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  1. Yeah! I didn't know she did until I saw @####### and The Thingy had retweeted it and my head was being called for. It's been a rough day!
  2. Yep! I had to don my marigolds and search through three of those buggers. Never felt relief quite like it after spotting the thing.
  3. Rummaged through all the bins down in our refuse area because I accidentally chucked my girlfriends ticket in the bin! In my defence, it was in the envelope still.... Luckily I found it, albeit a bit wet and gross.. Glastonbury is back on!
  4. They crumbled under the Twitter pressure. (Maybe)
  5. If I remember correctly, you can put pins down on the map? Is that worth the battery drain, I don't think so.
  6. It's been 2 years and I've missed reading this thread
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