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  1. Indeed, and that's a great news 🙂
  2. Harry Styles is something like Shawn Mendes, right ? (sorry, I don't know much about these kind of acts 😅 I prefer female Pop acts ! ^^) I just "insta" and "spotify" them both : it seems Shawn Mendes still have more success.. ! congrats to him ! lool Anyway : as pop acts, I would easily take Bruno Mars, The Weeknd or Timberlake over those 2 guys ...
  3. I believe end of February is the perfect time for a new wave of names (even maybe a bigger one this time) ; in most of EU coutries, end of February - beginning of March is time for students holidays, and that's also a time when people make plans for Summer. So it's a good moment for festivals to give as much informations as possible. (in 2019 we had a big release of names end of January, before the holidays, and in 2020 it was mid-February, still before the holidays...)
  4. I think they would, yep. But there's no signs or rumours about it, so... keep looking for the 3-4 missing headliners ^^
  5. same for me.. and if 2022 goes well, only 5 months to wait until my next one, HellFest ... and 7 months until Sziget 🤩 I expect some more names maybe mid-February, we're not that far I suppose ! @Sziget2022_Leaks might not be aware of the website being back.. we would gladely need you man, for some clues or stuff !
  6. For those who still don't believe it.. don't worry, it is happening ^^
  7. I'm sorry to say that I don't believe it one second .. 😕 she's a " 2 singles hits" artist, and even if her work was good, it wasn't very popular... Even a Georges Ezra would have more chance to sub-headline. For the (at least) 3 missing headliners, I still believe in Calvin Harris (or/AND an equal/superior EDM act), 1 Rap and 1 Pop act. And for the 3 remainings sub-headliners, my Biffy Clyro hope is still alive, since they are in Germany the 16 August 😇
  8. It has nothing to do with "inspiration", a garbage remains a garbage, and Megan thee Stallion belongs in one. I'd rather give the sub-headline spot to Doja Cat, way more attractive to the ears than MTS...I can't even call what she does "Music", sorry. (Plus, I'm not a HUGE fan, but KoL are way more than just the 2 "radio hits" everyone knows lol, it is not THAT bad at all when you take the time to listen a bit more.... and before you say it, YES, 'I've listen a lot of MTS... )
  9. not different genres, just Rap. It's taking more and more place on the line up year after year, and these acts are faaaaar from being an Eminem, Dr Dre or Missy Elliott level...
  10. I actually would HATE having Megan Thee Stalion. Sziget has never been a rap festival, before 2014 you couldn't see any single rap act. But in 2014, they tried Outkast.. ok for one act, a very popular (and good) one actually. But then, a little bit more year after year.. and now in 2022, look at the first names : slowthai, princess nokia, yunglean, rilès, etc.... more and more rap names, not even big ones.. Sorry for those who like rap, but it wasn't Sziget music type before 2014 and I'm kinda disapointed to see what this fest' is becoming, by "popular" demand I guess...
  11. oooooh sh.t we indeed lost a lot of posts ! is everyone ok ??? 😅 Well at least we're back, let's just post the line up so far as a reminder, and keep guessing who's gonna be announce early 2022 ^^
  12. well to be honest, if it takes that much time, I'd rather have a big load of names just like in 2020 than a few names on Monday, 2 ore on Wednesday, 1 more on Friday etc... I was really excited in 2020 when they "BOOM !, there you go 80 names mother fucker !" 🤣so I'm okay to wait a bit longer. Might means end of November now..
  13. ANd we sure that this Pinkpop headliner is Saturays' RW ? 'cause I still think Kendrick is the missing headliner for RW, so the 🤘might be someone else.. Except Arctic Monkeys, I don't see any big rock act (headline level) missing so far.. ! (the Stones and AC/DC are unreachable for fests' to me, but who knows..)
  14. Well.. !, its been now 15 days exactly since the Sziget message " first names very soon " lol... I guess we're all fucked 🤣 🤣 I have a "meeting" with many friends this week-end, and I was hoping to have some names by then, in order to convince most of them to come (so far we're only 2 ☹️) Hurry up guys, this is time when people decide what to do next Summer !
  15. ..dude, come on lol... don't make us search for the real numbers ^^
  16. but why lol, why does she needs all this money ?? 🤣 Even if i like her, I don't think her voice is stronger than Celine Dion for example.. +, if it's a matter of success, I can see Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, etc.. way more popular than her, just on social medias (instagram etc..) So I don't get why everyone here thinks she's a Godess
  17. Before the general sale, Sziget must tell which artists are gonna perform which days. So people can choose when to come if they don't take the 6 days pass. Soooo I would say 10th of November is a reasonnable guess ! ^^ But I'm sure we'll have names before that, if not this week , the first of November.
  18. Metallica is the highest price HELLFEST ever paid for an artist/band. Before that, it was Rammstein, 2 millions €. So yes, I'm sure about the price (+, I've already heard before that Metallica was 3 Millions €, I just don't remember where, but I'm sure of it) Another level, Adele ? Lol she only has 3 albums !, HOW can she be more expensive than a Madonna, Beyonce, etc...??? you're wrong guys, she's not THAT unique.
  19. I have to say, I don't understand this "blind love" towards Adele. I mean, she's a great singer of course !, but she is NOT unreachable for festivals. I see great female talents like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Celine Dion etc...doing festivals, so why not Adele...? Considering Metallica cost between 2 and 2.5 millions €, Adele really ask for more...? She's very unlikely for Mad Cool, ok, but certainly not unreachable for next years or others fest'.
  20. come on lol, if artists like Rihanna, Katy Perry or Pink did Festivals, I don't think Adele is above those kind of acts ^^
  21. In Belgium, Switzerland or France, this is headline level. In the rest of Europe, I would say at least co-head (in 2014 at Sziget, the A38 was full, people couldn't get in anymore so if he is here in 2022, he'll be on the mainstage, 100% sure) He'll also be at Coachella, we will see where on the line up, it can give you an idea ^^
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