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  1. Jne___

    Shameless Rip-offs

    I guess it was on purpose going by this article https://www.nme.com/news/music/1975s-matt-healy-reveals-favourite-song-time-1860463 my contribution: Breakbot and Bruno mars
  2. Jne___

    Any videos?

    barbster's has dropped
  3. as the starter of the 2019 thread... and subsequently not getting a ticket in the sale, resale, secret resale, competitions, volunteering slot... I feel it might carry with it a curse!
  4. don't get people watching the sub while waiting for the headliner - don't these people have bladders!
  5. thanks for giving an honest account of volunteering, and not just reciting the experience through rose tinted glasses sort of thing, or letting your gratefulness to go outweigh how you really felt if that makes sense! - (not that I feel anyone else is) but its good to hear the negatives. after missing out for the first time since going, it was pretty painful and I'd concluded that I would go for volunteering if not successful in October for 2020. But going by your post I think the thing that would get to me would be the work feeling useless, and like you may as well not be there (as in on the shift - not at Glastonbury!) not sure I could deal with that if unlucky with shift times - my jobs a bit like that at the moment and drives me a bit mental haha.
  6. park was my thunkin' . the stage I saw them on at APE was a smaller one with a similar sort of feel to the park... and I think it would suit the kind of elevated feeling with the sun set and the views you catch out the corner of your eye... although seen a lot of people on here saying the sound wasnt too great up there so who knows!
  7. haha! I don't doubt that - I just think their sound suits an outdoor stage! will have to watch it on the old I player
  8. Jne___

    Emotional moments

    did any of the other contestants shout "fiiiiixxxxxx" ?
  9. one of the only few sets from that year to remain in full on youtube too... although I daren't be too vocal about that!
  10. I wasn't there at all sadly - but friendly fires on John peel seemed so out of place. I saw them at all points east in the early evening last year, and it was such a perfect atmosphere for it - lots of sun and nostalgia, good dreamy sounds - very easy going and suited to the type of thing they play. just can't see the atmosphere of jp suiting at all
  11. Jne___

    Emotional moments

    Ah wish I could watch proclaimers online somewhere!
  12. I think my favourite sub slot I’ve seen with the perfect sub slot atmosphere was biffy Clyro in 17. Gorgeous evening light, they put so much effort in, lots of confetti canons, and felt like (maybe due to Ed sheeran following) a lot of the crowd were treating it as their headliner.
  13. true, but would be nice if it made tickets even slightly easier to get
  14. well now I don't know what to think!
  15. one of the "best shots" on the webcam is 2016 Tuesday. even this afternoon looks significantly better than that. Sadly the comments on the facebook Glastonbury chat are continuing the push the idea that they get given to charity / scout groups / auctioned off.
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