will be something like a Blink gig with a couple of extra bands
  9. Second day getting announced on Monday!
  10. Sorry no idea where to put this but Neil might want to change it in the press release for Stereophonics , Tickets will go on sale at 10am on Friday 31st January, priced at £347.50 for Inverness, and £45 for Bangor.
  11. Not so much as a headliner in Spain but Biffy? Seem to be doing gigs and festivals this summer. Personally would be a great co headliner with the Strokes
  12. Names for Rock Werchter BeckThe LumineersRag’n’Bone ManBlack PumasLewis CapaldiAnderson .Paak and the Free NationalsDermot KennedyKeaneVolbeatSum 41MeuteThe Pretty Reckless. No MCR and nothing really stands out to me
  13. I overthink too much of what they say on social media. That's just pleasing the punters. However its good to know about the MCR reddit thread!
  14. I was listening the other day and Greg James has posted the lineup to a caller so they can announce it on Monday morning. So assuming acts and location.
  15. I think its just more wishful thinking at this point! Previously people have made the case that MCR don't have a lot of influence over mainland Europe so people getting overwhelmed might not be an issue.
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