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  1. And just a little reminder : in 2020, Major Lazer was suppose to perform at Mad Cool and Sziget ... it seems they're not anymore on the Mad Cools' list... so maybe.... 😄 😄 hehehehe
  2. Just so everyone realise how strong Mad Cool fest' line up is ... damn.... 😮
  3. Mad Cool is killing the game this year lol.. what a line up... 😮
  4. @Sziget2022_Leaks, maybe you can answer that : since this year it's gonna be 6 days instead of 7 , do you know if more acts are happening ? I've always thought that 4 gigs/day on the main stage isn't much...do you know if they might plan 5 gigs/day ?
  5. close to 0% .. So many artists are available, what's the point of already bringing back acts who were already here the last time ?
  6. For what it worth, some good festivals in France (Garorock and Cabaret Vert) are giving names next Friday, the 22/10. They usually have names that could fit with Sziget, like L.Gallagher, 21Pilots, Foals, TDCC, The Strokes etc... , so I think we will get first names next week. I Can't imagine Sziget being the last to announce, and being "spoiled" by the others.
  7. And what festival try to be " as environmentally friendly as possible " in Europe..? 😉 I'm sure Szigets' gonna try to book them. I'd rather have a stronger rock headliner, but I recognize that Coldplay would be perfect for Sziget.
  8. nooooooooo ! 😢 😢 😢
  9. More seriously, even if it would be a huge catch for the fest', if I have to bet, I would say a band like Imagine Dragons is more likely.. Same for Nick Cave ( 😢 ) and Stromae (damn I hope he'll be here.. ❤️ )
  10. This page is 100% bullshit lol, saw it too a few weeks ago ^^ +, I have never seen a headliner coming 2 years in a row. So Ed Sheeran is nt possible to me, clearly not. Ok, so Coldplay will open or close the Sziget Festival (10 or 15 August). End of discussion. LOL 😄
  11. (Just saw on Twitter a video of COLDPLAY, telling us to be there at 2pm for some shows announcement)
  12. rright, didn't think of that. Well, I'm not unhappy about that ! 😄 Actually he just gave us 2 returning acts , never said the others won't.. ! Calvin Harris still possible (I hope, just like you do ^^ and if he's not here, I'd love Armin Van Buuren for the EDM spot). and if my memory's correct, our friend also told us Alan Walker will be there, but he wasn't announced yet.
  13. In August, it's Thundercat and The Strokes who support RHCP. so A$AP Rocky might be available
  14. thanks 😉 We had a doubt about KoL to be honest ^^ And I would add Keane, Kensington and Sigrid (she's everywhere lol, must be back in 2022 I suppose)
  15. (except The Strokes, we already saw that 😞 )
  16. I don't know lol, just gave an example 😉 I believe because others fest' already reveali g names, Sziget don't want to be too late ^^ Can you maybe tell us something, for example in the headliners who is NOT coming back ?
  17. 2-3 weeks ? no, I would say 2-3 DAYS max. Maybe even later today actually, they could give some names and say "hey, tickets sale starting Friday! " or something like that Anyway, our dear @Sziget2022_Leaks is late this year... ! 😉
  18. I trust you ^^ but in 2018 and 2019, I was way more familiar with the line-up than I am right now with this one. I guess it's too early to have a real opinion right now
  19. for rap, Gimme DrDre, Missy Eliott, Eminem, Ludacris, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, ... for a major festival like Roskilde, I was indeed expecting way much. Let's be patient lol, and wait for the others..
  20. Dua Lipa, IDLES and Fontaines DC. Also maybe Poppy lol. But I never heard of ag club, alogte oho, erika de casier, lingua ignota, land of kush... who the F are they ?? 😅 sorry lol, but it's Roskilde, I'm surprised to see this kind of names..
  21. I don't know about their EU Tour, but that could be interesting indeed, a beautiful catch for a festival
  22. you serious..? I'd just take 3 names lol, would be so mad if I was going to Roskilde, which is supposed to be in the European top 3 festivals..
  23. ! DAMN I would be pissed by this line up.. 😮 !
  24. lool yep I know we won't agree on this one, and that's okay 😄 I just have serious doubts between Nick Cave and the young drunk Sziget crowd.. but I'll be there, at least for 20 minutes in order to be able to talk about it ^^ man you really HATE Major Lazer don't you 🤣 can't say I like them much though, I would take any other EDM instead well, just by looking at their dates, you have a beginning of an answer ^^ plus, they'll spend the big holidays with their families, for most of them. So no dates in July and August.
  25. Many of them make sense ^^ Ok my turn to play : Stromae / Marina Nick Cave / Placebo Calvin Harris / A$AP Rocky Lady Gaga (or Dua Lipa) / Lewis Capaldi Imagine Dragons / Stormzy Biffy Clyro / Major Lazer (snif.. 😢 ) +, I still think that a COLDPLAY big surprise is possible... Sziget HAS to have a big name, to "challenge" Glastonbury lol..
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