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  1. Yeah I understand, kind of realised that after I posted. My point was more that it's unfair to generalise the crowd based on economics. If possible, A lot of people save because they specifically love Glastonbury so much. I just think it's a lazy generalisation to make which doesn't really have much backing.
  2. I haven't read through this thread in its entirety so I'm likely to be repeating what has been said, but the frustration of hearing these same things over and over its getting so tiresome. It hasn't been hijacked by politics or the left wing, it's always been that way, it started that waY. Also It's getting really boring to hear people call out the apparent hypocrisy of people at Glastonbury being "middle class" etc etc , when in actuality you only need to have set aside £30 a month from sale date in October to balance due in April. Children even go free! I understand that what constitutes as a lot of money to put away each month / week is subjective, but if you decide as many do that you'll like to go the summer previous, it isn't much to put away occasionally. Obviously luxury camping exists, but that's s discussion in itself and doesn't reflect the majority of people there.
  3. Glad this thread cropped up again! Was wanting to ask how everyone got on! Personally I managed to deal quite well, althougH the Wednesday was tricky. Kept having moments of thinking what I "should" be feeling, and for some reason had this idea in my head that all 200,000 people around me were completely relaxed and didn't have any stresses they were directly responsible for. It got its worst Wednesday evening when the on the hill, I just kept thinking that was no way I could imagine myself in a crowd, singing, enjoying the music - I just felt too guilty and irresponsible. a sleep ended up doing my head a world of good, and in truth Glastonbury did too. On the Monday when home I began to notice patterns of behaviour which only ever have a negative impact on me. I have a really bad habit of comparing myself to others in ways which I didn't even realise I was doing so before being at this years fest, and can generally avoid behaviour that will impact me. Additionally, I think it's really helped me not to be so lost in my mind - I think constantly having so much going on outward always watching and interacting with things I didn't have the space to think (in a good way!) also, walking! I walked 25 miles in one day at Glastonbury - the rest were around 15! Coming home and seeing my health app say something meagre just makes me feel lazy - so I have set myself to walk at least 5! just editing to add, I found mysf very aware of if I felt sick etc, it was like I was scared I was going to freak out a lot and now I look back it feels so ridiculous, which I'm annoyed about as I didn't really let myself go if that makes sense! I don't really have much of a vomit phobia or anything like that - but I think it's the moment just before. I had a bad experience with mdma in 2015 where I ended up in the medical tent (I think it was a combo of a large amount, first time, and a panic attack) and I think that has just haunted me a little - so much so that it's even crept in when I've been drinking! Crowds never bother me anxiety wise but this year they occasionally did in this way. For example we Managed to get quite close for the killers, and part of me just wanted to leave before it started becauSe I kept thinking I was going to be sick - so much so that I made myself feel sick! I think it has something to do with being short and then feeling like I just can't breathe in any fresh air! Sorry for the ramble! But as has been echoed here, hope everyone managed
  4. I thought it was always the last weekend in June - although I could be wrong!
  5. Someone had to do it! As as mentioned in another thread, I think I'm going to use the extra time to save properly and avoid a last minute scramble for ticket money!
  6. Ribbon tower 6am Monday! Last pic before I ran out of battery!
  7. it's as if the sun knows when the gates open
  8. sunday 2pm at the speaker's forum
  9. Thanks very much for this. Mindfulness and meditation have been a great help to me these past few months, hoping to head to Ruby Wax's talk clashes permitting. I think over the next week or so I will work on being more accepting of my position. have a great fest x
  10. hi everyone, been following this thread every now and then. It is so lovely seeing a place for everyone to share I've suffered with anxiety and depression and symptoms of depersonalisation for a few years. Unfortunately stress of university has really exasperated my situation this year and had been dealing with some passive suicidal thoughts a few months ago. sorry if this has been discussed on here, but do you guys have an advice to help stop negative thought patterns whilst at the festival? my university has helped me alot in granting me extensions until August for my work, but now i fear that, while at Glastonbury i will slip into thinking and worrying about the fact i may fail and the amount i have to do etc. I was in a similar position last year, and i don't really remember most of festival, its all very cloudy and patchy i think due to the stress i was under, where as in 2015 it was the most vivid brilliant experience. Sorry if this post is a little bit patchy, but yes just wanted to join you all and ask if you have any advice
  11. Hey there blimpy boy, flyin through the sky so fancy free...
  12. Webcams been down since last night, 6 music keeps mentioning the big news ... Bets on a big blimp in the sky when it comes back on ?
  13. Did anyone see she posted an Instagram a few weeks back of Bob Dylan at the palladium - dare bt post a screen shot inCase it makes anyone's heart skip a beat - but I don't think she's ever posted anything on there which hasn't turned out to be with the fest eventually and that would be a funny place to start..!
  14. Jne___

    Secret resales 2015

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to get two tickets for my friends, glued to my computer anyway as I have about a week to do my dissertation! eeek! anyway, I am using distill page tracker but I'm finding it is going off pretty much every 10 seconds! Does anyone know why this might be? Cant help but feel I may have set it up wrong!
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