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  1. Hi. Long time reader on efestivals, mainly the Leeds/Reading forum. Went to Glastonbury in 2000 and have tried for tickets multiple times in recent years with no results. Finally got my hands on some for 2019. I think I may notice quite a lot of changes!
  2. Jensescapade

    Posh Camping

    Hi. I've gone for Ziggu. Mainly due to it having fully furnished belle tents for a reasonable price. I would never normally do this option, but it's my 40th, so it's a treat. The reviews look good and although it's off site the shuttle service gets good feedback.
  3. My VPN was set for the Netherlands.
  4. I managed to get ours using Safari with VPN. I only had one window open and refreshed about every 10 secs (it was taking ages to refresh so couldn't do it any faster). Didn't get anywhere with phone and iPad on 4g. Fingers crossed for people on Sunday. The keyboard shortcut didn't work very well. It kept automatically sending me to the top of the page, so I used copy and paste from Pages instead. Hope this helps.
  5. https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2019-ticket-coach-travel-deposits/worthy-farm/1300002 Successful on this link just a minute ago. Good luck people x
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