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  1. So I phone Waterstone's and they said they still had a "small amount of stock" left of the signed version, and advised I immediately return the book to the store from which I collected it. I did that and they've cancelled the order (the book I returned went into stock at the local store), and they created a new order and said the correct book should be with me shortly. So I'd act quick if you have an unsigned book! They didn't mention whether my old order being cancelled would affect my entry into the ticket draw........
  2. So I opened it. Aaaaand it's not signed 😡 Contacting Waterstone's to find out if it can be replaced in time.... Could do with some compensation for this. Perhaps two Glastonbury tickets will appease me.
  3. Quandary: I've bought this for my girlfriend for her birthday mid-December. It's currently on my desk at work, still in it's packaging. I want to read it. What do I do?
  4. Fearless_Fish

    Sold out

    I kept hitting back and proceed for about 20 minutes after it sold out until I realised it had remove my registration numbers 🤣
  5. Shame about the secret resale. It usually takes me 10-15 mins to get onto a holding page (if at all), they'll all be gone by then in April. Is there a separate coach-only resale?
  6. Can I please join your club? Also, do they still do post-April "secret" resales nowadays, or is it April-or-bust?
  7. Fearless_Fish

    Sold out

    Thursday and today, got to enter reg numbers but got no further
  8. Has anyone got any photos from within these pointed behemoths?
  9. Fearless_Fish


    And next year it is going to GO OFF
  10. So are we saying the only scrumpy on site now is at the Cider Bus?
  11. Ahh. It was just listed as "still" so no idea what it was. Better than bloody Mallet's though.
  12. Fearless_Fish

    Is It Too Hot?

    The temperature turned on a sixpence
  13. So, where the heck was all the scrumpy?? Avalon Inn last year, scrumpy £4.50 a pint. This year Mallet's only for £6!!! Craft cider bar gone and replaced with.... nought. Asked for Burrow Hill in main bars - nowt doing. Only places on site I found were the Cider Bus and Bimble! Poor form.
  14. Feel like death
  15. I would have been dead by now if it wasn't for Pizza Tabun. It was amazing, and ideally placed to refuel before late night shenanigans. It was also about £3-4 cheaper per pizza than the "wood-fired" stalls (albeit smaller - but an individual pizza here is an ideal size for 1).
  16. Without wanting to get ahead of myself... but I go to one festival a year, and have done since 2005. If this forecast holds firm, the best 3 festivals I'll have had weather-wise would be 2017/2018/2019. And thank Poseidon too, given the injuries I have! Another 2016 would've finished me off. I can't believe I'm confident enough to laugh at pictures of puddles - don't think I've ever been this confident for a Glasto forecast. Perhaps it was the introduction of the RAM Jam Jar, having knowledge truly is having power! I fully expect some unreported downpour at some point over the weekend, but that'll hardly impact on the weekend as a whole.
  17. That's annoying. Had a full itinerary planned for Wednesday that's now gone up in smoke. There were quite a few bands that I'd not heard of, had listen on Spotify - like - and then added to the Clashfinder. But now I have no idea who they are.
  18. 😂 I think it started when I wasn't as au fait with indoor/outdoor stages years back. The idea being if it started chucking it down then I can see at a glance what I'm interested in both on outdoor and indoor stages so could make the call whether to scarper to one set or another.
  19. Green = all that I'm interested in on an outdoor stage Blue = all that I'm interested in on an indoor stage Half-red = my planned route through the festival
  20. Fearless_Fish

    Crowd Tolerance

    What I find is that my girlfriend and I will arrive early, and get as far forward as we can until such a point where we'd have to "force" our way through to get any further forward - then we stop. What we're then subjected to - like @gigpusher mentioned above - is hordes of people forcing their way past us as our area fills up. Whilst waiting for a Pyramid headliner my girlfriend will get almost knocked to the ground several times by people just steamrollering through the crowd - not even slowing down. I'm sure she'd have hit the deck if it wasn't for everyone else around (who then are upset by my girlfriend crashing into them). After multiple times I sometimes snap and have a go at a culprit, who then gives it the "calm down, why're you so aggressive" act. I'm aware that their action alone might not warrant me having a go at them, as it might've been an accident - but it's the constant stream of people barging into us that's unbearable. I think part of the problem is that as we're considerate people, we stop at a point where it's getting too tight to get past without impinging on other people and so stop. And because we stop before it gets too busy we end up being the "walk through" for everyone else. I wouldn't care, but if someone taps me on the shoulder and says "excuse me" I always try and let them past! As for the comments above about the best thing to do in some situations is just to move. I ordinarily would at most stages, but when you're close to the front of the Pyramid (I say close, we rarely make it past the mixing desks), it's almost impossible to even get out, let alone saunter off for a nicer spot.
  21. Yoghurt based tomfoolery aside - I’ve never been to Le Rac Shack, what are portion sizes like for someone with an insatiable appetite?
  22. So are these proper sports injuries massages, or ones where they waft incense in your face? is there a “recommended “ donation amount..?
  23. And thus a username was born
  24. At least you've got the yoghurt to cool it down!
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