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  1. Did this after the last time they headlined reading (2008?). Was only one train them, had to properly leg it, and when it turned up it only had 2 carriages. And no toilet. And stopped EVERYWHERE on the way home. Was packed full to ginnells of people with bursting bladders and rapidly incoming hangovers. Fuck that was a grim end. Oh hang on, then had to get the night bus from Paddington to Hackney. Get a taxi! (I'll probs be doing Leeds as I've moved to Sheffield... Anyone know how easy that is post-headliners?!)
  2. This year will be my 6th consecutive last ever Glastonbury.
  3. ogriff

    Oasis 2021?

    Think I got lucky the one time I saw them at Earls Court in 1995, they were terrific.
  4. Mama falafel, near West Holts. So good that they sold out of falafel on the Saturday last year. Those who know, know
  5. Could I have it please?!
  6. ogriff

    2020 headliners

    Here's mine then 2007: 0 2009: 2 Springsteen, Blur 2010: 2 Gorillaz, Stevie 2011: 1 Beyonce 2013: 1 Rolling stones 2014: 1 Arcade Fire 2015: 1 Kanye 2016: 0 2017: 1 Radiohead 2019: 0 9/30 headliners so far. Looking like 2 more m in 2020!
  7. That night was incredible. What a gig!
  8. Lewis Capaldi appears to be a singing potato murdering poor approximations of already dreadful Snow Patrol ditties. I'd avoided him until now. Is he a thing? Best episode to date still the Sims, Kiwanuka one.
  9. Wasn't that downstairs, where they did the indie disco when G.A.Y was on?
  10. This, my friends, was the gig to be at. For the launch of the Battle of LA. 1,000 people going absolutely mental. Most viceral gig I've been to, bar none. Finsbury park was like a joyful valedictory lap in comparison. For those that remember the Astoria (they bulldozed it for crossrail I think), you could choose on entry if you wanted to go to the balcony or the pit, there was no system to force you to one or the other. It felt like everyone was downstairs. Couldn't get to the bar or toilet if you wanted to. No space for circle-pits, just a heaving mass. Can't believe it was 20 years ago!
  11. It's arrived! Thanks again. It's almost as beautiful as my kids (and substantially less annoying)
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