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  1. As reported on Efests, Travis are active playing in Edinburgh 20th August, they headlined in 2000? Any chance of a slot this year? Obviously not headlining, i caught them on the telly playing Hogmany and i was quite impressed with their live performance.
  2. I am wondering with these restrictions it is worth a site visit as i cannot seem to find a decent walk that doesn't go against what the email they sent states, I am staying in Glastonbury town so would have to get a taxi to Pilton as there is no Sunday bus by the looks of it
  3. This is helpful, i am there on sunday and trying to plot a walking route without trespassing as the email seemed to be warning against walking around the festival main areas. Edit: I cannot find Hitchin Hill on google maps
  4. This has probably been mentioned but Suede are touring, so far only dotted around and in various countries. I saw them last year at Bilbao BBK and they were excellent live i was really surprised how good they were actually.
  5. I would shamefully quite like the darkness to play, maybe Avalon stage or opening a stage.
  6. Ah i see fair enough! hopefully not to long, seems like pearl jam sold very well
  7. You can still buy tickets for taylor swift, i just tried - 90 quid a ticket
  8. Excellent I did notice chain reaction was not in her setlist so that's great. Nice to know they are taking it seriously and it's not just any old gig.
  9. Where was this confirmation ? I missed it , excited for D Ross
  10. Earth_pig

    2020 headliners

    I do find it mad aerosmith are playing such a slot. There newer albums however don't seem to sell so well so maybe a well covered slot will give records sales a needed spike
  11. Earth_pig

    2020 headliners

    Doesn't fit the clues by Emily. Or have I missed the joke :s
  12. Earth_pig

    2020 headliners

    People getting quite snippy on here, lots of opinion written like it's a fact. Let's not forget this is just a thread about bands playing a wonderful and friendly festival. I saw the stokes at Bilbao BBK last year and I thought they were technically good but wasn't that engaging, I left before the end. Other people seemed to be having a really good time and wouldn't say they were bad just personally wouldn't rush to watch live again, prefer the album's.
  13. My experience they have been pretty long! but not ridiculous, it doesn't really matter what time you have booked to return as long as you are queuing for the correct destination, everyone is just in a big line trying to get on the next bus.
  14. Parov Stella are at Nos, love to see them at glasto, they cancelled last London show I had tickets for
  15. It went number 1 as did the last 2 before it and they both went gold. Elbow might not be popular on here but I think they are stIll fairly popular, saw them at the O2 arena supported by John Grant as my parents wanted to go and was pretty good. I think they could top the other stage while Kendrick is on and get a decent crowd looking for an easy watch.
  16. Earth_pig

    Other Stage 2020

    She had to of meant they were huge acts because it would have made no sense to have said anything at all, if it was that interpretation we could have Bjorn again and Craig David headlining the other. Hopefully not to long until we all know a bit more
  17. Earth_pig

    2020 headliners

    Kendrick has had more albums and more radio play than Frank over here would go down a lot better i would have thought. Nothing wrong with a bit of pop if its the Beatles, Taylor Swift and Diana Ross, be lots more to come to suit everyone i am sure.
  18. Used to always camp in oxylers, but last time i went in 2017 it was so crowded. next year we have decided that we are not gonna rush to the popular campsites and instead want to pitch in the quieter ones a bit further back and just walk the extra. Is there anywhere on site where you could save space for 2 tents as we are the only ones arriving on the Wednesday?
  19. Earth_pig

    2020 headliners

    If you they dont pay them that much or what they are used to because im sure it is still alot of money! they will play elsewhere for the big bucks, we have Paul Mcartney as kind of festival exclusive as he wont be at any uk fests i dont think.
  20. I don't agree with any alcohol limit but people should show consideration if they are using the coaches with limited storage. Seen people taking ridiculous amounts of stuff piled high with crates. Bring spirits less room and less piss breaks haha
  21. she was new to me i had never heard of her haha
  22. This is the email i received from Glastonbury festival . Hi William, Thank you for your enquiry. The Eavis family and their neighbours give their land over for everyone to enjoy during the Festival each year, however Worthy Farm and the neighbouring farms which make up the Festival site are private property. You may be able to walk on the public footpaths (See attached) (which run to the north of Worthy Farm) but please be aware that those footpaths do not extend beyond the Festival offices onto the main part of the Festival site. For the avoidance of doubt, the stone tracks across the Festival site are not public rights of way. There is no public access to the Pyramid arena, KidzField, market areas or Green Fields. For your own safety, please do not attempt to climb on any structures, and respect that these are working farms, with animals grazing. We ask that you do not bring dogs, and that you take extra care if walking near the site as there are ongoing site works and plant equipment in use. For parking, you may be able to park in nearby villages such as Pilton. There are parking spaces outside of Pilton Post Office. Lastly, we ask that if you do go for a walk on the public footpaths, please refrain from sharing pictures of the Farm or Festival site on social media, as doing so may lead others to believe the site is open to the public, which it is not. Best Wishes, Glastonbury Festival
  23. Mavis Staples is in London June 21st then a bit gap, she has a nice voice. Also Georgia who is a new singer a bit like Robyn is touring around that time to.
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