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  1. Tom Misch said he'd definitely be there in 2021 on an Instagram Q&A a while back..
  2. That's Capaldi nailed on then.. Makes Tyler seem more likely too which would be great!
  3. Managed to talk to the guitarist of Do Nothing & ask the big question at their show tonight. He said they're really desperate to play but still haven't yet been asked..
  4. Fri - 21 Pilots Sat - Noel Sun - Alicia Keys ?
  5. Neondrift

    Other Stage 2020

    Twenty One Pilots randomly playing Dublin on that Thursday still seems weirdly suspicious.. Would definitely be an odd booking against Kendrick on the Friday which seems like the day they'd be most likely
  6. Neondrift

    Other Stage 2020

    I'd love Harry to be true, but it really seems there's no chance.. Would love to see Billie back on the Pyramid
  7. Neondrift

    Other Stage 2020

    Hear me out - Twenty One Pilots are taking the Friday Other slot instead of Foals. They're playing Dublin the day before & then Switzerland on the Saturday, just headlined Reading so definitely big enough, have said Glastonbury is one of their dream gigs and seem like a contrast to Kendrick. The other 2 I'd have to assume are Dua Lipa & Noel.. But very unsure where this would leave The 1975
  8. Neondrift


    Really hope they can fit in elsewhere, not quite sure who else would fit that slot - 1975? Royal Blood? Twenty One Pilots?
  9. Neondrift

    2020 headliners

    Could mean nothing but Coldplay's new era art was created by art designer Misty Buckley from Pilton
  10. Neondrift

    Other Stage 2020

    Not sure if they really fit the glasto crowd which is a shame. So good live
  11. I reckon Twenty One Pilots are quite likely now that they've been announced for Mad Cool & are in Netherlands the weekend before , they are in a weird place popularity-wise for the lineup but they've said before that they really want to play & I can't imagine they'd turn down a lower slot for the 50th
  12. They seem like a bit of a weird one because they're definitely around & could do it but I think there's quite a few that seem more likely for that slot & not sure where else they would fit in. Would love to be wrong on that though!
  13. Neondrift

    2020 headliners

    Would love to see it! Reading was brilliant
  14. Neondrift

    Biffy Clyro

    Simon Neil has a weirdly infectious and wholesome smile
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