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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before or posted in the wrong group but are any tickets likely to go back on sale? I remember I got some in about June/July last year. Just hoping to get a Saturday ticket to Reading. Know it’s unlikely but would love to see AM & BMTH
  2. Who else would you suggest that hasn't already been mentioned then?
  3. Could The Libertines be back to headline MSW? Are they still relevant enough? I'd say they were a "Dark Fruits" band
  4. I really hope you're wrong on this because I haven't heard of hardly any of these 🤣
  5. Exactly, I can't see people refusing to see them because of what happened because it's not the rest of the band members' fault and they quickly dropped him, but like most bands if you drop the lead singer they drop in popularity. Can see them doing a secret set or something next year
  6. I don't think Kasabian are headline worthy these days especially now Tom Meighan has left following his domestic abuse charge. They've just announced a run of academy gigs
  7. Like I said it’s just my opinion, I personally preferred the first album, would have liked to have had a couple more, such as Ban All the Music or If I get High but there you go. The mosh pits shocked me, like you said nob heads starting them where they weren’t necessary. It was the only time I lost my friends in mosh pits, I wasn’t expecting it and got taken away by a massive crowd of people, I don’t mind because I’m an experienced gig goer but kinda ruins it when they mosh 24/7 rather than enjoying it, half the kids weren’t even listening to the music.
  8. Sorry, what I meant by that was spread out a bit more rather than a big block of his solo stuff. Also saved all of the most popular songs until the end so I think the crowd were getting a bit restless.
  9. Here’s my opinions on the acts I saw over the weekend (Reading) FRIDAY Nothing but thieves - 6/10; they were okay, I was disappointed with the setlist, big fan of the first album but they only played the one song. Nonetheless, they were good and the singer has amazing vocals, it’s a shame the sound was a bit crap to start with on that stage on the Friday. The Snuts - 8/10 they were really good, one of my favourite bands at the minute and I’m due to see them in October, can’t wait to be in a crowd of fellow fans as most people didn’t know them so the crowd was flat. Inhaler - 7/10 Caught the end of them on my way back from the snuts and I was impressed, can see them getting much bigger, very good live band. Don Broco - 9/10 Brilliant, I always love a secret set in the pit because the crowd are always up for it and this didn’t disappoint, Broco were brilliant and did exactly everything they could to get the crowd going. They’ve always been on my list to listen to but never got round to it but I think I’m going to have to as I’d like to see them on tour. Sea Girls - 6/10 Not as good as I’d hoped, they seemed a bit lifeless and didn’t seem to make the most out of their opportunity on the main stage, crowd didn’t seem too into them and they didn’t do too much to try and change their mind. Also due to see them in October so hoping they will improve by then. Declan McKenna - 7.5/10 Exceeded my expectations, I like his music but didn’t think he would be that exciting as a live act, he proved me very wrong. Managed to get the crowd on his side and put on a good show. Aitch - 4/10 only caught first few songs but wasn’t impressed, just a cocky kid who thinks he’s all that and the crowd were poor too. Mabel - 8/10 really impressed, I managed to get a decent spot because we left Aitch early as I knew there was going to be a big crossover, just feel good pop which everyone could have a good singalong to, a lot of people saying that she was miming, not sure if that’s true but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Sam Fender - 9.5/10 Absolutely brilliant, the young lad has such good charisma and an amazing voice, so glad I’ve got to see him as I’ve missed out on tickets to see him on tour. Catfish & The Bottlemen - 8/10 This may be controversial but is based on my experience of being at the festival, through my rose tinted glasses (and I’d had a fair bit to drink by then). I thought they were great, the crowd were into it and they’re one of my favourite bands and I knew pretty much every word, wanted to make the most of potentially my last ever opportunity to see them. On a side note though I did see some of the highlights and they did sound very poor and you could tell there was no chemistry so it was just done for one big payday. SATURDAY: You Me At Six - 