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  1. I can't see Mad Cool working if it's rescheduled. If the rumours of its booking reputation going down the shitter is true they would really struggling booking a full line up!
  2. Im pretty sure Lattuide was part of their "Gentlemen on the road" thing where they book all the acts for that day. They certainly didn't have that involvement in MC so wouldnt think its an issue.
  3. It wasn't an awfully long time ago when Mumford headlined Leeds and a couple of years ago for Lattuide. Seem to remember they got a decent enough reaction from both sets. More recently headlined Rock Werchter and Sziget both similar sized European festivals. I get the disappointment but a long way off a poor booking in my opinion.
  4. I think looking at it from a UK Festival point of view. A day of Mumford, Royal Blood, Alt J and Haim would be considered pretty strong. Along with Nothing But Thieves and Frank Carter there is plenty that day to keep me happy. MCR and the Strokes would have been incredible but the lineup is still really strong regardless!
  5. Im happy enough with it! Makes for a strong 4 days
  6. I second this. Anyone with any insider knowledge is always welcome and makes the forum a much more fun and active place!
  7. Personally I wouldn't mind Mumford and Sons. Fun live act even if they aren't a cool one.
  8. had a quick look at RHCP tour dates. They do like a gap between dates. Would only take 3 or 4 shows to space it out. Also cant see them totally skipping the UK.
  9. I thought one of the insiders from the Spanish festival said it wouldn't be a guitar band? Like them or not I would place RHCP as a guitar band...
  10. Must be dropping tomorrow Sundays have always been their less known acts.
  11. Oh sorry that's it, just appeared on their facebook so assumed it was new!
  12. RHCP just announced a festival in Greece with Nothing But thieves supporting. Adding to their European tour....
  13. Another day trying to think of names who could headline. The Who finish their US tour in May and still to tour mainland Europe. Could be a shout?
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