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  1. Give your stuff (rucksacks, tents, booze etc) to your caravan/campervan buddies. Then you just stroll through the site... think of it as early orientation...
  2. Or maybe layer 5. Transport or Session.
  3. I went for 2017 in the vote, but honestly 1993 was absolute perfection. Probably because I didn’t have efestivals back then to have a rollercoaster build up in terms of weather predictions...
  4. annax

    Post festival flu

    You’ve got this... it’ll be fine!
  5. Chill. You’ve got this...
  6. annax

    Out of office

    Prepped. Primed for action from tonight for two whole weeks. Very professional with details of who to contact in my absence. But to me it feels like it says “I give zero fucks for the next two weeks as I’m off having an awesome time in Somerset...”
  7. Cat into cattery. Final bits of packing into the car before heading up to the campervan. Inevitably waiting for Dave who wants a lift. probably having a cig. but then the fun starts
  8. Definitely. From midday on Tuesday. The best day in Campervan fields...
  9. If you want to use the power sockets on board, connected to the leisure battery, they’re probably not regular cigar lighter sockets. Something like this will allow you to connect whatever you can connect to a lighter socket... W4 00070A Adapt-It 5 Socket https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B001G7V57I/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_pgpbDbXCRV539
  10. Oh and another thing on awnings. If you’ve got a built in one, don’t over extend it. And don’t leave it open if it’s sheeting down with rain or even windy. One Tuesday night in 2016, there was an almighty crash at about 5am when one collapsed. Utterly ruined. Woke everyone up. Was impossible for them to wind back into the mechanism properly and required much gaffer tape to make safe for the way home. Not cheap when returning the hired van either.
  11. That rings a bell...
  12. There used to be a thread in Questions which would get bumped each year that I can no longer find. I thought I might give some useful tips to those who are not used to their campervan needs... Picking up you campervan If you’re hiring a campervan, it is just like hiring any vehicle: check that it has no unrecorded damage, that you know which key does what and where all the facilities are. Do you know how the chemical toilet works? Is your gas bottle full? How do you turn the gas on, both for cooking/heating hot water and for the fridge. Make sure that your water tank is full - either at the pick up point or enroute Don’t take any glassware. Fill up the ‘garage’ unit under the van with all your luggage so it doesn’t roll around inside. If you are picking it up in the afternoon, will you get to your destination before they stop taking new arrivals for the day? Driving your campervan It’s bigger than a car and Google maps might decide to send you down some roads that really aren’t suitable Stick to the motorway or the A roads. If you’re stopping at motorway services consider whether you’d be better off in the HGV side rather than the car side of the parking. Arriving at Glastonbury Have your coloured campervan ticket and your festival tickets ready to show but don’t give them to anyone unless it is the coloured ticket to swap for a proper window sticker. Your van will likely get searched for glass before you are asked to follow a steward to your pitch. Think about which side of your van your awning is on and decide whether to go forwards or reverse. Once you are parked, get yourself level. This is essential - no one wants to sleep at an angle but more importantly your gas-operated fridge won’t work and all your chilled food will stop being refrigerated. There should be some levelling blocks with your camper - use these. Your smartphone probably has a spirit level on it (iOS users it is on the Compass) There are toilets and waste water/toilet disposal in the campervan fields but no electric hookup or fresh water hookup. You will need a way to transport your dirty water from the van to the waste point - take a washing up bowl for this. You will need a way to get fresh water to the van from the tap. Take a collapsible water carrier and a funnel with a bendy neck to make this easy. Tuesday night is a very special night for the CV fields. Get yourself a barbecue going, relax and get settled knowing that there’s a whole week of fun ahead of you and that you’re already pitched with no mad queue or race to get a good spot. What have I missed? Any other tips for campervan users?
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