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  2. Sorry if this has been posted before, but was just listening to this interview with Macca on Howard Stern where he makes pretty clear his Glasto show is postponed
  3. Jne___


    Crane type vehicle now....
  4. True. On the time crisis podcast though Ezra had said about wanting to do more morning shows and making that a thing. They did the secret park set at glasto in AM last year too
  5. A few months ago Emily posted an Instagram story at a doves show. Of course she can she whoever she wants without it being linked to the fest but one has to wonder... vampire weekend also have a glasto shaped hole in the European end of their tour, and have mentioned a couple times about Glastonbury being the greatest festival in the world...
  6. what are people reckoning to Vampire Weekend being on the second weekend? (sorry if its been discussed already) I figure could happen as aren't those days often supposedly "curated" by the artist? V.W support a lot of up and coming acts etc. Also are close with Bon Iver / Vernon who played last year. Although in a time crisis episode from last year E. mentioned turning down some fests for reasons that "go beyond a paycheck" (along those lines). Maybe the big American Express, samsung, big corp presence is a turn off .
  7. Jne___


    eeek just checked his dates - in france the friday and saturday - fingers crossed for sunday!
  8. Jne___


    he's on the line up for coachella! i like those odds
  9. Jne___


    Macca confirmed... ...Makka confirmed... .....Mikka confirmed.... Mika Confirmed we can only dream! did anyone catch his shepherds bush show ?
  10. Radio 1 launching their treasure hunt competition on Thursday - prize is glasto tickets. You have to find them somewhere in the country it sounds like, God’s peed ??
  11. Jne___

    2020 headliners

    I reckon Coldplay opening the pyramid is a good shout (as in, could happen). I don’t think glasto organisers that much self awareness as to book them as a headliner only 2 glastos after they last did. It would just be a novel way to do it- and given their objective popularity, the fact their friends of the fest, makes for a “special” way to kick off the 50th
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