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  1. Not good at predictions but I’ll just go with the headliners. Stormzy Liam Gallagher / Billie Eilish Green Day Maybe swap out Billie for BMTH if Billie subs Stormzy
  2. He Coheadlined with FOB didn’t he?. I tried to look online but I couldn’t find anything that says either way but the same font size to me says Co-headliner...
  3. Finally home. Didn’t fancy drinking booze today in the heat, god I’m getting old. Will put a proper write up either tomorrow or Tuesday (when I should be working!). Just one thing I wanted to mention though and that’s how well the circle pen thing worked. Stopped all the idiots coming and trying to push and crush people half way through a set. Really hope they keep it for next year.
  4. Not sure if this is meant sarcastically or not but the crowd was tiny. They were the only band subbing that they didn’t close off the circle throughout the set (they even did it for Blossoms). Only got busy for the last couple of songs when people were coming in for Foos.
  5. Why are so many people predicting Travis Scott? He only co-headlined last year so why would they rush him back again? I hope it’s not him personally.
  6. Billie Eilish’s crowd yesterday was massive. I know there was no real clashes but that was mental. I’ll be very surprised if they don’t bring her back to co-headline in 2020
  7. Do we still have no idea who the Reading secret set is going to be in the pit today???
  8. Well no because people would have gone to the other stages rather than seeing him. I saw him due to there being no other option. If I had a choice however I’d much rather go and see Peace over post if they finished when a normal headliner did and clashed so surely I’m not the only one, this would have affected his crowd.
  9. Anyone know if there’s any truth in the fact that Posty only agreed to appear if there were minimal clashes to ensure he got a bigger crowd than last year... would explain the Pit/FR closing early I guess.
  10. Hearing rumours of a Shikari Soundsystem secret set on the dance tent at 4:30. Only from the guys in the tent next to me though so hardly reliable info
  11. Yeah I think they’ve just set the bar too high in previous years and they can’t live up to it every year maybe. People (including a lot of us on here) expecting a big one every year now and are disappointed when there’s not.
  12. Secret sets did not go well yesterday. I’ve never even heard of Another Sky so massively underwhelming and I caught some of the Sherlocks and the tent wasn’t even full so shows how boring that booking was. Wombats / LFT secret set must be at Leeds then as they did Reading yesterday.
  13. The one thing I don’t agree with is that they’re specific about saying you can only move in AND OUT between acts. So if you don’t think a band is very good live, or if you don’t want to do a whole set (like I couldn’t do three whole hours of Foos without a piss break) are you stuck in there???
  14. I don’t think it’s gonna work personally. Looks really far back too
  15. Anyone listening to the new 1975 song? (people) VERY different to their old stuff but I kinda like it...
  16. Can’t see them organising it in less than a day personally but we’ll see.
  17. King princess has pulled out if anyone is interested.
  18. Wouldn’t it just make sense for them to just close the stage early and get Crystal fighters on earlier?
  19. Pale Waves are definitely not doing the secret BBC intro set, they’re doing the signing tent at the same time.
  20. What a ridiculous comment. Of course Sherlocks wouldn’t play at 5pm on the FR as a normal act. The last time they played Reading (2 years ago) they were at 5pm on the Radio 1 stage and they’ve only got bigger.
  21. On the app it says that there’s just a gap where SWMRS were. Surely too late to get a secret set in so do we reckon there’s just gonna be a massive gap between Basement and Crystal fighters?
  22. Sherlocks for Secret set on FR stage then... Fits in perfectly for them as they are doing the Sunday at Victorious so could do Friday Reading / Saturday Leeds
  23. Who does everyone recommend I should go and see on the Foos day (Reading Sun Leeds Fri)? I thought it was a really weak undercard but reading on here a lot of people seem to have it down as their best day. All I’ve really got at the moment is Vistas, The Snuts, The Amazons & Sundara Karma (although with both I think their second album is very poor) and Foos (and I don’t even know if I really want to be there for three hours)
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