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  1. but why lol, why does she needs all this money ?? 🤣 Even if i like her, I don't think her voice is stronger than Celine Dion for example.. +, if it's a matter of success, I can see Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, etc.. way more popular than her, just on social medias (instagram etc..) So I don't get why everyone here thinks she's a Godess
  2. Before the general sale, Sziget must tell which artists are gonna perform which days. So people can choose when to come if they don't take the 6 days pass. Soooo I would say 10th of November is a reasonnable guess ! ^^ But I'm sure we'll have names before that, if not this week , the first of November.
  3. Metallica is the highest price HELLFEST ever paid for an artist/band. Before that, it was Rammstein, 2 millions €. So yes, I'm sure about the price (+, I've already heard before that Metallica was 3 Millions €, I just don't remember where, but I'm sure of it) Another level, Adele ? Lol she only has 3 albums !, HOW can she be more expensive than a Madonna, Beyonce, etc...??? you're wrong guys, she's not THAT unique.
  4. I have to say, I don't understand this "blind love" towards Adele. I mean, she's a great singer of course !, but she is NOT unreachable for festivals. I see great female talents like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Celine Dion etc...doing festivals, so why not Adele...? Considering Metallica cost between 2 and 2.5 millions €, Adele really ask for more...? She's very unlikely for Mad Cool, ok, but certainly not unreachable for next years or others fest'.
  5. come on lol, if artists like Rihanna, Katy Perry or Pink did Festivals, I don't think Adele is above those kind of acts ^^
  6. In Belgium, Switzerland or France, this is headline level. In the rest of Europe, I would say at least co-head (in 2014 at Sziget, the A38 was full, people couldn't get in anymore so if he is here in 2022, he'll be on the mainstage, 100% sure) He'll also be at Coachella, we will see where on the line up, it can give you an idea ^^
  7. this is what we have so far : (but of course, mores' about to come, thats not enough lol)
  8. he already announced something like 15 dates so far, you mean even more ?
  9. dont forget Nick Cave .. 😞 😓 Also, I've looked "everywhere" I think of, and there's absolutely no sign of Calvin Harris or Major Lazer.. ! Are they waiting for announcing all at once, or aren't they available for 2022.. ? If they're not here anymore, Sziget clearly have space for headliners, because I don't think there'll be "only" 6 of them. Look at others fests', it is now common to have 2 headliners per day, especially when it comes to EDM acts which are always better at night. So I'm expecting a total of 8 headliners + 4 supporting acts ("instead of" 6+6 ). (for example, in 2019, Jain was clearly a supporting act for Ed Sheeran, whereas Macklemore was more of a co-headline for The National).
  10. I still believe we'll have something by the end of the week ^^
  11. I just saw a rumour about Outkast and Armin van Buuren for FIB benicassim fest'... I would gladely have those 2 🙂
  12. Who I'd love to see and also possible hmm ? : - Placebo - The Script - Infected Mushroom - Kensington and Keane, hope they're back.. - Jimmy Eat World - Papa Roach - Ava Max or MARINA - Switchfoot
  13. Not a chance dude. As we already said before on this forum, they are meant to be at VOLT festival in June.
  14. 'must be to early to announce ^^
  15. I find them boring now.. so I wouldn't say "bad", just " no thank you, not anymore..".
  16. This fest' is happening end of August, might share some names with Reading/Leeds..
  17. I hope for Stromae ❤️ ... and indeed, Madness would be fun ^^
  18. First names of Cabaret Vert, end of August so very close to Sziget ^^
  19. Yep it is not an "extra day" as I thought, it's a separate one. But maybe tickets will be available first to people who attend the whole festval.. anyway, that band would be a dream at a fest' 😅
  20. is it an April fool lol..? it seems too big to be true for a fest'. I've always think that bands like AC/DC or the Rolling Stones can not perform at a festival..
  21. I have doubts about it, it seems too big ... (the Stones)
  22. Can you believe it guys, a festival is about to get The Rolling Stones lol.. : https://www.ladepeche.fr/2021/08/05/garorock-a-marmande-les-rolling-stones-ca-se-confirme-et-ca-serait-un-dimanche-soir-9716475.php
  23. Not only Kendrick Lamar, but also The Rolling Stones.. 😮 They would add an extra day for them : https://www.ladepeche.fr/2021/08/05/garorock-a-marmande-les-rolling-stones-ca-se-confirme-et-ca-serait-un-dimanche-soir-9716475.php
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