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  1. Kirie

    Doctor Music

    Hm 😕
  2. Kirie

    Doctor Music

    Who is it? O_o
  3. Kirie

    Sziget 2019

  4. Kirie

    Sziget 2019

    Nah, saw rhcp during opener. That was ok. Mb even stunish sometimes.
  5. Kirie

    Primavera Sound 2019

    So u mean, u liked it (harunemuri)?)
  6. Kirie

    Primavera Sound 2019

    So, guys, line up was released, right? What are ur thoughts?
  7. Kirie

    Open'er 2019

    This? What dissapointed you?
  8. Kirie

    Pinkpop 2019

    Cool, ty. Mb someday.. I also was thinking about Tomorrowland. Yeah, it's just edm forward festival, but still, supercool atmosphere and show if im not wrong (got some impressions)
  9. Kirie

    Pinkpop 2019

    Thx for opinions, guys! I've been at sziget in 2017, that was not bad, rly great, just seeking another to make some difference. From what I heard, if it's electronic music, Tomorrowland must be great, but I'm more in rock music I think)
  10. Kirie

    Pinkpop 2019

    Hi, seems sweet. But what about the rest of Europe? Where is the best atmosphere, parties, "celebration" in ur opinion?
  11. Kirie

    Sziget Festival 2018

    hi guys! i won 1-day ticket for this festival, but im not going this time (coz alrdy've visited madcool this year, was on the island year ago). So, id like to sell somebody this "anyday ticket" for just 55€ (original price is 90€ ). So if someone interested, just message me. We can do it through paypal/facebook (everything is clear and verified). And btw, have a nice festival, folks ^^
  12. Kirie

    Mad Cool 2018

    Hey, guys, is there metro line which is open 24/7? Or you should w8 anyway until 6am?
  13. Kirie

    Mad Cool 2018

  14. Kirie

    Mad Cool 2018

    Hi,guys! I know it was answered earlier, but mb I've missed this part, could you recommend some good places, not very crowded, but with good kitchen/prices and it would be nice if you also recommend some sight which tourists have 2 see. (Most interesting in ur opinion) Would really appreciate your help, pals ^^