7.5/10 Our first act of the day (we were going to see The Academic but had a bit too much to drink on Friday so needed a longer recovery time!). I thought they were brilliant, they could have played a much bigger slot but filling in last minute you’d be forgiven for thinking they would have been a bit rusty, but no they were great. Crowd weren’t great again but they did everything they could to get them on side. IDKHOW - 5/10 They were okay, I tried getting into them before the festival as a friend wanted to see them but couldn’t really. Feel like if I was more into them I would have enjoyed it but was a bit flat. Becky Hill - Near perfect set, she has an amazing voice and got the whole of the crowd going for the whole hit packed set, you could also tell that she genuinely wanted to be there and the whole crowd just bounced off her. The Wombats - 6/10 They were okay, seen them a few times, not the best but certainly not the worst set they’ve done. Glad they did a lot of the hits first so we could have left early for Two Door. TDCC - 4/10 Wasn’t impressed with them to be honest, I quite like them but they didn’t seem very interested. I watched the first couple of songs queuing to enter the pen as it was closed off before they even started. I think a lot of the crowd were just there for Post and they just accepted that and didn’t do too much to pump them up, of course the crowd went crazy for What You Know. Post Malone - 10/10 Everything I’d hoped from him and more. There are a lot of people in his position who would let the fame go to their head but he genuinely seems very humble and he did everything to keep the crowd going and he seemed very grateful to be where he was. You could tell his voice was starting to crack, but that just shows the wholehearted passion he has. SUNDAY The Hunna - 3.5/10 Another band I quite like (or used to see quite a bit). Disappointed me on this occasion, I do feel they were shafted with the position they were put in, the crowd was just full of kids wanting to get a good position for KSI, but the Hunna didn’t help themselves playing a lot of new stuff that nobody knew (then finishing with the usual Bonfire and She’s Casual) Neck Deep - 8/10 Wow, another act that massively surprised me. I was a big punk pop fan, but I think they started getting big after I grew out of my PP phase so never really listened to them, they were brilliant, another band that a friend wants me to come along and see and I think I’ll have to go (pop punk is not dead!) KSI - 5/10 we were quite far back for him, I mean I don’t really know what to say, he’s not a brilliant rapper and he’s there because of who he is rather than his musical talents (this was proven when his biggest cheer was getting the rest of the Sidemen on stage) but he knew how to get the crowd pumped Tom Grennan - 6.5/10 he was okay, didn’t really see too much of him but the songs he did he seemed to the and get the crowd going. Blossoms - Definitely exceeded my expectations! I’m a fan and have tickets to see them next week but wasn’t too excited for them at Reading just due to them being a bit flat in 2019 but the crowd seemed up for it this year and they were really good too. Yungblud - 7.5/10 Potential future headliner for sure, I’m not that into him but he did put on a good show. Wasn’t a fun crowd though just full of screaming girls trying to push their way to the front. Gerry Cinnamon - 9.5/10 My biggest surprise of the weekend, I’ve listened to him a few times and thought he was okay but didn’t think he would be that exciting as a live act but boy was I wrong, he was the perfect act for what we were needing when tiring, it was uplifting but not too heavy! He knew exactly how to get the crowd pumped. Liam Gallagher - 4/10 We only rushed to Gerry to get a decent spot for LG as we were quite pumped to see him, but to be honest I think he was quite underwhelming. I don’t know if it was just the fact that we had to wait an hour and a half for the changeover with quite a lot of knobhead lads around us and we were quite knackered but he just seemed a bit flat too. Also think he could have played a few more Oasis songs for what is going to be one of his biggest (solo) gigs of his career. All in all a great weekend, the crowds weren’t really that bad and well controlled in my personal opinion. Very happy I got to see so many great acts over a nice sunny weekend. I really hope they scrap the 2 main stage idea, I really think certain acts suit being in a tent much more and I spent too much time at the main stages, hope they also make the lockup/pit separate to the FR again like they did before as I missed being in the tents.
