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  1. BeddingatReading

    Lineup 2018

    My honest (belated) review of the bands at Reading- please don’t judge for some of my choices of bands 🤣 Big Shaq - really not my sort of thing but nothing clashing and was quite interested to see how it went down. Got a great reception from the crowd even though it was just a hype band playing old tunes and Big Shaq playing man’s not hot at the end Waterparks- a nice pop-punk band to start the day, really enjoyable in my opinion and the crowd seemed to enjoy it too. Creeper- I really enjoyed them, I’ve seen them once before and have never been too keen but live they’re quite enjoyable. Just a shame everyone around me seemed to be there for Post Malone and constantly heckling them shouting for Post during the set. I also overheard someone asking if the singer was Noel Fielding with no irony. The Kooks - very poor. Quite looked forward to seeing them before as one of the bands I’ve never seen before, they mainly played new songs nobody knew and the crowd couldn’t be arsed and it looked like they couldn’t either. The Wombats - I’ve probably seen them close to 10 times now as they’ve been at most festivals I’ve been to and they haven’t clashed with anyone but you know what you get with them, fun feel-good tunes, plus no stupid mosh pits which was great. Nothing but thieves - really enjoyed seeing them too, he’s a great singer and some nice slow songs to really appreciate that but with the newer album there’s also heavier songs to keep the crowd from getting bored. Fall out boy - Poor, saw them 2 years ago and they put on a great performance, this year I decided to see them again because there were no clashes and it wasn’t as entertaining and it looks like Pete is starting to give up on the band now. Marsicans - only started getting into them shortly before the festival but seemed like great fun and I think I would have really liked it if it wasn’t the first band on and I wasn’t so hungover! Sam Fender - the kid’s got one hell of a voice but nothing special. Only really went to see him to stay out of the rain but would not choose to see him again. The Vaccines - Well, what did you expect from the vaccines? A set full of songs everyone knew the words to, most of the crowd even knew the songs off the album that’s only just recently been released so I’d say they’re going as strong as ever. Slaves- another band I’ve seen a few times, always enjoyable always gets the crowd going and put on a great set. Shame about the setlist though, missed out a lot of their bigger hits. Tom Grennan- full of hits most people know, he’s got a great voice and a cocky swagger that seems to get the spirits up, considering getting tickets to see him after that performance. Alma - I got talked into seeing her and really don’t see the appeal. Felt way too old in that crowd as well! Sea Girls - Really enjoyed the set, they were very strong live and got the crowd going. Another band though who aren’t a moshy band and the pits just ruined it for me, I don’t want to be jumped into by some cocky 16 year old who thinks he’s hard while listening to some innocent indie tunes. Dua Lipa - Surprisingly really enjoyable and I knew a lot more songs than I thought. The crowd seemed to enjoy it too and she sounded amazing. Deaf Havana - really let me down actually. Didn’t play enough of the hits but played a lot of the new album which hadn’t even been out a week so nobody would know. Pendulum - been looking forward to seeing them for a long time. Great atmosphere just a shame to see so many young people being pulled out probably on all kinds of drugs Kate Nash - awful. She’s trying something new so fair play to her but the heavier direction she’s trying to take just isn’t for me. All in all a very enjoyable festival. Although it sold out it didn’t feel really packed. At first I felt really old (I’m 24) but the crowd actually seemed really mature and I did not feel out of place at all.
  2. BeddingatReading

    2019 festival

    Definitely. They headlined 2 years ago and have only got bigger since. In my opinion they’d be big enough to play 3rd main with the current crowd if you compare them to The Vaccines and The Kooks who did it this year.
  3. BeddingatReading

    Lineup 2018

    Very surprised how popular Panic! were on there. Post surely the most popular ever that low down on the lineup, wouldn’t be surprised if he got more than the majority of people third and even subs previously. Also, shows how much bigger Courteeners are up north that they nearly have as many in Leeds as they do Reading and most other bands have almost double the numbers for Reading
  4. BeddingatReading

    Lineup 2018

  5. BeddingatReading

    Lineup 2018

    Honestly I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say a Wombats set has been ruined due to a lack of moshing 🤣 Maybe I’m just getting old but the moshing to certain bands who aren’t really Moshy bands (in my opinion) made certain sets less enjoyable for me, some bands like the wombats are fun to just dance and sing to rather than jumping into each other. IMO moshing is more suited to heavier music
  6. BeddingatReading

    Lineup 2018

    I’ve got a few people I meet at Reading each year who have said that they think FR are just “selling out” booking people like Travis Scott, Post Malone and Kendrick in such prominent slots but in my opinion they’re just keeping up with the times. Also, I think everyone knows it has been a particularly weak lineup this year and maybe they could have got bigger acts with there being no Glasto but did they really need to if they had no big competition this year from Glasto? I’m hoping because Glasto is back next year they’ll feel the need to book bigger bands.
  7. BeddingatReading

    Lineup 2018

    Confirmed now, BBC introducing stage 14:05. Still think it’s stupid they’re leaving the massive gap on the R1 stage though, either fill it out by giving bands a longer set or put someone else in there.
  8. BeddingatReading

    Lineup 2018

    That gap is due to someone pulling out recently. Usually at Reading they do an early secret set, Peace was probably planned ages ago, not as a last minute replacement. If they are playing in that big gap Peace may clash with Frank Carter and it seems stupid to have two secret sets clashing.
  9. BeddingatReading

    Lineup 2018

    Possibly could open the FR stage early for them like they did for Wolf Alice last year. EDIT; Actually scrap that idea. Probably going on the R1 stage, it was always starting half hour later than normal anyway so they’re probably starting at 11:30
  10. BeddingatReading

    Really dodgy pop up on mobile

    Hi, I haven’t had the chance to read this whole forum but I keep getting a pop up and I’ve had it 8 times (and had to edit this every time 🤣) since trying to type this one message, I don’t get it on any other websites and it kills it completely then I have to open a new tab. I have adblocker on but clearly doesnt help. 8E89E4ED-6042-4CC2-99D8-35A68F4627FE.MP4
  11. BeddingatReading

    YNOT 2019

    Two Door Cinema Club, Courteeners and Chase and Status is my prediction, Courteeners are almost 100%, Two Door were meant to play 2 years ago and got cancelled so they will likely want them back and C&S just a stab in the dark really in case they don’t want an indie headliner, possibly could get the 1975 if they’re not at Reading.
  12. BeddingatReading

    Lineup 2018

    Really pissed me off all the Post fans at Creeper, I was there enjoying myself and got dirty looks from most people just because I knew some of the words, everyone was just shouting bring on post or something like that the whole time and I felt kinda bad for Creeper, all in all a stupid booking imo putting Creeper just before Post and clashing them with BMTH.
  13. BeddingatReading

    Lineup 2018

    This. I only caught the end of Post because I wanted to see the wombats but the state of some of the people after due to the crushing was unreal, as much as I hate to admit it he had one of the biggest crowds I’ve ever seen at reading and I’ve been for the past 8 years or so.
  14. BeddingatReading

    Lineup 2018

    As if it wasn’t already confirmed...
  15. BeddingatReading

    Lineup 2018

    Weren’t Foals doing similar venues when they co-headlined, I think FOB did too, may be wrong though.