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  1. yeah ok bye thanks for nothing it fits, so does Calvin Harris and Glass Animals 😉 ( Schulz has many great hits, and like @iamdebrii said, he is an amazing DJ ^^) Not necessarily, remember the Nick Cave hole (lol) exactly during the Sziget, and at the end no Nick Cave.. But I'd love it 100% though 😄 (Tame Impala I mean)
  2. Damn how strong the imagination can be lol, so much (good) ideas lol ^^ For example, to me the beach photo makes me think of Glass animals "heat waves" or Robin Schulz "Waves", but Calvin Harris's "Summer" hit could also fit ! the second one absolutely no one lol ( even if you guys might be right about Bieber...fuck. lol) and the third one Cage the Elephant , or Tame Impala if we're lucky ^^
  3. I thought the same for Robin Schulz lol, but I'm not objective 'cause i'd LOVE him to be here ^^ plus, Waves isn"t HIS hit at the beginning... but yeah, I want to believe... ^^
  4. I'd love Tame Impala ! ... but isn't the "elephant" clue too obvious ? and that would indeed make 3 "rock-alternative" headliners.. Which is great!, but I don't think it could happen...
  5. * Bieber on MainStage * ---> * Me anywhere else on the Island *
  6. Bieber already has a gig planned in Budapest in 2023.. do you guys really believe he'll be there twice in such a short time...? I have to say I don't
  7. I would rather have him instead of Kanye West, 100% ! may you be right...
  8. I thought Werchters' line up is full, no more major announce according to @Ken19
  9. Please Balaton, take Major Lazer ... The entire Chat here would thank you 🙂 Also, if you could let us Calvin Harris, Robin Schulz or Van Buuren, that would be much appreciate !
  10. There's an Eminem rumour every year and everywhere ... so ... 😕
  11. Because these artists have already been to Budapest, doesn't mean they can not be here in 2022. Leaks only said there's a big act coming, who's never been to Budapest before. For example, Maroon 5 AND 50 Cent could both be here (but I don't believe it lol)
  12. Must be at the same moment the rest of the line up will be revealed, should be early March ^^ @Sziget2022_Leaks, is it too soon, or could you tell if Purple Disco Machine will be here ? since it's a "small" name maybe it's less risky ?
  13. I also believe she has good chance to be here. But NOT as a headliner, more of a sub-headline like Stromae. And about the big act, I agree with @swelsbyuk, it can't be Megan fuckin' Stallion, she's new in the game lol.. It must be someone bigger, that we have known for many years. Adele wouldn't be THAT impossible after all, she's done Glastonbury and Rock Werchter before, never been to Hungary.. About rap act, I remember only now 50 Cent being at Parklife this year, so maybe
  14. Bieber is not happening guys thank God) . Already has a Budapest gig scheduled in 2023 My bet is on Maroon 5 or Kanye West for this big act. The Weeknd or Eminem would be awesome though... or Slipknot.. ^^ Anyway, that's not my principal issue to be honest ^^ Just throwing some names I think or hope will be there : Diplo, Foals, Maneskin, Aurora, Amyl & the Sniffers, Fever 333, George Ezra, Madness, Nothing but Thieves.
  15. If Major Lazer must be here, please put a great act at the same moment on the Mastercard stage...
  16. fuck me COME OOOON why Major Lazer is still consider as a headliner ?? HOWWW ??? please Balaton take them , let us have Calvin or Armin Van Buuren and everyone's happy
  17. I would LOVE it to happen, trust me lol...
  18. Biffy Clyro are in Germany 12, 13, 14 and 16 of August... so the only little chance is the 10th of August, before Dua Lipa..
  19. Im afraid of Balaton's announcement lol, I do have some expectations for Sziget in EDM , and Im afraid Balaton will get them all ... ( like Robin Schulz, KSHMR, Purple disco Machine, ...) Good to hear from you anyway !
  20. Don't overthink : American bands who cancel their SUMMER shows in Europe ----> not vaccinated and refuse to. That's it, nothing more, nothing less.
  21. I get the disappointment, I really do. Especially because it also concern me and a festival I'm going to (HellFest) with Faith No More not being here. Unlike Graspop who said immediatly "Within Temptation replace FNM!", HellFest are waiting to get a "better" replacement (maybe another "exclusivity" like NIN, that would be awesome), and I thought Rock Werchter would do the same... it seems not 😕 QOYSA + FNM not being here, it's hard ! and it desearved better replacements acts, I agree. BUT ! I'm also being neutral and realistic, and because I'm not going to Rock Werchter, I also recognise that the rest of the line up is pretty strong... ! so far the best with Primavera IMO. Try to imagine if they announced this last 2022 line up version all at once , and I think you'd still be happy ^^
  22. Don't even THINK that I would be against 2 female headliners : my coworkers call me " teenage girl in a man's body" because I listen a looooooot of female artists 🤣 I'm just sayin' : I don't see Sziget booking 2 POP FEMALE ARTISTS as headliners, but I'd love it ! Gimme Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne or Lady Gaga and I sign right here right now 😄 +, Christina Aguilera, whether you like it or not, remains a huge name that would sell. I can see every year many people over 30 years old, and they all know her.
  23. that would be a huge book IMO, but with already Dua Lipa as a female headliner..? not so sure.. but I'd like it ^^
  24. if Foo Fighters didn't, I don't believe AM will . Only Pop and "General" music acts could do so. Or a mastodon like AC/DC for Rock, which will never happen lol
  25. it's not about "who we would prefer", I gave those 2 names because it's POP, and possible 'cause they are performing in 2022. We already know that Eillish and Coldplay aren't possible this year, and there's no sign of Beyonce, and No Doubt performiing. I heard Adele is way too expensive (don't know why... :/), and Lady Gaga well, why not, she's suppose to be in Europe for a very few dates.. But of course, any of these acts would be a huge surprise.
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