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  1. It appears WV Part 2 “Sticklinch” is replacing West Campervan site. They are making more space for campervans on East side but would appear no more West Campervans... https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/accommodation/pre-erected-camping/sticklinch/
  2. So it appears Worthy View 2 a.k.a. Sticklinch is where West Campervan fields used to be. Interesting! These options go on sale same time as WV... the plot thickens...
  3. FWIW I think they are going to increase amount of scout tents. The snazzy options might be more profitable but they are a much more limited resource and have a much bigger footprint. Without doing the maths my assumption is you’ll get more people (and revenue) per square metre at Worthy View by going scout heavy.
  4. I would allow 60 mins to get from KidzField to Willow Meadows or vice versa... it’s a bit of mission to say the least! I’ve attached the super useful stage to stage walking times image which I used as part of my working out. Surely you’ve got to go for Campervans East instead?! Will save you and your daughter several kms over the week.
  5. I’m not sure there was sleeping bag air bed rental this year. I think they’ve moved away from it as they wanted to be more green. The shop was pretty small for the amount of people that were camped, There was an airbed pumping service though.
  6. Looks like they’ve got rid of lots of options... The pod pads, the yurts, the bunkpads... the tipis? I do wonder what they are doing with Glasto-on-Sea...
  7. Yeah I think you’ll be OK. No idea how the early coach sale will impact things this year but I have known far fewer WV disappointed people over recent years. Good luck!
  8. 10-15 min walk to PD Gate D then there will be plenty of walking from Gate to stages. Depends on the activeness and attention span of your 9YO, I guess. When you walk around the festival you clock up the miles without realising so I think you’ll be fine.
  9. Oh there be some crashes. No way near as bad as T-Day but it’s not a dead cert. Lots of available options that vanish when you click next etc. Lots of Currently Unavailables that reappear. My main tip is to have a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th choice available and if you can’t stand the heat... go straight for the scout tents!
  10. What is this “mud” you speak of? Is it when too much Mallet’s cider falls on the bone dry dirt in the scorching sun?
  11. I’ve put this on another thread but will put it on here too... I am not going for WV or campervan tickets this year but am available to help anyone that wants an extra person trying. First come first served!
  12. The showers are decent. Proper individual cubicles with a grated floor which collects all the water. The cubicles are a little small and I don’t remember if it was temp controlled but it was really hot when I went on the Saturday so was after colder water. Men and women separated too for obvious reasons. Like everything at Glasto, it’s a well managed process. Not their first rodeo!
  13. Yes it can be. I think they open at 6am where you’d be literally first in. I think you’re pretty safe after 3pm too as most WV campers have gone down to the actual festival. If you’re only in WV for the shower facilities I would recommend Greenfields and Kidzfield where you can get one for a small charge.
  14. That’s not in the rule book. Guilty get a new rule book!
  15. I agree. Queues for bogs and showers from 8am through to 2pm. Busiest was around 10am I would say.
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