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  1. If anyone in our house has symptoms, my Mrs can get tested. If her test comes back negative then she can go back to work at the hospital, who will pay to put her up in a hotel. I assume Neville's hotel will provide beds in such a scenario.
  2. My mrs is paid to be an oncology registrar. I'm not sure that not treating cancer patients because large parts of the hospital are being given over to palliate those that under ordinary circumstances wouldn't die, but due to the need to prioritise coronavirus/ a lack of ICU beds, will be kept as comfortable as possible but ultimately they won't have resources to treat, is part of her JD. It's not even really kicked off yet where we are, and she's both exhausted and terrified. As a civil servant, I'm currently being paid to not do my job, so that I can look after the kids allowing a doctor to be at work. Which is weird. If I or the kids get symptoms, she'll be put up in a hotel and isolated from us so that she can continue to work.
  3. Education SoS giving a statement to the House at 5. Would expect it to cover both school closures and exam arrangements...
  4. Given that one year the showers were cold instead of hot in the Tipi field, and all tipi dwellers got access to a pre-sale the following year, I'd say there's something of a precedent. I was a lucky recipient and thought it was fucking ridiculous btw. Still took them up on the presale tho, I'm not mad.
  5. My other half is a doctor, and normally looks after the kids while I have fun at glasto. Whether the festival goes ahead or not, my assumption is that she will be needed by the NHS over the course of glasto weekend. So, what should I do? If the policy is that I give it up now and have no chance of attending in case of a cancellation, or keep it so that I get a free hit at a ticket for next year? What would you do in that scenario? Events are crap for all of us. I hope the festival goes ahead and is the amazing weekend we all need, but whenever it next occurs I'll do anything I can to be there. I imagine there's lots of NHS workers, people involved in other key services, food supply lines etc in the same boat. What a fucking mess.
  6. ogriff

    My first ever gig.....

    Depends on what you count, as my dad played in loads of local bands that I saw as a kid... Proper gigs tho? Michael Jackson at Wembley stadium, Dangerous tour (1992?) Non pop... Oasis at earls court/ foos at Brixton in 1995 we're close together but can't quite remember which came first anymore
  7. 900 hours of Andy? https://mixmag.net/read/andrew-weatherall-dj-mix-tracks-best-recordings-live-news
  8. https://twitter.com/SamCoatesSky/status/1231993331217031169 Govt analysis states no net benefit of cancelling large gatherings in case of a pandemic... So the worry is over, right?
  9. ogriff

    Foo Fighters

    The second night of those Brixton gigs in 95 was my first ever gig, full stop. Good times!
  10. ogriff

    Brit Awards 2020

    This segue into Rod is embarrassing.
  11. ogriff

    Brit Awards 2020

    Dave is fucking fantastic
  12. ogriff

    Brit Awards 2020

    White male entitlement in literal form, for the lolz
  13. He was at the heart of so many of my favourite nights out, and at the helm of so many of my favourite albums. I'm off to get lost (again) in Tiny Reminders.
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