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  1. So good to see these updates - great news for you all
  2. If I happen to be at the Pyramid for Kylie's slot I'm definitely using that one
  3. Tantalisingly close! Happy news on the ticket. Having the campervan gave me a certain sangfroid in 2016; knowing relative luxury was just a wee walk away helped in the weather & mud.
  4. I'm loving this thread today! See you in East Quiet in 11 days!
  5. Sending positive energy your way dude - keep us updated yes! yes!
  6. I'm hopeful for a positive meteorological outcome & know that I've still had great fun in my muddy / wet years ('07 & '16). That said, I can't help my innate britishness and find myself thinking about the "80 days of rain" event that afflicted the country in the latest Year & Years episode. Whilst that's unlikely (yes?) for this year, climate change could well deliver summers like that in the not-too-distant future - if we reach that point could that spell the end of the festival season as we know it? If there was greater likelihood of deluge every year who would still commit to their favourite open air festivals year after year?
  7. Keep the faith, my status changed late yesterday and they landed today!
  8. Our GA arrived this morning (ordered on my wife's reg in resale) - GET IN! No CV ticket but this was ordered on my reg number post resale. I imagine that matching the orders in this scenario is probably beyond the capabilities of SEE.
  9. Our GA tickets arrived this morning - addressed to my wife as she was the one who got through in resale. No CV ticket as yet but as I ordered this after resale I'm now expecting a separate delivery for that one.
  10. I too am CV East (quiet / hire) - looking forward to chilling at the top of the hill on the Tuesday night, taking in the view & soaking up the air of anticipation.
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