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  1. Absolute monsoon in London all night. What's the sit rep on site?
  2. Fork_UK


    I haven't bought ciggies there for a couple of years, but last time I did (2016, I think) I remember buying some rolling tobacco and being surprised that it was about a quid cheaper. Dunno about fags though. I doubt there'll be much in it though.
  3. Fork_UK


    Phoenixes on the bonfires!
  4. Fork_UK


    This. Also, they did say that the project would evolve over the coming years, so any judgement shouldn't be based on this first incarnation alone.
  5. There was bit of drizzle on a couple of the mornings. I wore my wellies on one of the days in case there was a deluge.
  6. Woah, woah, woah, let's not get ahead of ourselves there, Mr! What's wrong with drinking out of the taps? The water is perfectly drinkable and the whole point of the ban on plastic bottles.
  7. Fork_UK


    No flags at the Other Stag, no ribbons on the tower, load of hay bales left out in Oxlyers, still a fair bit to do with 48hrs to go!
  8. Ah ok. I didn't realise some of it was tarmac. I've never been. Is it held in the actual race circuit, then?
  9. How did this happen though, OP, how?! After 12 times, you should know by now that anyone selling tickets that isn't SeeTickets is scam! What madness possessed you?!
  10. Fork_UK


    I reckon there's probably a lot of intricate things to set up on it like pipes, valves, electronics and what-not, to make the fire work. I always wondered where they keep all the fuel for the Spider!
  11. Ok, whatever the appropriate soluble tablet is then!
  12. Take some Berocca and plonk one in your bottle of water each time you fill it up. It will taste better and keep your electrolytes and salts up whilst rehydrating. Keep your sunscreen topped up and wear a hat. You'll feel hot, sure, but following these easy things will keep you in top shape and keep your energy up. So many people just suffer in the heat because they don't look after themselves. As long as you protect your skin and your guts, you'll be just fine! You got this!
  13. How was Download, weather-wise in the end? I saw lots of terrible build up for the weather, but didn't see anything about it afterwards. Was it a washout?
  14. I also experienced it for Avalanches. I'd been waiting 20 years to see them live and couldn't hear anything . I was really upset! But at the time I put it down to the fairly strong wind at the time, which was blowing from behind the audience towards the stage and carrying the sound backwards, away from the crowd.
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