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  1. DesperateDad

    Out of office

    Finally got my OoO on - happy happy days.
  2. DesperateDad

    Lost ticket

    I read in T&C after collecting my morning Glastonbury Times
  3. DesperateDad

    Sean Paul

    Certainly shuts off any unresolved clash concerns
  4. DesperateDad

    Lost ticket

    Just dipped into this nightmare thread & as I'm working at home had a quick check of my ticket stash - all is well on that front! Do we know if friend's Mum will accept a posse of volunteer efesters into her house over the weekend to supercharge the search?
  5. Don't roll a barrel-bin in front of the door of the portaloo that some lone, spangled, dad has just popped into whilst taking a break from the fun of ye olde dance village. Come on, who was it?
  6. Swamper tyres bought for the campervan - if the CV fields get "sticky" this year I'll feel a little bit more prepared. Third application of G-Wax added to walking boots.
  7. DesperateDad


    I propose he be known as Anthony "Long Drop" Plopkins from hereonin.
  8. I have set some processes running so will allow these to run undisturbed whilst I divert myself here
  9. Setting off on Tuesday - it'll be an early start in the campervan with a steady drive down from Stockport. Arrival time will depend on whether there's: any 2016 style weather precipitating elongated queuing times or; a repeat of 2017's breakdown requiring a 3 hr stop in Bristol for slave cylinder repairs
  10. I chased SEE this morning as there had been no change on my CV ticket status - just got this back so hopeful of a change soon...
  11. DesperateDad

    Resale Club 2019

    Good luck with getting sorted - some Glasto flavoured sugar would surely help that medicine go down.
  12. I've shifted forward 2 mammoth reports, typically be delivered next week, into this week, consequentially upping this week's work barometer to pressure levels akin to those delivered by an Azores Finger. The up-side being I don't have to deliver them in the 3 days I'm working in the post-Glasto week(!) Still struggling to maintain the focus...
  13. DesperateDad

    2019 Crew Map

    Traditionally its the Mac that throws the spanner in the works as helpfully re-highlighted below
  14. So good to see these updates - great news for you all
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