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  1. Hopefully it's soon lol I have no patience 😂
  2. Anyone know what time the app is going live for android phones today?
  3. I had to empty my pockets and had a pat down and metal decter think it all depends on the security guard
  4. I dunno I feel like they are the perfect band to do it and have a great relationship with reading and leeds
  5. Buzzing for dizzie rascal:D first live show in 2 years
  6. No chance as Mark hoppus has cancer 😞
  7. Sorry not reading related but anyone going to the dizzie rascal show on Saturday at crystal Palace bowl if anyone is I'm happy to meet up for a pint
  8. I would be happy to have either architects or Royal blood but not sure Royal blood would be available , be very happy with the vaccines as was gutted I missed them at latitude
  9. Who do we reckon for the secret set I'm thinking someone like BMTH or enter shikari?
  10. Mine has to be vossi Bop by stormzy or shut up by Stormzy as the crowd will be insane
  11. Yeah I reckon declen mckenna and Alfie templeman would suit slots on there but would be a bit disappointed as they are both there already on other stages but I do remember enter shikari doing five sets one year 🤣
  12. I think the vaccines could be one of the special guests on BBC introducing after their performance at latitude at the week
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