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  1. The Friday clash pain is so real
  2. I'm really hoping they show up somewhere else on Saturday or Sunday as they're stuck in the middle of clash-Friday and I'd love to see them.
  3. They sell laxatives right next to the bananas 👍
  4. It’s the most consistent album they’ve done and it sounds great on a sunny day. Not a bad track on it for me.
  5. In short, it's not happening. So who else we got?
  6. Based on what? They're playing in Huddersfield the night before at a big event. They'll get off stage, full of adrenaline, no doubt indulge a little bit. They'd have to either travel down towards Glastonbury immediately after their huddersfield gig late into the night, or get up the next morning and set off no later than 8am to make sure they arrive at the festival in time, leaving enough time to get to where they need to be within the festival. Don't get me wrong I would love it, but the odds are very much stacked against.
  7. "Rock star doesn't turn up for early morning radio appearance" It's hardly surprising and I wouldn't change any plans based on that.
  8. Toto Schillaci

    Sam Fender

    Absolute nonsense.
  9. Toto Schillaci

    Sam Fender

    Yes. Then everyone lost their shit and he had to apologise. For what, I don't know. Just the world we live in.
  10. I will do. They mentioned two sets on Twitter themselves. I asked earlier today if they can announce the Saturday and they didn’t reply, but they did like my tweet last week when I asked if the Saturday will be Arcadia. Not sure whether to read anything into that.
  11. Sounds like we have similar tastes. I’ll be at a bit of a loose end on Saturday… Camelphat said they’re closing Glade on Thursday AND a tba set on the Saturday, but they’re only listed once. I was hoping for an Arcadia appearance and they could do the 2-3 slot after Calvin Harris - but it will be absolutely rammed for him and I really don’t see the point in 1 hour sets, especially trying to get a decent spot for it after one of the most popular names on the entire lineup finishes. On the other hand a stroll around SE corner is a chance to stumble across someone new on the off chance there’s something proggy going on somewhere. Jamie T is my fallback option for that night.
  12. Someone has dropped the ball there. Must be some last minute issues to resolve.
  13. Foals have a new album out in the month of the festival and a double album just the other side of c*vid. Which is three albums in a very short time in real terms. How much more current do you want for a headline act.
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