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  1. I had a lovely snooze in Glasto Latino this year. Nice place to get out of the heat!
  2. Smile at strangers while offering them a bit of whatever you're consuming. You feel good, they feel good, we all feel good! Repeat.
  3. ogriff

    Tipi for 7?

    You get six wrist bands per tipi. They check em as you come into the field. You can bring guests in, but can't remember if there's a curfew on that bit. To be honest, 6 people all on decent sized beds + their stuff is already pretty snug
  4. Agreed, Hessle Audio on Saturday night with room to dance was great fun
  5. I had planned to stop when I had kids. 2013 was my last G for a while. So was 2014. And 15, and 16, 17 and 19. I've stopped pretending anymore!
  6. I've got tickets every year I've tried (2007-2020 bar 2008), but have only got them myself 4 times. Never had a year when any of our core group have failed either. Every other time has been down to some combination of being part of a larger group, military style planning, persistence and luck. (Aside from that one controversial-ish year where tipi dwellers from the previous year got an early sale link. Still feel a bit guilty about using that)
  7. Some of us put quite alot of effort into appearing square at work. Beware, you may be misreading carefully calibrated front!
  8. ogriff

    2020 headliners

    I might be overestimating their popularity (as I don't much care for them), but having a band as big as Coldplay open the pyramid when there is no competition on other stages is a recipe for starting the festival with a horrendous crush...
  9. ogriff

    Coach Question

    Our driver confirmed that uncollected tickets are handed in for collection at gate A box office. A mate collected her ticket that way this year.
  10. ogriff

    Bon Iver 2020

    First direct in Leeds is prob the best for view and sound, especially if on the floor.
  11. ogriff

    Bon Iver 2020

    Agree with that. Would want them on Friday night though (I know, how particular...). They're not party enough for Saturday, and I prefer something more avowedly uplifting on Sunday to send me into the final night (Janelle and Stevie being perfect)...
  12. I loved it, and regularly watch bits back on YouTube. It rounded off my favourite ever Glastonbury (out of ten)... But unless they can vary the set list and improve on it from that year I don't see why they would bother... So! Aside from fucking off Trimm Trabb, how do you fix perfection? Blur, 28/6/09, Glastonbury: She's So High Girls & Boys Tracy Jacks There's No Other Way Jubilee Badhead Beetlebum Out of Time Trimm Trabb Coffee & TV Tender Country House Oily Water Chemical World Sunday Sunday Parklife (with Phil Daniels) End of a Century To the End This Is a Low Encore: Popscene Song 2 Encore 2: For Tomorrow The Universal
  13. Now I've got kids and the budget is much tighter, I'd prob go up to £350 (as I came home with £100 of spendies this year, so I think I could stretch that far), but ONLY if the other associated costs didn't rise accordingly. If food and drink also went up by c.40% then there's no way I could afford it in a way that I enjoy it. Glasto is my "me time, no kids, take no prisoners, leave nothing behind" weekend, I wouldn't want to HAVE to take it easy because I was being outpriced.
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