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  1. LCD is too big, stop dreaming)
  2. I just wanted to say, that I like the national's albums, I like it's deep guitar sound and mood and live performance isn't bad, but imperfection is vocal, it's just sometimes grabs it back. It's the same story with the strokes, and believe me - I respect casablancas, but..) Still, would like to see this band, but probably I ll have to choose another festival because want to see smng different (still, atmosphere is the best). BTW, the 1975 makes good live show.
  3. National are not the best live act, am I wrong?
  4. I hate all of you, who has tickets)) cincerely with some love
  5. its need to be updated...
  6. Hi guys, could someone tell, is it final version of line up? Or they gonna add someone later?
  7. Nah, saw rhcp during opener. That was ok. Mb even stunish sometimes.
  8. So u mean, u liked it (harunemuri)?)
  9. So, guys, line up was released, right? What are ur thoughts?
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