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  1. 1. Bicep (blew me away πŸ˜€) 2. IDLES 3. Crowded House
  2. Agreed - this is my worst clash. I'm leaning towards Crowded House as have been lucky enough to see First Aid Kit a few times already.
  3. Me too - my girlfriend and I opened the tent on the Sunday - looked at each and other and start packing away. Ended up watching the Who on TV when we got back. It was just endurance...
  4. Thanks Paul, does this mean I can still pitch a regular tent near me or does it have to be an awning?
  5. Hi I'm going convoy in my camper with some friends in their campervan and we've got 4 tents between us to pitch in the East Campervan site so our friends can join us. The blurb on the website says we can't but just wondering how much leeway we'll get when we're on site to pitch them. Thanks!
  6. Get some super comfy slippers. Set your lounge up with surround sound and get your favourite take away in along with some high quality beers and dance away.
  7. Would love it to be Sports Team
  8. One year (and this is genuine) my ticket was the only one that hadn't arrived. I called See Tickets and they said they hadn't sent them because they had been informed I had died. I attended the festival that year fearing it had been a chilling premonition of an impending OD/death in long drop. Thankfully I survived.
  9. Anyone been to see a DJ set by Jon Hopkins? I was blown away by him when he headlined West Holts previously. Is it a bit more chilled or upbeat?
  10. This is why this forum is so great. I get much the same on our WhatsApp groups. But I get super excited by them. I like the drip drip of the posters - builds the anticipation nicely
  11. Amazing! Thanks guys, will definitely check those tips out. Can't understand myself why that genre died out but I am a bit biased πŸ˜‰
  12. Back in the day, I used to mainly go to Uplifting and Hard Trance nights when I was clubbing (i.e. aeons ago). Seems like this musical genre has sort of died and I struggle to find newer acts who play similar sorts of music. Can anyone suggest any of the line up that would appeal along these lines? Very much looking forward to Bicep but not sure I know much else of the line up. Thanks!
  13. My brother was on the phone to me saying there's loads of room, keep pushing, keep pushing. There clearly wasn't, he was being a lying bastard to get me there. I'm glad I persevered though, they blew me away πŸ˜€
  14. I went from watching most of the set of Keane at the Acoustic to the Other Stage to watch the Chems but it was an absolute mission to make it to where my mates were at the front of Other. So yes possible but not sure I'd do it again.
  15. Hi Long time lurker, first time poster! First Glasto was 1997 but still get as excited as a kid before Christmas before each one. I genuinely think 2010 festival was the best 5 days of my life (don't tell my wife that, she never comes...!) Can. Not. Wait. for this year πŸ˜ƒ
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