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  1. As much as I enjoyed the film I would much rather it remained standalone. I think if this was in the same universe as a Batman film it would ruin the grounded tone. I could never believe that this interpretation of the Joker could stand against Batman as a worthy villain. To be totally honest I like the theory he isn't the Joker at all and just a man with mental illness who influenced the Joker. Each to your own!
  2. Went to see Joker last night. Such a good and well made film. I had my doubts when it was announced from the guy who directed the hangover but it proved me wrong! Should really put Phoenix in the Oscar race.
  3. Luke Routledge

    2020 headliners

    Is there a massive difference between Kasabian and Biffy Clyro these days? It would be a push but would make for an extremely strong sub.
  4. Frank Turner doing an album launch show on the Saturday at Leeds. Must sneak in for a secret show!
  5. Also a Leeds fan but I am feeling pretty good about the season. I agree that Jansson leaving is a bit gutting but White is technically his replacement and deserves a chance to prove himself. I think the biggest problem at the end of last season was not putting the chances away and Costa could be the difference. Also Harrison is looking like a totally different player and would bank on him stepping up. However I am always blinded by Leeds so never have a clear view on it!
  6. On reflection I had a fantastic time even if Sunday was a struggle Foals really made up for it. I'm sure there would have been absolute carnage getting the cars out throughout the day, hope everyone got back safe!
  7. Hey guys really looking forward to Y Not next week! Any regulars have general tips about the festival/site?
  8. A buddy has got 6 tickets when it says there is a strict limit of 4 per person. Reckon it will be enforced?
  9. Personally I think for their target audience R&L have knocked it of the park!
  10. Festival news happening this morning on radio 6
  11. On their facebook they said it was a 16 year old's school project.
  12. Great announcement love Weezer! Seems odd to have Two Door clash with Mumford and Florence on the main stage.
  13. Obviously not happen but I think Queen would have gone down a storm as a booking for next year. I reckon Transmit would have sold a lot better if it was next year after the film got people talking about them again.
  14. Foals played both last time they headlined Reading and I think Kings of Leon did some time ago
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