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  1. Same here, I've tried Nick Cave ( 2 albums + some singles) 'cause I know how talented the man is ! ... but I just can't. I strongly believe he is made for inside shows, not for festivals. I can answer to that ^^ : in 2014, Stromae just released a great album, HUGE success in Belgium and France . But after a drug treatment for malaria in 2015, he got very sick (could have died) and disappeared for a long time. He's better since 2017, but prefers to work "in the shadows", for other artists notably. I think you can consider his "headline" status because it's a kind of come back, + he "left" while he was at the top. (I can also tell you he cost 500.000€, according to promoters)
  2. As a big fan of My Chemical Romance (tattoo etc.. lol), I can tell you they will NOT be at Sziget in 2022. 100% sure 😞 (they might be at VOLT though, I think that was the plan for 2021) Kings of Leon : maybe, yes... but as for every US bands / artists, I have doubts about the fact they're staying more than a month and a half in Europe ( they start their EU trip the 13th of June.. but who knows, they don't have that much dates so far !) Same goes for Billie Eilish, in Europe from the 3rd of June 'til the 2nd of July so far. AND she starts her Australian tour early September, seems to me she'll rest in August.. !
  3. You put Liam twice, start again ! and take a risk, give us names for pop and rap headliners 😜 (I would love to have Garrix again, he did great in 2019..But I don't think he'll already be back)
  4. I don't think so 😕 Their EU Tour starts the 4th of June, I don't think they'll spent enough time in Europe to be there. But I disagree with @EV123, they are a Stadium size band, look where they perform in their EU Tour... If you think that more people would be interested in Nick Cave than the Guns.., you are wrong.
  5. mmmm OKAY then , let Tame Impala come ! lol 😄 but not as the Rock headliner, it is NOT rock music, it's ... hell I don't know what it is 🤣
  6. I 100% agree with that, I think many female pop-RnB artists are just here for 2 albums top, but Dua Lipa seems to me way bigger, I hope she will confirm with her next album. Then we'll see if she's in the "Katy Perry - Shakira - Pink" etc.. category, or in the other... But TODAY, she might be the biggest female artist, with Billie Eilish.
  7. (I know I might make ennemies by saying that ( 🤣 ), but I'm afraid Nick Cave is a strong possibility for Sziget .. the 14 or 15 of August .. (take a look at his tour plan, no dates in Hungary + free between 13 and 15/08 ..)) On the other hand, Stromae would be great ! even if 500.000€ is expensive , I hope Sziget will book him.. About Tame Impala, not a big fan but why not, never saw them live ! I'd rather take Biffy Clyro or Arctic Monkeys, but hey, it can't be perfect 🙂
  8. in this way, I get it lol ^^ and of course he HAS to make his come back in Belgium ! 😄 but I can't imagine him being back "thanks to one show", it would have happened anyway.
  9. yes it would, you don't decide to make a new album and a tour thanks to ONE show 😕
  10. I thought the same. Until her last album, that I find way better ^^ (just try the single "Oxytocin" and tell me 😉 ) Anyway, she'll not be here, her EU Tour starting early June !
  11. (No one here seems to think that Queens of the Stone Age will be there in 2022... Have they been officially ruled out ..?)
  12. Hi, usually when an artist come from the US or Australia, they spend 1 month -1 month and a half in Europe. Billie will headline Glaston ' Friday 24th June, so it seems very unlikely she'll be at Sziget.
  13. Red Hot Chilli Peppers should be announced today for Werchter (?), and the festival ROCK EN SEINE (end of August) just told us that first names are coming the 8th October (next Friday) I believe Sziget should move, before all the names for August come out in the others fests', and "spoil" our line-up ! Any news about that @Sziget2022_Leaks ?
  14. I'm not unhappy about that ^^ My bet remains on Coldplay (or Imagine Dragons), Stromae, Dua Lipa, and Biffy Clyro (instead of The Strokes and Kings of Leon). At this point , I really have no idea about the Rap headliner (Eminem would be great but I doubt it..) and the EDM one (Calvin Harris has no dates at the moment). Armin Van Buuren ..? David Guetta ..? I also have reasons to think about Placebo, Marina, The Script and Nothing but Thieves --> they're all having new materials and no dates in Hungary so far
  15. A 5-days festival in France, end of August (Cabaret Vert) will anounce in 24 days what we think is the Line-Up. Reading and Leeds shouldn't take too long to announce something too.. No doubt they'll share some sames with Sziget (they did in 2019), so Friday 22 October we might have a "beginning of piece" of our line up ^^
  16. that is a great news ! 😄
  17. 😉 'hope to see you in October for our 'guess game' then lol, this time will be very interesting because many artists and bands will be touring ! gotta make some choices...
  18. many artists are about to announce new albums' release dates, in October.. so I believe early November will be pretty exciting , for every festivals ^^
  19. Reading Fest' (26-28 August 2022) already communicate yesterday, with "news coming soon" for their 2022 edition ; Since both Sziget and Reading shared many acts in the past, I believe we might have some news before the end of September... and when I look at every other fest', they all announced at least a part of their 2022 line up ^^ ( just saw that Download are giving new names tomorrow) Lets just hope we won't be the last to be served, as we were in 2020 (12 of February, damn that was a long wait...)
  20. Thanks for this update ^^ I don't believe that any international band being in Europe in June will wait until August on our continent. Metallica, Faith no more, Pearl Jam, Tame Impala, The Strokes (sadly 😞 ) ... I'm pretty sure they won't be at Sziget next year. But for European artists, everything is possible, easy for them to be in Europe from June to August ^^ That's why I strongly believe artists like Dua Lipa (why d'you say "dula peep" ..?) or Nothing but Thieves can be there. Also, I think we should take a look at every bands/artists who are suppose to have new material late 2021/early 2022.. Muse, Placebo, Iron Maiden, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, The War on Drugs, The Killers, Adele, Ghost, Shakira, ETC... and it's a BIG etc... lol, because it is impressive to see how many artists are about to release new stuff ! So my hope is : I want to be surprised 🙂 , not just getting the names we're all guessing, but a real surprise or 2 would be great.. and it is clearly possible with all this new material coming out soon ^^
  21. Oh, sorry to hear that 😕 why "nightmare" , too much people ..?
  22. P.S : Stromae will be back in 2022, and I would LOVE him to be there 🥰
  23. Since the tickets are going on sale at the Autumn (3 days et 1 day tickets), I believe we'll have a big part of the line up maybe end of September.. But the game can start now indeed lol, last year was pretty fun with everyones' guesses and szigetLeaks confirming some names ^^ To me, Dua Lipa, Imagine Dragons and Kings of Leon are likely to be here. Same for Calvin Harris, I don't see why he wouldn't be confirmed. And when I look at artists having new albums during the pandemic (or new albums coming soon), I believe Biffy Clyro could be there, same for MARINA or Ellie Goulding (everything depends on WHO is ready not to be a headliner, because there's only 6 places this time... 😕 )
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