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  1. Of course all festivals are competitors but I don't think organisers are going to talk shit about other festivals to big headliners. If The Strokes don't want to play Mad Cool because they think the organisers are unprofessional or whatever reason they have, they will sure as hell not play festivals trashtalking other festivals because that is even more unprofessional. Actually, I think the opposite happens more often: festivals keeping good relations with each other and working together to get a big headliner to tour in Europe.
  2. Why should Primavera matter? Fontaines is also playing Best Kept Secret a few weeks before Werchter, Squid is in France the week before. Also, Zwangere Guy, Stikstof, Bazart, Tourist LeMC, Angèle, Roméo Elvis are all examples of acts that played recently and sing in a local language, shouldn't be a problem really. Edit: nevermind if you're just confusing the topics.
  3. What are you even talking about? If you have proof that Festileaks owners have attacked Ken, please give it. If Ken has ever received some criticism, it was always from normal forum users like you and me. Festileaks has nothing to do with this, stop spreading false information.
  4. That would be amazing but I think Kendrick Lamar will demand to close the mainstage. It's on a saturday so I think if that day has Kendrick, Twenty One Pilots and a decent sized sub, ticket sales will be fine. My prediction/wishlist: Thursday: Royal Blood - Pearl Jam Friday: Tame Impala - The Strokes Saturday: Alt-J/Anderson .Paak - Twenty One Pilots - Kendrick Lamar Sunday: SOAD - Foo Fighters
  5. They didn't have rights for first announcement. PJ announced whole tour with all festival dates as well.
  6. Yeah aftermovie was months ago. Also, the hashtag says #pkp20 so it will definitely be something about the next edition.
  7. This is a great announcement, lots of highlights for me. Really starting to consider this now...
  8. Bands and their management really care about positioning on a festival. Also, you can't just move a headliner to another day after they're already announced and ticketsale started.
  9. I would love that line-up but I think the first 2 days would not sell out, especially Lana-Bon Iver is too weak for Werchter. Also, I don't expect LDR, she will probably only be in Europe early June
  10. Lmao, they're just quoting Ken19.
  11. Basically this girl is the face of the student climate strikes in Belgium and in between concerts she made an appearance in the Boiler for something called 'Clap for Climate'. But people started booing and later she and her friends got harassed (tents destroyed, bottles of urine thrown at them,...) by some douchebags with Flemish flags. So the organisation started taking away Flemish flags (associated with the right and nationalistic parties) which caused a huge controversy and politicians started joining the conversation which made everything worse.
  12. Don't know if this is you but I just found this picture in an article about the Idles concert
  13. Courtney Barnett and Low should be higher imo. Also I have my doubts about Slipknot and I expect at least one of those big headliners that can carry a day on its own. But other than that you did a great job, I would actually really like this lineup, refreshing set of headliners, good size subs and great undercard.
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