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  1. Looks like campervan tickets now sold out again
  2. Got myself a lovely CV West which means my Bath & West one is now a spare. Trying to to talk to See tickets to ask them to do a swap was a waste of time tho. They didn’t even believe that the page was open again.
  3. annax


    Take the following with you. Washing up bowl to empty out your grey water tank. Expandable water carrier to fill up from the taps. Funnel with a bendy neck to enable filling the water tank from the water carrier. You'll thank me later for these tips!
  4. Just be grateful that we no longer have to suffer with DX doing the deliveries as that period in time was awful.
  5. annax

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    TetraPak is very recyclable. In the Greenpeace field a few years back there was even an Information point about it. Whether the recycling at GF can cope with it is another matter!
  6. annax

    2019 Map

    Doesn’t the solitary Dance Tent look magnificent on its own in that field...
  7. Today it really hit me. Lying by the beach on a short sunny holiday, reading an article about the guy from The Bodyguard tv show who likes his Glastonbury. And it said something about it being next month. Oh yes. I am ready.
  8. Depends where you want to get to in London! Coach directly from site to various places or bus to station, train to Paddington and then transport to wherever. Did the coach from Victoria one year. Fine on the way in as straight to the bus station on site, but getting home was a disaster. 2007 - weather was awful, queues for coaches to London were an utter shambles and was a struggle to get a black cab from Victoria to home.
  9. Dropped a donation in the tin to take you up to a round number...
  10. annax

    Hot Chip

    That 6 Music iPlayer set is getting me well into festival mood. Thanks for the heads-up - Great way to celebrate balance payment day.
  11. Sending best wishes to you eastynh CTID
  12. Surely Pie-rate themed? Aaaaargh, check out my pies, landlubbers
  13. Comes in a square shape that will fit into your backpack. I used to pack the inflatable bit and the fabric bit separately just to balance things out in the pack.
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