  10. I’ll post my review of the bands later on but I just wanted to give my opinion on my experience of Reading now I’ve got home to try and level out the comments. Obviously this is my view only and what I experienced may have been different. I’ve been going since 2014 and although there were a lot of knobheads, it didn’t seem like many more than other years, think it’s just to be expected when you’ve got a massive load of teenage lads. With the change in genre, generally I think with rap/grime music it does attract a worse crowd. I was in the crowds quite a bit and to be honest I didn’t see any kind of sexually inappropriate behaviour, a few lads trying it on maybe but they gave up when the ladies weren’t interested (I also went with a female and she said she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all by any of the lads). Yeah the festival was rife with drugs and people weren’t exactly subtle about it, doing coke in the crowds, but each to their own really, doesn’t bother me personally. Also, if you are charging £7 for a pint of Carlsberg after queuing for over an hour then you can’t be surprised people are taking drugs instead Maybe I got quite lucky with where I camped (red) because I didn’t really see any violence or tent burning or anything like that, a few rowdy lads but no physical violence and no reason for me to feel threatened, there was one security guard who said someone had been bottled nearby but I didn’t witness that so can’t comment on it. I thought the crowds were pretty well managed this year actually and the pens did a good job of making sure the people seeing the headliners got priority if they really liked the act rather than someone just pushing to the front after hopping between stages. Obviously there were a lot of mosh pits during the day full of lads trying to assert their masculinity which got annoying but it has to be expected. In summary, for me I enjoyed it just as much as any other Reading I’ve been to, I think the kids just seem more annoying because ive got older (27 now) and felt more out of place but honestly I don’t care if kids are judging me for enjoying myself for 3 days of my life. I fully enjoyed the weekend and will 100% be back next year, camping for the whole weekend.
  11. Best act of the weekend: Posty - thought he was brilliant, got the crowd going and was just amazing, wasn’t too fussed about him in 2019 but recently got into him so I’m so glad he came back. Act that most exceeded expectations: Gerry Cinnamon, to be honest we hadn’t even planned to see him because my friends hadn’t even heard of him so we were going to see Biffy but decided to see Gerry instead to get a good spot for LG and we actually preferred Gerry over Liam Best new act you discovered: To be honest we stayed at the main stages so no small acts who stood out, I guess Broco because I’d never really listened to them but I really got into them in the crowd so I’ll really try and listen to them now Best musical moment (song, crowd, etc): Hypersonic Missiles
  12. I know there’s not much crossover but with Fever 333 dropping out and there basically being no other clashes I think Post might get the biggest crowd ever at the festival, I know he’s played 3 festivals in a row but he’s huge with the target demographic so people will see him if nobody else is on.
  13. I think you do don't you to prove your COVID status? Either if double jabbed or negative test, don't you need to prove that you are the person it relates to?
  14. Where are you seeing a gap? Mostack is between them two
  15. Reading Friday: Catfish, The Snuts, Sea Girls Saturday: Post, Kenny Hoopla and TDCC (I guess) Sunday: LG, Gerry Cinnamon, Biffy
  16. Where has this Vaccines rumour actually come from? Have they actually posted any teasers or anything? I'd guess Broco, Waterparks and YM@S, maybe Frank Carter if there's room. And obviously Larry the pink human on the BBC intro along with the bands already on the lineup
  17. I can't see them pulling out, they're in the UK so no reason for them to pull out (well, they're in Glasgow on Monday and Slam Dunk next weekend) - I reckon R&L have just contacted them reminding them what "secret" actually means 🤣
  18. Blossoms would sub minimum on the two headline format - wouldnt get them under Yungblud! Frank is the wrong genre for FR but that would be insane in there🤣
  19. It's quite short notice though, I cant see them getting someone MGK size at such short notice, may be wrong though.
  20. Could The Amazons be in for a shout at replacing MGK? They aren't touring until March next year but did headline 110 Above last week, and it is a homecoming gig for them so can't see them turning it down, if they weren't already down for a secret set. Same with Sundara Karma (but not sure if they would be big enough?)
  21. ffs.. why are they dragging this out so much.. people are literally arriving in 2 days, just announce it now 🤣
  22. Yeah my Reading app has just updated with maps, also got the info for each act but no times yet.
  23. Never tried Brooklyn but could give it a go. Also do they sell spirits? I’m just thinking because of the no glass rule or do they have special plastic bottles?
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