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  1. Courtney Barnett and Low should be higher imo. Also I have my doubts about Slipknot and I expect at least one of those big headliners that can carry a day on its own. But other than that you did a great job, I would actually really like this lineup, refreshing set of headliners, good size subs and great undercard.
  2. Nick Cave played last year so I don't expect him back this soon. But I agree on Rammstein and Tame Impala, they should be pinned down.
  3. Probably because they are still playing with the same setup as their last tour + 2 new songs. Next year will probably have a new production and setlist focused on the new album.
  4. Logistically it doesn't really make sense. At this point I think we have all headliners and subs, maybe another Bastille sized act on Thursday but no space anymore for acts like Bob Dylan or Neil Young. And Young just announced a Belgium show 2 weeks after the festival.
  5. Not true. Just got confirmed again on Studio Brussel GVF will play right before Muse and they will obviously close the festival
  6. I'm afraid this isn't just a theory, it's as confirmed as it can get with both the official poster and position on the site
  7. See poster above this and also 2nd spot on this page: https://www.rockwerchter.be/en/line-up/sunday
  8. What are you talking about? It looks like The Strokes will just skip Belgium and Pukkelpop got Tame Impala but other than that, Werchter has headliners like all the other similar fests in June/July. Also we got exclusive (for now) festival shows from P!nk and Muse. Also, apart from headliner announcements and the Christmas break, we have gotten an announcement every few weeks. If you want to be frustrated about announcement strategy, go read the NOS Alive or Mad Cool thread.
  9. Royal Blood and Billie Eilish
  10. No they moved the festival because they just wanted to. Anyways, decent start for me personally. New names wednesday
  11. Oh didn't see that, my bad
  12. Don't worry guys, these are all smaller/filler acts (I still think there are some great additions), still lots of big/mainstage spots to fill.
  13. Oh I think you misinterpreted that. That person think it's possible it's an exclusive show but nowhere officially confirmed
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