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  1. A lovely cold /lukewarm beer whilst watching some band I've never heard to open up the day
  2. I'll say this quietly but I'm a united supporter lol and I feel exactly the same all for more money which all these clubs have anyway and it proves that these clubs really don't care about their fans which is rather sad as football is nothing without fans as we have found out during the past year, will definitely be a sad day for football If it does happen
  3. The death of football I fear, I'm ashamed to say I support one of the clubs involved but it disgraceful how any team thinks that it's the right thing to do especially at this time when clubs are going out of business
  4. I can see why you have had so many dislikes on your comments if your not even going to Reading why you even on this forum?
  5. I like bad boy chiller Crew but not as good as goldie lookin chain, I remember seeing them at v festival before and they were one of the best acts of the weekend 🙂
  6. Goldie lookin chain need to be added they have so many classics
  7. I booked mine off after reading was cancelled last year as I knew I was going this year whatever the lineup was lol 😂
  8. Surly if you want to go to a event that badly and they say you need a test to to then surly it's worth it to take one or 2 tests over the weekend, you surly knew this when you booked up your ticket that it would be a possibility
  9. I really don't understand why your being so negative it's almost like you don't want reading and leeds to happen it's almost like you are on this forum just to try and give no one anything to look forward to
  10. Just incase anyone is interested yungblud is doing a radio 1 show at 10pm tonight 🙂
  11. No that is true but they were the first festival to announce that reading and leeds is happening this summer so this is why I think they have something planned to make sure it happens
  12. I'm just being optimistic and hopeful that it will go ahead as I've missed concerts and festivals loads especially as I usually do a festival every year 2 years without one won't be great, I'm sure festival republic have time to make plans as they will definitely be wanting reading to go ahead this year
  13. Just listened to a few songs for the first time from the hara seem OK could be decent in the mid afternoon in the pit
  14. These are smaller festivals councelling and the only big one to cancel so far is Glastonbury but that was before reading announced it was going ahead, I think latitude will be key I feel If that goes ahead then reading will to, there are also a lot of bands doing shows around that time so again will be interesting, my theory on everything Is lots of people are getting vaccinated every day and according to boris we won't have to social distance in June so I fully believe that reading will be going ahead (sorry for long post haha)
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