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  1. Standing by this, new album is coming out, makes sense
  2. In this respect, Limp Bizkit secret set? (this is a joke. although they are on the UK at the time……)
  3. dunno, to most people they only have one or two songs everyone knows also i keep seeing it, but i don’t think muse will make an appearance next year. hell i don’t know if they’ll be doing reading and leeds until the two main stage setup is gone (if it goes at all) when i saw them last, they had a 2 hour set jam packed with their greatest hits and some new songs tame impala would be very very nice to see and i’d argue they’re more than big enough to headline but they seem very reluctant to tour rn
  4. aye same, i’m coughing my lungs up but that’s my only symptom. there’s a whole host of weird and wonderful viruses you can get from reading, covid’s only one of them ahaha
  5. muse will be there they headline every 6 or 7 years, along with rumours they’re making new stuff and the fact they’re getting ready to do a festival tour next year, it’s their turn again i reckon be nice to have someone new but muse always put a good show on
  6. a lot do, many don’t though people who come just for the indie/rock acts generally know what to do, including the kids, but as i’ve said a lot of the rap crowds had no idea what they were doing and generally just acted like c**ts like i got shoved by a crowd surge, ended up knocking some girl over because 5000 people were pushing into me, and she just gets up and screams at me WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU PUSHING ME? like mate
  7. not a single person in the demographic would spend 230 quid to see imagine dragons absolutely no way no one my age likes them, they make music for middle-aged mothers who are scared of rock music
  8. something to consider the festival was very aggressive and drug-fuelled this year more than most, yes but everyones been stuck in lockdown for nearly 2 years i feel like next year will be far better
  9. best act: hard to say but i really enjoyed sam fender, wombats, disclosure, liam and biffy act that most exceeded expectations: stormzy and beabadoobe. i didn’t at all expect to enjoy stormzy because it’s not at all my thing but it was so good beabadoobee was awesome, i had no idea they sounded that good…thank tiktok for that, i thought they were just some quiet happy group but it was damn near shoegaze best new act: the snuts are awesome, and like i said, beabadoobee i’ll defo be listening to more best moment: this ahahaha (also me starting my first mosh pit and everyone chanting along to sam fender) FullSizeRender.mov
  10. yeah i was at the wombats and i started a mosh pit in moving to new york, was the first time i’ve ever done it but i only did it because it made SENSE to do it also yeah crowds (ESPECIALLY the rap crowds) and camps were pricks, i was in white which was very nice but such a FUCKING TREK OH MY GOD the fact there’s been no festivals for a couple of years led to this, like someone i haven’t spoken to for years randomly texted me asking if i have weed lmfao still - was one hell of a weekend, thoroughly enjoyed it. i’m 18, was a rite of passage before uni really. i feel like shit, look like shit, i’m aching in places i didn’t know it was possible to do so, got ungodly colours pouring out my nose, probably got some sort of disease, but frankly i’d do it again in a heartbeat until next time lads
  11. dust paired with dehydration, absolutely everyone smoking, jumping about lots, maybe a little covid for some added spice couple of people in my group did lateral flows today and they came back negative so yknow anyway i’ve heard some pretty disturbing rumours about shit that happened here (reading), like someone getting crushed to death in stormzy or someone losing a finger because they got dragged into a mosh pit also apparently some people died from spiked molly pills too obviously none of this is confirmed but i could well believe it this shit happens any time but i feel like covid shutting away britain’s teenage population led to people going waaaay too fucking far, like i was waiting for liam gallagher today and got stuck in KSI, where some girl next to me got her head split open by a flying can of stella also what is it with rapper crowds just being complete pricks
  12. wombats absolutely fucking killed it today, as did beabadoobee (who i wasn’t aware were so good) disclosure was also sick but club music isn’t really my scene, could still appreciate it though all in all i’m quite enjoying this so far, my one annoyance is the positive lateral flow tests i’ve seen dotted about the place, just dumped on the floor c**ts was always inevitable though, like i don’t want covid again but i’m probably coming home with it 😕
  13. sports team yesterday was fucking class, i lololol ed the way they hyped up the crowd by playing a CD screensaver but with their logo crowd went mad every time it hit a corner ahaha
  14. i think the type of crowd girl in red attracts is the polar opposite of the type of crowd liam gallagher attracts
  15. sam fender was fucking class, most people on the main stage were tbh i don’t know catfish at all so i didn’t exactly enjoy it but i admit it was weird them not talking during the set at all lol
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