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  1. Glasto shaped hole?
  2. The Other field feels much bigger than 5K more than West Holts - surely more than 40k there for recent big sets (Blondie, Rag & Bone Man, Florence spring to mind),though I guess a certain % of them will be outside decent range of the speakers?
  3. The recent Wolf Alice gig in Sheffield was my first proper gig where people were dancing and having fun (Laura Marling not really falling under that banner) since a) Covid, b) turning 40. With horror, I found that I was old enough that I didn't want to be in midst of the pit, but not old enough that watching all these younguns dancing and bouncing their arses off wasn't giving me energy and alot of joy - so I wanted to stay nearby. This made me therefore the front line in the crust that forms at various points in such crowds - people build up behind it that are of similar mind, bunched together due to lack of space. Before you know it, there's an impenetrable barrier (or at least quite a gumpy one) between the fun part and the bar... Has there been any studies of this phenomenon? Are there any ways around it? There's often much more room near the front at Glastonbury than the tightly packed middle-aged crust 20m from the stage would suggest. What can be done? And I say that as someone painfully aware he is now part of the problem 😮
  4. Have a vague memory of him playing WH fairly recently
  5. Either a Portishead-Massive Attack-Tricky showcase/supergroup belting out the moody bangers for 3hrs Or RATM because there's no other set that would make me smile inwardly beforehand for months and throughout
  6. Didn't watch at the time, v much enjoying Deutschland 83,86,89 on all4. Nearly finished them now, really great fun spy drama with plenty of funnies chucked in 🧐😁 Next up is the stack of Treme DVDs I've nabbed off my dad
  7. Ah, that'll make that area even less remarkable if turns out to be the case
  8. Oh man. I've fallen away from the Foos in recent years, but they meant so much in my younger days. From my first non-parental accompanied gig at Brixton in 95 (pre Taylor) to endless festivals, an incredible gig at The Astoria on the Color and the Shape tour all though to headline shows at Hyde Park and Wembley Stadium. What a ride. Long Road to Ruin started on Spotify and brought me to tears Here now, don't make a sound Say, have you heard the news today? One flag was taken down To raise another in its place A heavy cross you bear A stubborn heart remains unchanged No harm, no life, no love No stranger singing in your name But maybe the season The colors change in the valley skies Dear God, I've sealed my fate Running through hell, heaven can wait Long road to ruin there in your eyes Under the cold streetlights No tomorrow, no dead end in sight My heartfelt condolences to the band and his family x
  9. Theoretically yes, but there are no rules on where you wear them. Wibble, etc.
  10. Drinking some very nice beers thanks, on a live music YouTube binge and somehow back on Radiohead 2017 again. Can't call it an evening wasted
  11. Didn't there used to be 3 of them?
  12. Would 100% love to see this at the farm, can we start a petition? https://mixmag.net/amp/goldie-dj-bone-b2b-tour-summer
  13. Phoebe Bridgers' site says she's playing 24-25 June. https://phoebefuckingbridgers.com/ Unless the site admin thinks it's a two day festival (and other festivals have the full duration), maybe she's playing twice...?
  14. ogriff

    Campsite Poll

    Not at my age. What used to constitute "enough beer" now gets me out of my sleeping back 2 or 3 times to pee and there isn't enough room in my rucksack for that many lenor bottles.
  15. Yep, Long Marston in the Cotswolds. A very flat and dreary site for both Phoenix and GG I thought, and a pain when the traffic gets snarled up
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