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  1. There's a lot of people asking for refunds aren't there... I would have thought the majority on here would have taken the option to roll over to next year and help protect the future of the festival. This isn't meant a as a personal dig or anything, if you don't think you will go next year or cant afford to take the refund i'm not shaming you at all, just surprised.
  2. Sorry to go off topic but has the bracket actually been posted anywhere, if not can you post it for us?
  3. Due to go to a gig tonight. I am still a bit concerned that it’s not been cancelled with the football matches etc being called off. I can’t see the whole country cancelling events all the way until August for this though. I think R&L will be safe.
  4. ATL - literally have no idea who the other two are 😆
  5. I was just thinking because Capaldi had the beef with Noel before he would fit in well under Liam and he’s also become quite popular with the “dark fruits” crowd. Also he’s subbing IOW which has become a much smaller festival than R&L so he could possibly go under Gerry but I just don’t see how Gerry could be bigger personally with how big Capaldi has been in the charts. Also he played the BBC intro stage in 2017 and FR stage in 2018 so he did start off at R&L when he was much smaller.
  6. What do people think about Lewis Capaldi possibly playing between LG and Gerry? (or even below Gerry, but I think Capaldi is a lot bigger).
  7. Jay1 (not fussed about the other two, like Them both)
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