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  1. wairey

    Celeb spotting

    Also saw Louis Tomlinson on his way into the SE corner in the early hours of Thursday morning. Only clocked it when I noticed the massive security guy with him
  2. wairey

    Post festival flu

    Other than achy knees and feet, this is the first time I'm not feeling ill from a festival! I wonder if it weirdly helped having a cold until the Tuesday before Glasto...
  3. wairey

    Flops 2019

    I went to BMTH on my own as all my mates went to Kylie and I had a great time, can't say I noticed Oli's voice being particularly weak but I was a fair few drinks in. Left Tame Impala half way through to get to Wilkinson/Sub Focus and thought they were great, would have been even better had I been further forward. Agree about the slight disconnect due to the silhouettes but I think that's fairly standard. My biggest regret was watching Foals from the hill in the Park where you could barely hear them, but I was unbelievably hot and didn't have it in me. Maybe next time...
  4. wairey


    I was up on the Ribbon Tower when the moon went up on Sunday and it looked spectacular! Shame it never stayed on, but I thought for a first time the whole thing was very impressive. Plenty of room for growth and evolution!
  5. 1. The Killers 2. Bring Me The Horizon 3.Bastille
  6. Hi all, first time Glasto goer here! My friends and I are aiming to camp in Paines and it seems like Gate D is the one to aim for. When driving, is it possible to choose which gate to aim for, or will we just be told which car park to aim for? We're going to be approaching from the West after a stop of at Glastonbury Tor on the way. Thanks for you help!
  7. It's not out til July 12th but I see Stormzy has another track with Ed Sheeran on the way, I wonder if it might get an airing?
  8. Bring Me The Horizon for me, and the fact that they're low down should ease any clash-related stress
  9. wairey

    Gerry Cinnamon

    I would never have come across his name but for this forum, where has he come from?
  10. Nahko and Medicine for the People are well worth a listen ?
  11. Fairly sure Billie won't be on John Peel, this was from Emily Eavis' interview with Jo Whiley on BBC R2: "We're currently moving her – she's on John Peel at the moment but she's much too big, really, for the slot"
  12. wairey

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    I find that vodka, then water, then squash works best. If you do vodka last it doesn't mix very well and you end up with a very strong first sip
  13. wairey

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    It might be a sign of my student budget, but I'll be going vodka-squash when I'm not on cider. Buy a couple of the Robinsons "Squash'd" things and I'm good to go. Save's on weight and sugar. Don't judge ?
  14. Hi! The original post used the word "eclectic" which means varied/mixed Basically, the initial poster has a few acts from many stages to give a flavour of what the festival has to offer. Basically, plenty more names from those stages are still to come!
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