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  1. To my tastes/ rapidly declining knowledge of the scene (an expected outcome with 2 young kids) this year had more big names and fewer esoteric choices than in 2019. The area also felt smaller (was it?!)... But there's every chance that the bookers just played into my dwindling, limited hands and it was nothing but a stroke of good luck on my part!
  2. If I'm after audio only of a few sets, is there a (simple?) way to get those?
  3. I was desperate for a recording of the Hessel Audio takeover in 2019 but never managed to find one 😔
  4. Each to their own I guess - the Saturday night on Iicon (Floating Points and then Joy O) was some of the best after hours dancing I've had on the farm in 11 visits!
  5. I got an email saying all tickets were now electronic and and that all paper tickets have been cancelled (I've got seating for the same night, taking my daughter to her first ever gig!), with another email attaching the tickets (from Ticketmaster I think as opposed to See etc)
  6. Didn't test +ve til Thursday, and even then only a thin line. Has ramped up steadily since tho the cough has now subsided... But today's test is the thickest reddest line I've seen across the whole last 2 years. Don't think I'll be back in the office for a few days yet!
  7. If it's based on steps taken, then that's also a lot of stomp-dancing about on the spot... I dance pretty much constantly (can't really be arsed with acts that don't make me want to move!), so while I certainly won't have covered 100 miles or whatever my watch seems to claim, I reckon the 197k steps over Weds-Mon is probably pretty close!
  8. I assumed the rules were relaxed this year to allow for those whose kids were u12 when they bought the ticket in 2019, but were now "too old" to get in. Would make sense for that to then be tightened up for the next non-Covid-delayed festival
  9. South park was MUCH more busy by evening weds than in the last couple fests (it's our usual spot, was very noticeable)
  10. Bonobo. Just really soulless and dull.
  11. 197,830 weds to monday. Sunday alone was 51,000 (I assume because a lot of dancing was done!).
  12. PK Spice, the Jamaican place near Williams Green for the jerk and rice- amazing food, great value Didn't have anything bad really, tho missed Manic Organic and Mama Falafel on the way into WH this year- they're my go to! Thought there was a LOT of cheese based food options this year, presumably at some dairy farmer's behest (I kid)
  13. Little Simz Floating Points Kendrick (Special mentions for Macca, Self Esteem and Little Dragon)
  14. I found it all ok this year to be honest, bit of forward planning and avoiding likely pinch points worked out fine. That said, I only saw 4-5 acts a day and took it pretty easy. Macca and DiRo crowds were fine once you made your way in a bit, and had no issues in SEC post-2am. I remain dumfounded by the logistics and level of organisation to create a world for us for 5 days! It ain't a purpose built site, it's a farm in the English countryside- it's damned incredible to me
  15. Ah, the old crowd crust rearing it's ugly head again
  16. I'm sure someone posted about being able to order birthday cakes from the bakery up by acoustic... All intel and info v gratefully received!
  17. I'm sure I've seen others mention that the bakery up by acoustic does birthday cakes- does anyone know from personal experience if that's correct, and how I might be able to pre-order one? It was meant to be my best buddy's 40th at G2020, but a 42nd cake will do...
  18. You're aware of sods law, right? Get em bought
  19. You're aware of sods law, right? Get em bought
  20. The one running up to ped gate B should be the sharp inc-line
  21. Glasto shaped hole?
  22. The Other field feels much bigger than 5K more than West Holts - surely more than 40k there for recent big sets (Blondie, Rag & Bone Man, Florence spring to mind),though I guess a certain % of them will be outside decent range of the speakers?
  23. The recent Wolf Alice gig in Sheffield was my first proper gig where people were dancing and having fun (Laura Marling not really falling under that banner) since a) Covid, b) turning 40. With horror, I found that I was old enough that I didn't want to be in midst of the pit, but not old enough that watching all these younguns dancing and bouncing their arses off wasn't giving me energy and alot of joy - so I wanted to stay nearby. This made me therefore the front line in the crust that forms at various points in such crowds - people build up behind it that are of similar mind, bunched together due to lack of space. Before you know it, there's an impenetrable barrier (or at least quite a gumpy one) between the fun part and the bar... Has there been any studies of this phenomenon? Are there any ways around it? There's often much more room near the front at Glastonbury than the tightly packed middle-aged crust 20m from the stage would suggest. What can be done? And I say that as someone painfully aware he is now part of the problem 😮
  24. Have a vague memory of him playing WH fairly recently
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