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  1. Sorry to go off topic but has the bracket actually been posted anywhere, if not can you post it for us?
  2. Due to go to a gig tonight. I am still a bit concerned that it’s not been cancelled with the football matches etc being called off. I can’t see the whole country cancelling events all the way until August for this though. I think R&L will be safe.
  3. ATL - literally have no idea who the other two are 😆
  4. I was just thinking because Capaldi had the beef with Noel before he would fit in well under Liam and he’s also become quite popular with the “dark fruits” crowd. Also he’s subbing IOW which has become a much smaller festival than R&L so he could possibly go under Gerry but I just don’t see how Gerry could be bigger personally with how big Capaldi has been in the charts. Also he played the BBC intro stage in 2017 and FR stage in 2018 so he did start off at R&L when he was much smaller.
  5. What do people think about Lewis Capaldi possibly playing between LG and Gerry? (or even below Gerry, but I think Capaldi is a lot bigger).
  6. Jay1 (not fussed about the other two, like Them both)
  7. I’ll get us started, Fickle Friends. Playing the FR stage on Friday Reading - nice fun happy (female fronted) pop band.
  8. Started this one a couple of years ago and it’s been going every year so seems fairly popular! Simply just post an act that you’re looking forward to seeing, I’d say only one act per person per day, the more obscure the better let us know who you want to see and post one song you’d recommend from them too, you could help someone find their new favourite band!
  9. Personally Friday for me. Not too fussed about the headliner (Torn between Stormzy and Fender, but my girlfriend wants to see SWS.) I wouldn’t mind seeing everyone on the main stage bar Migos (really looking forward to seeing ATL) also wouldn’t mind seeing Declan McKenna, Dermot Kennedy and Mahalia, just gutted it wasn’t all spread across the weekend.
  10. Who do people think might be still due to be announced (I know there’s likely to be a few but some ideas) I’d like to see Twin Atlantic, The Snuts, Pigeon Detecives and Circa Waves - all of them have tour tickets to sell before R&L so that could be a reason for holding some of them back.
  11. They said in the email that it’s between the barriers though. If it was on stage they’d sell it as that rather than saying it’s after the barriers as they want people to pay stupid money for it.
  12. That’s a big area. I can see it being a struggle to get in the pen then unless they make it bigger.
  13. I’m confused. So they’re saying it’s on stage but it’s between the barriers. So it’s not on stage, it’s within the crowd.
  14. She’s not headlining though, she can blend in with the rest of the bands, having someone like Ari headlining would be a massive change
  15. At the end of the day, the festival are just booking people who they think will sell tickets, it’s as simple as that really. Yes, there are female bands out there but obviously they couldn’t get them for what they wanted to, there was a scheduling clash or they simply would not shift tickets. People are acting as if the boilers are just misogynistic men who purposely book acts just because they’re men.
  16. Wolf Alice surely... I'm not a fan myself but they'd be the obvious replacement.
  17. Sorry if this has been asked before but out of interest what did everyone think of the "pit" area last year with the turnstiles to the main stage? I thought it was a great idea personally, stopped people causing crushing half way through a band and just being idiots ruining the experience if they were only in there for the next act.
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